Not born perfect,
but definitely created to be perfect!

Beauty lasts for a short period of time. Longer if you have a good plastic surgeon! Some may agree with the need for plastic surgery, while others do not. But for those who are seeking perfection in their looks, there is nothing better than plastic surgery to be memorable. Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction or alteration of the human body. It can be divided into two main categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. One of the stalwarts of plastic surgery in Hyderabad, Dr. Priti Shukla has made dreams come true not only for cosmetic reasons but also for medical issues. Leading an all woman team at Ambrosia Clinic, she has made it her lifelong endeavour to be at your side on your journey from self-consciousness to self-confidence

Plastic Surgery Services at Ambrosia, Hyderabad

With our wide range of plastic surgery services, we offer you the opportunity to address your most nagging medical concern or a cosmetic change that makes you feel more confident of how you look.





Why Ambrosia is the
Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad?

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. What happens when you are critical of the imperfections you see in yourself? Or there may be medical reasons behind it? Even when medical needs are not critical for surgery, it may be more for your own satisfaction in looking the best version of yourself.

With over two decades of treating thousands of patients, we have built for ourselves a reputation of curating the best results for our procedures and patient care. We offer a healthy mix of surgical as well as non-surgical treatments that will suit your requirements as well as budget.

Feel free to go through the services we offer or if you wish to know more in person, reach out to us to allay any apprehensions if you are seeking any plastic surgery treatment in Hyderabad.

22+ Years of Experience

Over 10000+ procedures

Top rated plastic surgery hospital in Hyderabad

All women surgical team

The thrill of a patient who strides forth with self-confidence is what drives us. We pride ourselves in how we approach each patient with their unique needs and expectations.

Committed to perfection

At Ambrosia, we believe that each individual is beautiful in their own way; however if there are face, breast or body related issues that are getting in the way of their belief in themselves, we partner with them with fervour to bring forth the best version of themselves. We respect the faith they repose on us and it drives us to give our best. Always.

Our working model

At Ambrosia, we are always conscious of the fact that for every patient who reposes faith in our abilities to address their issues, we need to work internally to maintain all possible procedural checks and balances to remain one of the best plastic surgery clinics in the city of Hyderabad. We follow the rule of five for every patient and every procedure sought; that of pre procedural consultation, thorough evaluation of the case and treatment sought, surgery, after surgery and the recovery process too. Therefore our core principle has always been to offer the best advice and course of treatment for each patient.

Standards to uphold

As one of the top plastic surgery clinics in Hyderabad for all issues related to plastic surgery, we ensure that our standards of treatment are always impeccable. We strive daily to give our patients the experience of a lifetime. With one of the best plastic surgeons in Hyderabad on our panel of experts, we believe wholeheartedly in offering the best-in-class treatments. Every time.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is always determined by the requirement evaluated against the expectations and based on the efficacy that can be achieved. We believe in consulting with the patient at every step while curating a treatment plan. This transparency has always allowed us to enjoy the continued trust of thousands of patients over the years.

Your partner in the journey towards self-confidence

At Ambrosia, we believe that self-confidence is the best gift you can give yourself. We are with you on your cosmetological journey to finding the best version of yourself. Our team is well-trained not only clinically but also in caring for you, at every step of this journey.

General Patient Queries Related to Plastic Surgery

Is plastic surgery a permanent procedure?
It is definitely a long lasting surgical solution towards correction of a body area, unless there is weight fluctuation or injury. One should consider undergoing plastic surgery only after having understood all aspects of the procedure under the guidance of your doctor.
How long does the plastic surgery procedure take?
The length of the surgery depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s general health, but most procedures take between 1 and 6 hours.
Can multiple plastic surgery procedures be done at the same time?
Multiple surgeries while possible, you cannot randomly choose what plastic surgery procedures you want to undergo. This is a decision that needs to be taken under the evaluation and advice of the plastic surgeon, depending on both feasibility and safety.
What are the risks of plastic surgery?

As in any surgical procedure, plastic surgery too comes with its risks such as:

  • Infection at the incision area
  • Scarring at the incision area that may need further corrective surgery
  • Fluid build up under the skin
  • Mild bleeding from the treated site
  • In extreme cases, abnormal scarring due to skin breakdown.
What is recovery from plastic surgery like?
We need to remember that each of us deal and tolerate pain differently. You will be prescribed pain medication to help deal with any discomfort. Facial cosmetic operations have very minimal discomfort post-procedure. Liposuction may be a little more uncomfortable and procedures that require lifting and tightening of muscles such as abdominoplasty and breast augmentation may cause substantial discomfort. Discuss your pain tolerance levels with your plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure for easier post-procedure care.
Plastic surgery is said to be cosmetic or reconstructive. What is the difference between these two?
Cosmetic plastic surgery is mostly done to reshape body structures/ areas to enhance its appearance and thereby self-esteem of the patient. This is not covered by health insurance since it is elective.

Reconstructive surgery is performed to correct abnormal structures of the body that may be due to congenital birth defects, developmental abnormalities, infection, injury or disease. Since this surgical procedure is deemed necessary to improve function apart from completing a normal appearance, it is typically covered by most health insurance policies.

Every procedure mentions swelling and bruising after the procedure. How can this be minimised?

Depending on the procedure you have undergone, simple ways to keep the swelling and bruising at a minimum are:

  • Sleep in a reclining position to minimise fluid build up in the face
  • Follow the instructions given regarding the administering of warm or cold compresses to help ease the swelling

If the discomfort is beyond your control, ensure that you reach out to your surgeon immediately for any corrective measures that may be required.

Who is a good candidate for plastic surgery?
Any healthy adult who has no medical precondition that may impair the healing process is deemed a good candidate for plastic surgery. This is why, at Ambrosia, we insist on a pre-procedural consultation and thorough evaluation of your general health before advising treatment.
Can plastic surgery improve health?
Although the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are done to improve your appearance and help you feel better about how you look, sometimes there are definite health benefits too. Plastic surgery can help improve your breathing, vision, neck and back pain alongwith your self-confidence.

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