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Of all cosmetic procedures, breast reduction impacts the emotional and physical health of women in more ways than one. Of the various breast reduction procedures, Liposuction is a type of reduction mammoplasty that is gaining ground over the past two decades given its less invasive and virtually no scarring protocol.

Breast Liposuction surgery at Ambrosia Clinic in Hyderabad has very few complications and the recovery time is minimal, making it an easy procedure to have and bounce back from; as against the traditional female breast reduction surgery which is usually associated with higher potential of blood loss and prominent scars post treatment. Breasts are not pure fat but there are the glands which are harder and cannot be liquefied and removed by liposuction. However, a breast liposuction reduces the breast size in direct proportion to the volume of fat removed. It also reduces the weight of the breast and allows the natural elastic breast tissue to produce a visible breast lift. Breast Liposuction is a widely used treatment and is noted to be the best option for small reductions.

You may be considered an ideal candidate for Breast Liposuction if it helps address the following concerns due to abnormally large breasts:

  • Backaches
  • Constant shoulder pain
  • Bra shoulder strap depressions
  • Bad posture e.g. drooping shoulders or a hunched over back
  • Skin inflammation below the breasts
  • Limitations on physical activity
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Inability to find suitable bras to provide ample support
  • General embarrassment

Benefits of Breast Liposuction are:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal pain due to the incision needed to be made is tiny
  • Minimal risk of nerves and blood vessel injuries
  • Gives better definition to the breasts
  • Helps lift the breasts
  • Recovery curve is lower with minimal risk of post-procedural complications
  • Allows to retain the ability to breastfeed post procedure

How it is done in Ambrosia Clinic in Hyderabad?

At Ambrosia, we never compromise on our 5 step process for all our treatment:


This is one of the crucial parts of the process where all your queries can be addressed by Dr. Priti Shukla, one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Hyderabad. This is also the time where she will assess your requirement, analyse previous medical history and advise diagnostic tests to be done – such as MRI of the breast to confirm and evaluate the fat that will need to be removed, blood, urine and other tests as well as mammogram.


Once you have decided to undergo surgery, you will be evaluated for your fitness for anaesthesia and surgery by Dr Priti or if necessary by the anesthesiologist. Your diagnostic test reports will be studied. Dr Priti will examine your breasts, taking measurements and clinical photographs for your medical record. The size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin, and the placement of the nipples and areolas will be carefully evaluated. You will sign the consent forms and will be given detailed preoperative instructions in writing.


Before taking you into the operation room, your breasts will be marked with you standing to shape them to the desired size. The procedure is minimally invasive and is done under local anaesthesia.

After Surgery

You will wake up soon after surgery with a bandage and bra on your chest. You can drink water after 4 hours and have some snacks afterwards. You walk and have dinner on the same evening.


You will need some assistance initially. Many women start light work in a week’s time. By the end of one month usually, you are feeling quite normal and ready to resume all normal activities. Breasts look swollen initially but usually settle down 1-3 months.

About the Breast Liposuction Surgery

Ambrosia, one of the premier female breast surgery clinics in Hyderabad, has been conducting this procedure with great results. The procedure itself is quite simple. The surgeon makes small cuts in the breast skin, through which a thin tube is inserted. A solution (a mix of local anaesthesia (lidocaine), IV salt solution, and the drug epinephrine that contracts the blood vessels) is injected through this tube into the breasts before the fat is removed; almost up to three times the amount of fat that will need to be removed. The anaesthesia numbs the area while epinephrine reduces blood loss, bruising, and swelling and the IV solution helps to suction out the fat easily through the cannulas. A small ultrasonic probe is inserted through these cannulas to liquefy the fat and another hollow cannula is inserted to suck out the fat. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, the surgeon may also use drainage tubes. Post procedure, you will be advised to wear a surgical bra to help compress the area and aid in the healing process.

Recovery Timeline


Next Day

Walking around a little, no strenuous activity
Activities: Preparing tea, heating food, eating
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

1 Week

The sutures are removed
Activities: Morning walk
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

After 2 weeks

Mild exercise
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM


What can I expect after a breast liposuction surgery?
As in any minimally invasive surgical procedure, there are some minor recovery aspects one will need to consider – swelling and bruising, slight pain in the treated area, irritation, and discomfort, temporary numbness in the breast/s.
What precautionary measures do I need to take for the procedure to be risk free?
You will be advised to follow these instructions during the recovery period: Stop drinking, quit smoking and avoid blood thinners such as aspirin and vitamin E.
Are there any complications in Breast Liposuction surgery?
Although a relatively risk free surgery, the most common complication is hemotoma or blood clots, when the blood collects outside the blood vessels. This shows up as bruises under the skin. Other complications may be- bleeding and infection, swellin, fluid accumulation.
Can anyone with large breasts have this procedure?
For the right candidate, this procedure has great benefits; however one must remember that not every patient with heavy breasts can be advised breast liposuction. This is a decision that is best left to the expert, your plastic surgeon. At Ambrosia clinic in Hyderabad, Dr. Priti takes the ethical diagnosis of patients very seriously and will never advise any treatment that will not benefit the patient. She critically analyses your medical history and the expectation of size reduction and advises the best plan of action.
Can I continue to breastfeed after this procedure?
Since Liposuction does very little damage to the milk producing glands and ducts and targets only the fat in the breasts, in all probability you will be able to breastfeed post this procedure. In the instance of any complication, do come back and consult your doctor for any corrective measure.
Will breast liposuction affect sensation around my nipples?
The nipples are left unaltered during the procedure and only the fatty portion of the breasts are addressed, therefore there is hardly any risk of loss of sensation in the nipple areas.
Will my breasts enlarge again after this procedure?
This procedure guarantees success only if there is no sudden weight gain or pregnancy.
What is the cost of Breast Liposuction Surgery in Hyderabad?
There are multiple factors that go into the determination of the cost of Breast Liposuction procedure in Hyderabad such as the amount of fat to be removed or any other pre-existing conditions. Therefore this is a decision only your plastic surgeon can make. Do remember to bring this up during your pre-procedure consultation.

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