Chin Implant

Anaesthesia: General / Local
Duration of Surgery: 1 hour
Where: Operation Theatre
Hospital Stay: Daycare surgery
Stitches: Absorbable, hidden under the chin
Recovery: Chin is swollen for 1-2 weeks. Back to work in one week. No rest needed
How is it Done: Through a small cut under the chin a silicon implant is placed on the chin bone, under the skin and muscle to make the chin prominent.


Are implants safe?

Silicon implants are safe and are compatible with the human body.

How long does the result last?

The result is permanent.

What are the possible risks?

Uncommon risks are – hematoma (collection of blood), seroma( fluid collection), infection, implant displacement, asymmetry, nerve injury, numbness, implant extrusion.

If I do not like the Chin  implant can it be removed safely or can the size be changed?

Yes, the implant can be removed easily and replaced if needed.

Are there other ways of making chin prominent?

Yes, other options are bone advancement surgery (bone is cut and moved forwards), fat injection and Juvederm .

Can Chin Implant Surgery be combined with other facial surgeries?

Chin Implant Surgery is frequently combined with Rhinoplasty, Cheek augmentation, Fat injection, Facelift, Botox® , or  Liposuction of double chin .