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Cosmetic Procedures: It’s not always about going under the knife

We are often unhappy with the way we look. For some, it could be the shape of their noses, for others, it could be their hair, or wrinkles, or the sizes of their breasts. Two decades back, this unhappiness would have remained in people’s subconscious, but today, with the advancement of medicine and with the availability of reliable cosmetologists, these desires need not remain in people’s hearts; they can be taken care of. However, as soon as we mention cosmetic procedures, it’s more or less assumed that it would mean ‘going under the knife’. Is that true, though? Cosmetic surgical ...
September 20, 2017 Team Ambrosia

Can Plastic Surgery Change One’s Identity?

You see it all the time in soaps and cinema. There you see someone who is changed completely, so much so that they live with their friends without being identified. You also hear of international criminals taking another identity reportedly with the help of plastic surgery in some unknown faraway countries. And do you believe this is possible? Let us examine the facts one by one. Face is the most identifiable part of a person. What can plastic surgery do for the face? Plastic surgery is commonly performed to improve one’s features. Take the case of nose. Plastic surgery can ...

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