How Does Botox Treatment Help To Reduce Facial Wrinkles?

eyes with and without wrinkles

There are salons and spas all around us that provide botox treatment and injections to get rid of aging facial wrinkles. However, it is important for us to analyze what botox treatment is going to bring us to the table. Not all of your wrinkles are suitable for botox treatment or injection, even though the […]

Breast Reduction: Risks, Importance and Things To Keep In Mind

Surgery cosmetology inject botox in breast.

Are you someone who gets burdened with large breasts? Do heavy breasts make you uncomfortable, causing pain?  If the volume of your chest has created issues or hampered your lifestyle, breast reduction surgery could have a significant impact on your physical health. Whenever you participate in physical activities, you should experience less discomfort, good sleep, […]

Is Breast Reduction Surgery for Males Effective And Safe?

Are you tired of seeing your disfigured body due to large breasts? Don’t worry. We have brought for all our male friends a perfect solution to your large breast size. The key is called “breast reduction.”  After going through this, you will be able to understand the benefit of this surgery. Also, you will acknowledge […]

Golden Proportions of the Perfect Eyebrows :

Golden Proportions of Perfect Eyebrows

The inner end of the ideal eyebrow is at the same vertical line as the inner corner of eyes. At this point, the female eyebrow is right on the edge of the bony socket of the eye. From here the eyebrow gently slopes upwards and outwards in the middle part. In the outer ⅓, the […]

Part 1: A Guide For the Perfect Eyebrow For the Ideal Face

Guide for the perfect eyebrows

Ever wondered what’s amiss in your beauty routine? Ohh, Yes!!! The lockdown home DIY’s did take care of the ‘facials’ and ‘mani-pedi’s’, but eyebrows were the ones that had to wait. Perfect face deserves the perfect eyebrows. Your eyebrows introduce you before you start to speak!!!! & it’s so true. A gentleman is known by […]