Last Minute Bride Makeover Treatment in Hyderabad

Salt Scrub Massage

Bride Makeover: Hey girl, so you decided to be ‘Yours-forever’ in the second. We are happy for you so don’t fret over losing the day-long spa sessions. Ambrosia has the ultimate ‘Fix-the-Nick of the moment bride’ hauls and you are going to shine bright. 

Why are last minute makeovers so good? Well, not only are they satisfactory but also goal accomplishing. They make you look and feel like a million bucks in the limited time frame. So, don’t feel the wedding blues yet, let Ambrosia settle your nerves and groom you to the T. 

Full Body Treatment for Glow

Salt Body Scrub

Bride Makeover- Full Body Scrub

Appreciate a full-body peeling with a blend of coarse and fine grains of Dead Sea salt along with naturally renewing oils like jojoba, sunflower, and grapeseed. Laying on a warm table, you can completely loosen up and unwind while the scrub is tenderly rubbed over your skin, covering your full body. After the scrub is washed off in the shower, you will receive a back-rub utilization of grapeseed oil mixed with unadulterated fundamental oils of either lemongrass, rosemary mint, or lavender chamomile. This treatment will give your entire body a definite gleam and leave your skin feeling luxurious, smooth, and revived.

Sugar Body Scrub

Appreciate a delicate regular peeling sugar scour that will leave your skin delightfully smooth and deliciously brilliant. This handcrafted sugar scours with usually renewing oils like jojoba, sunflower, and grapeseed oil. Laying on a warm table, you can completely loosen up and unwind while the scour to tenderly rubbed over your skin, covering your full body. After the sugar scours are washed off in the shower, you will receive a back rub of grapeseed oil mixed with unadulterated fundamental oils of either lemongrass, rosemary mint, or lavender chamomile. It will give your entire body a good sparkle and leave your skin feeling satiny, smooth, and restored. Its fine surface delicately peels the skin without leaving unsafe buildup that can obstruct the pores.

Mud Mask Wrap

Envelope your body in a rich body veil of ocean growth separates blended in with mud/mud unwinding. It intends to detoxify the body, mollify the skin, and decrease cellulite presence. Laying on a warm table, you will be spoiled with this body treatment. It starts with an energetic shedding to set up your skin; at that point, a generous mud ocean growth veil is applied overall body. You are then enveloped by the mud wrap to warm up and completely detoxify your body. After the mask is washed off, you will use an all-normal shea spread hydrating salve mixed with unadulterated essential oils. It will give your entire body a delicate sound shine and leave your skin feeling satiny, smooth, and restored.

Foot Massage in Spa

Tired Leg and Foot Treatment

This is an unwinding, establishing, and mending treatment performed on the knee down. Swedish, Reflexology, and Thai methods are joined with a peeling scour to help soothe pressure and strain, & also improves mental peacefulness.

Aromatouch Technique

Eight distinctive doTerra fundamental oils and oil mixes are applied along the meridians and instinctive contact purposes of the back, giving a little consideration to the feet and hands to improve and uphold the safe framework.

Nonsurgical corrections

We have helped many Fort Worth ladies plan for their weddings. Here are our most ideal alternatives for uncovering your everyday excellence with a little vacation.

1. Trim & Tone as the vast day (and wedding trip) approaches with CoolSculpting

If you need to have a smooth outline at any time sometime in the past, it’s on your big day. However, at times our bodies don’t get the notice—and regardless of what number of boards you do or pilates classes you join in, knocks and lumps can stay. Rather than letting your Spanx accomplish all the work, it might merit considering Ambrosia Clinic Hyderabad.

2. Wake your skin with a HydraFacial

Preparing to spend a mind-blowing remainder with your genuine romance is an energizing time, yet wedding arrangements can be inconceivably unpleasant. Between the dress fittings, exploring mandaps or event venues, ladies must take the leisure for some essential self-care—and your skin is regularly the first to give indications of stress and absence of rest.

HydraFacial utilizes the consolidated intensity of water and strength serums to scrub, detoxify, and sustain your skin. We can modify medicines to address explicit skin worries, notwithstanding the underlying advantages of improving your general composition, relaxing the presence of scarcely discernible differences, and adjusting the skin.

3. Give your big day a headstart with BOTOX and fillers

Gone are the days when just famous people and those over a particular age went to their preferred plastic specialist or medical caretaker injector to go after wrinkles. The experts at Ambrosia withe their skilled hands will enhance your beauty the right way, to give you the results that will blow your mind.

4. Keep your skin fit as a fiddle with clinical evaluation skincare

Clinical evaluation skincare therapies can do some incredible things in possession of our profoundly qualified and experienced clinical experts. However, our patients who focus on the at-home skin health management routine, get the most observable, enduring outcomes.

During a skin interview and assessment, we’ll talk with you about your essential concerns and objectives and look at your skin to figure out what sorts of items will profit you the most. At that point, we will make master item suggestions and build up an at-home treatment plan for you.

An Infographic On Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: An Infographic

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: What if your own blood could help you heal faster? While the blood in your body is already healing your body, it does not help in healing from various kinds of skin and hair conditions such as hair loss or even other skin problems. However, with PRP treatment, hair loss can be treated and skin can be rejuvenated. Here’s an infograph about how PRP works.

