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Mommy Makeover – Female body shape changes after childbirth. Following changes happen in most Women with more or less severity. Glam mom shows no wear and tear that happens to the female body due to motherhood. Despite best care, changes happen in face, skin, breast, abdomen and vagina as a result of childbirth. Changes can be major or subtle, and treatments are individualised to each woman. Unlike olden days dressing style of Indian women has changed. Earlier saree used to hide all figure flaws, and it was sufficient to look good by just maintaining weight. With modern dressing and tight clothes and T-shirts, it is often observed that even thin women sometimes have unwanted fat and unattractive body shape after pregnancy. Such flaws can be corrected permanently by plastic surgery. Diet and exercise do not always work towards achieving a perfect figure.

Breast, abdomen and vagina surgeries can be combined in mommy makeover procedures or can be done individually. When they are done together, the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, and hospital stay is advised up to two days. The total recovery may take up to a month. The results are permanent and remarkable.

Glam Up After Childbirth Mommy makeover surgery is best done at least six months after delivery. It is ideal to lose weight as much as possible before surgery and to get done with breastfeeding.

Mommy After A Makeover Results of a mommy makeover can get compromised after a second pregnancy. It is ideal to complete the family before opting for a mommy makeover surgery.

What Does The Treatment Involve A mommy makeover treatment involves the procedure of getting you back in shape. There are many treatments for skin and, sagging breasts due to breastfeeding, loose skin that causes your body to lose shape, symmetry and attractiveness. You can get them back with a mommy makeover. Take a look at what all you can get done at Ambrosia to get back in shape.

Skin During pregnancy, there are many hormonal changes in a woman’s body. The most prominent changes are skin ageing, skin pigmentation, stretch marks, dark circle under the eyes, etc. These skin treatments are mostly non-surgical, and laser treatments, and are very effective in glamorising your appearance.

Breast For women with heavy breasts due to breastfeeding, a breast liposuction or a breast lift surgery may provide great results in getting back your breasts in shape. Breasts lose firmness and shape. The upper part of the breast above nipple goes flatter, and lower part sags down often touching the chest wall. Nipple and areola enlarge, and breast goes soft after stopping breastfeeding. The overall size of Breast may or may not change much, but the loss of shape and flabbiness makes it harder to find a well fitting bra.

Abdomen Changes in abdomen depend on overall weight gain, the size of the baby and if there was a twin pregnancy. Abdominal muscles separate in the midline and stretch overall. Excessive stretch can cause inner organs to bulge out in the form of rectus diastasis and umbilical hernia. After child birth abdomen shrinks partially but often not completely. Therefore there is loose skin, stretch marks, resistant fat and overall bulge of abdomen and widening of waistline.

Vagina Normal vaginal delivery stretches out the vagina causing vagina to become loose. Vaginal Tightening is a small surgery that tightens the muscles in the vaginal region which usually become loose after childbirth.

Who Can Benefit? The changes after pregnancy commonly happen in breast, abdomen and genital area. Some women have more changes, and some have less. Usually, women who did not gain excessive weight during pregnancy and who are fit and active perform better than overweight moms. For moms who have achieved ideal weight after pregnancy does not need much surgery and get a better result with less recovery time. It is common for breasts to get larger during pregnancy but after stopping breastfeeding the breast shrink back to original size and additionally, they become softer and saggy. Abdominal muscles get stretched during pregnancy, and it happens more with large weight babies or twin pregnancies. Due to stretch, a gap comes between the muscles and skin starts sagging like a flap, once the woman loses her pregnancy weight. The genital area gets saggy, and the vagina may feel loose to some.

Mommy makeover surgery is a combination of breast, abdomen and vagina in single or two sittings to restore pre-pregnancy shape. Any of the below combination of surgeries is performed.

Treatment options:

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Ideally when you have stopped breastfeeding and lost the excess weight gained during pregnancy. Usually, Mommy makeover surgery is done minimum six months after delivery.
Results of Mommy Makeover surgery may be compromised after another pregnancy. Therefore it is best to do Mommy Makeover surgery after you have completed the family.
You may require rest up to 2-4 weeks after Mommy Makeover.
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