Part 1: A Guide For the Perfect Eyebrow For the Ideal Face

Guide for the perfect eyebrows

Ever wondered what’s amiss in your beauty routine? Ohh, Yes!!! The lockdown home DIY’s did take care of the ‘facials’ and ‘mani-pedi’s’, but eyebrows were the ones that had to wait. Perfect face deserves the perfect eyebrows. Your eyebrows introduce you before you start to speak!!!! & it’s so true. A gentleman is known by […]

Laser Hair Removal and its Many Advantages:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: The debate on body hair is on track in recent times with celebrities inspiring people to wear body hair with pride. The idea to sport body hair like it’s a no big deal could please some but, what about those people who have abundant body hair to the extent that it looks […]

Plastic Surgery – Recovery Tips For Post -Surgery Swelling

Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips – Are you looking for tips to heal swelling faster after surgery? Here they are! Go through this Ambrosia blog! Plastic surgery is the process of repairing or reconstructing body parts. There are various ways to change the body and face. Ambrosia Clinic performs procedures like abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck), liposuction, […]

Want to know about face laser treatment…

Want to know about face laser treatment Responses: Dear Rounak, Greetings from Ambrosia! Thank you for contacting us, We have Face lasers for Hair reduction & also for the scars. For the detailed information best option is come for consultation. Please call us on 9291565930/9014901020 for appointments. Regards, Praveena