All You Need to Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

Unrecognizable Man Having Hair Treatment - Ambrosia Clinic

Hair transplant surgery is the treatment of the bald head to make you look beautiful by providing good coverage of hair on the head. This surgery doesn’t have any rocket science in it and involves very basic anaesthesia.  Here, we will explore the reasons for baldness and how surgeons perform hair transplants. So what are […]

Male Pattern Baldness – Everything You Need To Know?

Male Pattern Baldness - Everything You Need To Know?

Male Pattern Baldness: Women and men, their relationship with hair is sacred. When it comes to hair, age is the biggest factor. You all know that, with age, eventually there is loss of hair. Hair fall is a gradual process. Strands of hair on your pillow or a few clumps of hair on the bathroom […]

Laser hair Removal: Putting A Full-Stop On Unwanted Hair!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There’s a new dress that you have bought. You want to try it out. But, the fact that you haven’t groomed your legs is preventing you from wearing it straight away. Then you think about visiting the beauty parlour and get your legs waxed, but the whole idea of pain makes you ditch that idea. […]

Painless and permanent: Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

Waxing. Threading. Hair Removal Creams. Razors. Pain. Pain. Skin Allergies. Razor Bumps.  Return of the Unwanted Hair.  Hair Reduction Procedures: This is a cycle most of us are familiar with, be it man or woman. Unwanted hair, like the term suggests, is unwanted, and a menace. We’ve all tried diys and temporary fixes, to get […]

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – A Painless Procedure For Smooth Skin

Laser Hair Removal

Hair-free, Pain-free treatment for timeless beauty… Laser Hair Removal: Admit it or not, we humans are super lazy in some or other ways.  And one of the most painful experiences, which we want to avoid every time, is – ‘Waxing’. This word in itself sends jitters across our nerves, but still, we can’t overlook those […]