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Neck Lift Surgery, also known as neck rejuvenation, is a cosmetic surgery that is opted for to remove the excess skin and fat around the jaw line. This helps contour the neck with a more defined and youthful look. Youthful contours are lost as we age but other factors also play a part in the process, such as heredity, gravity, environmental conditions and stress. Ambrosia is one of very few plastic surgery clinics in Hyderabad that offers Neck Lift surgery in Hyderabad. 

We all age differently and so does our skin. If the upper face is relatively wrinkle or fat free, some people are unwilling to undertake a full facelift. When the neck area does not match the youthful appearance of the upper face, a neck lift may be a good solution to make a change to the overall look of the person.

Results can be long lasting. But one needs to keep in mind that neck lift surgery cannot stop the ageing process, but is merely a cosmetic change. 

What Neck Lift surgery can treat:

  • Excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls
  • Excess fatty deposits under the chin
  • Loose neck skin

What is the Neck Lift Surgery process followed at Ambrosia?

Our procedure is mapped into five essential segments:


Pre-procedure consultation is a critical part of any treatment. It not only allows for all questions and doubts to be addressed by Dr. Priti Shukla, one of the best plastic surgeons in Hyderabad, but also allows for planning the way ahead. You may have expectations beyond the realms of reality, the consultation will help align them to what is the best for your body. 

If your problem is mild and you want to consider nonsurgical options, we have those available too. We can help you make an informed decision that suits you best.

Also all previous medical history is taken into account and costs etc may be discussed openly


Once you have decided to undergo a neck lift procedure in Hyderabad at Ambrosia, you will be evaluated for your fitness for anaesthesia and surgery (if the procedure you choose is surgical) by Dr Priti or if necessary by the anaesthesiologist. Your diagnostic test reports will be studied and you will be examined by taking measurements and clinical photographs for your medical record. 

You will sign the consent forms and will be given detailed preoperative instructions in writing.


Before taking you inside the operation room, parts to be sculpted will be marked.

After Surgery

You will be advised to wear a compression garment strap  that allows the neck to heal easily and keeps a check on the swelling in the treated area. 


You will be advised to rest and avoid physical activity until the incisions have healed. You will need some assistance initially. The recovery period may vary depending on the extent of the procedure, but for the first few days to up to a week or more after the surgery one may expect some swelling and bruising and general discomfort.

About the Neck Lift procedure at Ambrosia clinic in Hyderabad

The neck lift surgery is done under general or local anaesthesia. There are various options for methods to be used for this treatment and this is usually decided under the advice of your surgeon based on ethical best practice parameters that are strictly followed at Ambrosia, Hyderabad. Of course the choice of treatment greatly depends on your health, skin tone and your expectations from the procedure. 


This is the least invasive option and especially recommended for those who may have had success earlier with liposuction, are young with better skin tone and very little pockets of fat under the neck skin. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision behind each ear and under the chin, specialised equipment is used to suction out the fat from the jawline and under the chin. In the instance that your skin tone is resilient and you are seeking to reduce the fullness of the jawline, this procedure gives a defined neck by default. We do need to remember that liposuction cannot correct structural problems that may have led to the change in the appearance of your neck area.

Anterior Neck Lift

For this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision under the chin to view the tissues that shape the neck. The skin flap is then pulled back over these tissues in a way that makes it appear more contoured.

Extended Neck Lift

This third procedure is usually combined with a face-lift where an incision is made under the chin, one in front of the ears and along the hairline. These allow for sculpting on the deep structural tissues of the neck and lower face in the span of one surgery. Excess skin may also be removed in this procedure.


Especially in older people where large amounts of excess skin has formed in the neck area, this procedure works well with its removal.

Recovery Timeline


Next day

Self care: Getting dressed, combing hair, eating, Preparing tea
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

1-2 Weeks

Self care: Cooking, light household work
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

2 Weeks

Self care: Driving and desk job, Morning walk
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

1 Month

Self care: Treadmill/Yoga/Swimming
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

4-6 Weeks

Full recovery from neck lift procedures can be expected.
However, some patients may experience residual tightness for several months following their surgery.
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

2 Months

Activities: Heavy exercising, Weight lifting
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM


How soon after my neck lift procedure can I expect to see results?
Neck swelling reduces and results are visible in 1 month. but results and scars improve over next few months
How should I protect my skin after a neck lift surgery?
You need to protect the skin in the treated area from direct sun, wear sunscreen every time you step outdoors.
Do I need to stop any medications before the procedure?
It is advisable to stop taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications several days before surgery. You will be advised on all these during your pre-procedural consultation.
What does my smoking have to do with the results of my neck lift procedure? Why do I need to stop smoking?
You are advised to stop smoking before the neck lift or any skin related procedure because smoking tobacco induces wrinkling of the skin and slows down the recovery process.
How painful is a neck lift procedure?
This is not a painful procedure because you are induced anaesthesia to numb the pain, however be prepared for some discomfort. You may feel a slight tightness in the neck area, but not pain. These symptoms usually subside around 3 weeks after the procedure.
Are neck lift procedures worth it?
A neck lift is a great corrective procedure to deal with extra fat, wrinkles and other aesthetic problems that may affect the appearance of your neck. The procedure is not a long one and effects remain for long, giving your neck a firm and youthful appearance.
How long does a neck lift last?
You can expect your neck lift to last between 5-10 yrs if you remain in good health. We advise maintenance treatments to maintain long term results
What are the risks involved with this surgery?
A routine neck lift surgery has very low risks, however one cannot rule out anything during a surgical procedure. So make sure you discuss all this with your surgeon before undertaking the procedure.
Does a neck lift look natural?
It always looks natural, however at the same time it improves the lower face.
How soon will I be able to eat after my neck lift surgery?
As soon as you are comfortable to chew, however, for the first few days it is advisable to have soft foods to avoid any stress to the treated area.

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