Laser Treatment For Tattoo Removal In Hyderabad

Tattoos went from being taboo to being almost a fashion accessory over the past decade. But a fair number of those who have been ‘inked’ regret getting it done for a wide range of reasons. Until recently, tattoos inked into your skin were considered permanent. Science and technology changed that game entirely. Laser assisted tattoo removal technique has been the saving grace for many a disgruntled tattooed person. At Ambrosia, one of the best laser tattoo removal clinics in Hyderabad, we ensure utmost care is part of the process for every patient.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Lasers are deep penetrating beams of light which are focused onto the tattoo area of the skin. Once they reach the pigmented areas of the skin, they erase them by breaking up the colours. Black tattoo pigment can absorb all laser wavelengths and is therefore the easiest colour to treat. Other colours can only be treated using specific lasers based on the pigment colour.

The entire process must first begin with a consultation with a trained professional from our team who will analyse the tattoo area and determine the course of treatment. The number of sessions will depend on how old the tattoo is, the size and the colours used in it. Your skin tone and depth at which the pigment is under the skin will also determine the entire process of laser assisted tattoo removal. To completely erase a tattoo multiple sessions may be required, but each time the tattoo will get progressively lighter.

Recover post treatment

Simple tips to care for the treated area will go a long way:

  • Use an ice pack to soothe the treated area
  • Apply an antibiotic cream or ointment and bandage the area to protect it
  • Use sunblock on the treated area


Is laser tattoo removal painful?

You have already gone through the pain of getting the tattoo, sadly enough the removal is also uncomfortable. You will not need anaesthesia but depending on the location of the tattoo you may require a local anaesthetic cream before the procedure.

Why do I need a consultation with an expert to get my tattoo removed?

At Ambrosia, the best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad, we believe in a thorough examination of the tattoo area to determine issues that will determine the effectiveness of the procedure:

  • How old is your tattoo
  • The colours used
  • How deep the pigments sit under the top skin layer
  • Where the tattoo is located
  • Your overall health and if you are on any medication that may adversely react with the procedure
  • If you have existing scar tissues that need to be dealt with

You get to ask all the questions you have during the consultation and also know beforehand how many sessions you will require as well as tattoo removal costs involved. We believe that informed decision making along with you helps us too.

Can I not go to a tattoo parlour to get the tattoo removed?
When you walk into Ambrosia clinic in Hyderabad for your laser tattoo removal procedure, you get the benefits of medical knowledge as well as the expertise that the dermatologists have. That will not be the case if you walk into the tattoo parlour for the same procedure. After all, your side effects or post treatment concerns are medical and will definitely require medical attention.
Are there side effects of laser tattoo removal treatment?
Depending on your skin type, you may develop light or dark spots in the treated area. These spots disappear in due course of time over 6-12 months. These are the only side effects to expect when the treatment is done by a dermatologist. 

However, if done by someone without proper medical training there are chances of scarring, changes in your skin texture, burns and other wounds. Also, because they will use only a single beam of laser, some of the ink may still remain since a single laser cannot remove all colours of the tattoo.

Why are multiple sessions needed for tattoo removal?
When creating a tattoo, multiple layers of pigment are put under the top skin layer to give it the depth of colour. While lasers are powerful and deep penetrating, it is not safe to attempt to break down all the layers of pigment in one session. Your body also requires time to heal and flush out the broken down pigment. Immediately after a session, your skin may develop some redness, swelling and possible blistering. All this has to be given optimum healing time. At Ambrosia clinic in Hyderabad, we always keep patient safety first.
Is laser tattoo removal safe for everyone?

It is a completely safe procedure for everyone, although pregnant and breastfeeding women are not advised to undergo this treatment.

How can I ensure the best results for the tattoo removal procedure?
  • Once you have devised a plan with the dermatologist for the number of sessions, ensure you keep all your appointments. Do not be tempted to stop treatment once you see some results and assume the rest will go off naturally. Remember, each session removes more ink and it is possible only with the lasers.
  • Our dermatologist will advise you easy home care such as – wash the area and apply an antibiotic cream for a few days to avoid infection. Also moisturise the area heavily and keep it covered until the skin heals.
  • The treated area needs to be protected from the sun at all times for 3 months after each session. Wear appropriate clothing to make sure that sunlight is completely blocked out from the area.
Is it safe to use salt to remove a tattoo at home?

There are some videos available online that suggest rubbing salt on the tattoo as a home remedy. This involves salabrasion that removes the top layers of the tattooed skin and then rubbing salt on the raw skin to scrub away the ink. This is not only extremely painful but could possibly lead to a serious infection. When the skin finally heals, you will have a scar to contend with.

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