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Platelet Rich Plasma – All You need to know

Platelet Rich Plasma - All You need to know

Platelet Rich Plasma, often referred to as “PRP’, means abundant platelets that are concentrated into a small volume of plasma. 

PPR has greater concentrations of growth factors compared to the while blood and is used in varied specialities like dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedics and dentistry. The growth factors in PRP help in tissue repair, remodeling and promotion of growth of cells. PRP is used in various dermatological indications ranging from hair restoration, skin rejuvenation to chronic ulcers. Overall, PRP seems to be a promising therapeutic modality but the level of evidence as of now, from the available research studies is low.PPR Treatment

How does it work?

PRP has become a famous non-surgical procedure for hair growth, acne scars, stretch marks, ulcers and for skin rejuvenation. PRP therapy is a particular treatment which uses your own blood platelets in order to stimulate new cell growth, tissue repair and regeneration.

PRP therapy preparation process-

The blood in your body is made up of four components which are red blood cells, white blood cells, the plasma and the platelets. In this procedure or treatment, the surgeon takes your blood and spins it in a centrifuge, which in turn enables the separation of your blood cells from your plasma and platelets. This is re-injected into your skin to stimulate collagen and new skin cells.

PPR Injection

PRP therapy is a three-step process. Most PRP therapy requires minimum three-four treatments which will be 4–6 weeks apart. Along with the main treatment, maintenance treatments are also required every 4–6 months.

Step 1

Your blood is drawn from your arm and put into a  tube  and centrifuged in  a machine that rapidly spins to separate fluids of different densities.

Step 2

After 10 minutes in the centrifuge, your blood will have separated into in three layers:

  • Platelet – poor plasma
  • Platelet – rich plasma
  • Red blood cell

Step 3

The platelet – rich plasma is then drawn up into the syringe and then injected into areas of the scalp which needs increased hair growth. All this procedure is done under strict aseptic measures.

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP therapy for hair loss is a medical treatment which occurs in 3 steps where a patient’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp.

Research shows that PRP injections trigger natural hair growth, prolongs the survival of  hair cells, prolongs the hair cycle, and also maintains it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle thus increasing the thickness of the hair shaft. Sometimes this approach is often combined with other hair loss procedures or medications.

PRP for Hair Loss

However, there has not been enough research to prove if PRP is an effective hair loss treatment. PRP is injected directly into scalp through mesoneedles or mesogun. It can be combined with dermaroller or dermapen.

PRP For Skin

Prp is indicated for skin rejuvenation, dark circles, acne scars and stretch marks. It can be directly injected into skin by mesotherapy or can be combined with dermaroller, laser or dermapen.

The procedure of PRP depends on how many areas you want to get treated, the length of the area and volume of blood will be taken. Usually 10 ml to 30 ml of blood is taken. Then this amount of blood is then placed in a centrifuge for 8-10 minutes. Once the cells have been separated, the rich platelets are extracted from the blood and injected into the area to be treated.

PRP treatment harnesses the beneficial properties of your own platelets and therefore there is no risk of allergy or rejection of the treatment.

What are the side effects of PRP?

As PRP therapy involves injecting your own blood into your scalp, you aren’t at much of a risk for getting any kind of communicable diseases as it is ultimately your blood. However, any therapy that involves injections always carries a risk of side effects such as:

  • Injury to the blood vessels .
  • Possible Infections
  • Calcification at the point where injected

What should you expect after PRP treatment?

Most people usually experience some mild or moderate swelling, pain or bruise in the area of the skin which is treated. Bruising might occur and may take a few days to disappear.

How soon will you see PRP results?

Most patients usually require three-four treatments  with a four to six week interval. The first thing people notice is an improvement in skin rigidity and elasticity. The production of collagen can take up to three months to occur and the ultimate result can differ depending on the individual.  As the injected product is totally your own, factors such as stress, smoking and illness can affect the results to a great extent. PRP for hair, the results are appreciated after 3-4 months. Earliest sign would be decreased hair fall.load image...Are there any reasons why you can’t have PRP therapy?

When it comes to if you are a good candidate for this type of therapy, women who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding, they should not be taking this therapy. PRP treatment is also not recommended for people who are on anticoagulation treatment, autoimmune conditions,  infections, or have suffered from any type of cancer . Your past and present medical history, needs to be taken  to ensure that you are good to go for the treatment. If you do not have a doctor, visit us or book an appointment with us at Ambrosia Clinics and our doctors can help you get back your beautiful skin.

PRP Therapy

PRP is an effective treatment, yes but it is also a treatment where every kind of aspect has not been found yet. Some find it unstable, some find is risky whereas others find it one of the best treatments for skin or hair. It is essential that you understand that your doctor should be the one to take the call on what treatment you should take up, whether it is for hair loss or for your skin, PRP treatment will be given to you and only when its required.

About the DoctorDr. Sindhuri ReddyDr. Sindhuri Reddy specializes in clinical and cosmetic dermatology and dermatosurgery. Her continuous thrive to be updated in recent advances of skincare gives her a unique insight and approach to skincare. She has an MBBS and MD from NTR University of Health sciences and has done observership at Mayo clinic , USA . She has several academic publications to her credit. Her areas of special interest are acne scars, hair transplantations and lasers.