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Female Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery involves surgical procedures that can help in creating the perfect breasts for women and perfect chest for men . Breast surgeries can increase or reduce the breast size , male them symmetrical and shapely. Breast surgeries are safe and have a short recovery time. They are some of the less painful surgeries.

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Ambrosia Clinic offers variety of breast surgery options to make you appear the best version of yourself.
Breast Augmentations

Breast Augmentation/Silicon Implants

The Breast Implants India is surgically placed in a pocket located inside the breast, either behind the breast tissue or the breast muscle (pectoral muscle). There are several ways in which a Breast Lift Augmentation implant can be inserted. The most common method is through an incision just under the breast in the crease where the breast meets the chest wall. This is called an inframammary incision. The incision scar is well hidden in the skin fold or bra line. The implant may also be inserted through the nipple and areola (peri-areolar incision), or through an incision in the armpit.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery

Well-developed breasts enhance women’s beauty. But the same breasts sometimes grow disproportionately large and become a reason for chronic pain and embarrassment. Breast Implants surgery can bring large breasts to the right size. A breast reduction surgery will help you shape your breasts proportionately and enhance your beauty.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

In sagging breasts, there is an excess of stretched skin about amount of breast tissue. The nipple is low and pointing down. Breast lift surgery removes the excess skin without disturbing the breast gland. Nipple areola is shifted upwards to an ideal position without detaching it from the breast. It is similar to wearing a well fitting bra. Some techniques also tighten the breast tissue with internal stitches.

Breast Liposuction

Breast Liposuction

Breasts are not pure fat. There is harder gland part also which can not come out in liquid form through liposuction cannulas. However, a breast liposuction reduces the breast size in direct proportion to the volume of fat removed. It also reduces the weight of the breast and allows the natural elastic breast tissue to produce a visible breast lift.

Arm Lift

Axillary Breast Removal

Axillary breast removal can be unilateral or bilateral. The surgery can be done one at a time or both together. Depending on the size and the patient preference the surgery can be done under local or general anaesthesia. If the bulge is tiny and totally fatty, then a liposuction alone may be sufficient, but usually, the bulge contains solid breast tissue and extra skin. In such cases, the excess skin and breast tissue are removed through an incision. The tissue removal is done completely and does not grow back. The incision is closed with absorbable sutures, and the scar is hidden mostly. Restriction of the arm movement is advised for one week, and in one month all activities can be resumed.

Belt Lipectomy

Breast Implants Removal

Breast implants can be removed by a quick and simple surgery. Implant removal is requested by some women if they don’t want implants anymore. Breast implant removal surgery is done under general anaesthesia and takes 1 hour to perform. The previous surgery scar is used to remove the implant. It’s a daycare surgery, and you can go back to work in 24 hours. Compression bra needs to be worn for one month. Breast implant removal is sometimes combined with breast lift surgery and or Fat filling into the breasts. Skin of the breast shrinks after implant removal but If the breast is found to be too small or saggy. After three months breast lift and fat transfer to the breasts can be performed to give shape and volume to the breasts.

Smarten Waist

Fat Injection Into Breast

Breast implants are a safe and most popular way of increasing the breast size. Autologous fat injection is another alternative for increasing breast size. Excess fat from your body is removed from waist line, buttocks, thighs or elsewhere by liposuction using special syringe system. After extraction of excess liquid, pure fat is injected into the pectoral muscle and the breast.

Pointy Nipple

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple reduction surgery is done to decrease the size of prominent or long nipples. This surgery is done under local anaesthesia and is painless. Stitches are self-absorbable, and healing takes 1-2 weeks. End results are smaller nipples without any scarring. Nipple reduction surgery may interfere with breastfeeding. The Areola (Dark skin around the nipples may be enlarged too. Areola size can be reduced too.

Inverted Nipple Treatment - Ambrosia Clinic

Inverted Nipples Correction Surgery

Inverted nipples can be brought out by inverted nipple correction surgery. This surgery is done under local anaesthesia painlessly and takes less than an hour to perform. Sutures are self-absorbable, and there are no scars. Healing time is 1-2 weeks. In mild cases of inverted nipples the surgery can be done without damaging the milk ducts. Therefore future breastfeeding is possible. In more severe cases ducts need to be divided to correct the nipples.

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Neelima Uppe
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I am very happy that you are treated very well .especially Dr preethi sukla on my first consulation,she patiently listen all my issues and after surgery i did not get any health issues and thank you so much madam and your team.
Preeti Phadtare
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A big thanks to Dr. Priti Shukla and Dr. Monica for their prompt and accurate diagnosis of my husband's skin infection and that too through online consultation. He had tried two ointments and a tablet before we approached them. Their course of meditation showed results right from day 2. Heartfelt thanks to them. Highly recommend them.
Munnaluri Jagruthi
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I had a dimple creation and it came out so pretty ,which made me look very beautiful.Staff is so friendly and professional and they give all the services for skin and hair which are very recommendable.
pavankumar m
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I feel so blessed to have a FUE Hair transplantation at this place ,a very effective method that worked out so very well. A great place to be recommend for all kind of hair problems.
Nirja Kumari
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One of the best Cosmetology clinic in Hyderabad.I have skin problem and I got treated in many other clinic but I didn't see any results.Then I visited Ambrosia Clinic and Consulted Dr Preeti Shukla.Doctor is very friendly and advised me simple treatment and the prices are reasonable.Also staff is very professional and hospitality is good.
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