Breast Augmentation (MTF)

Breast augmentation is often the first surgery in MTF transgenders. Transgender breast surgery is done using US FDA approved silicon breast implants as a daycare surgery.

Treatment Option

Female To Male Breast Surgery (FTM)

Female to male breast surgery is  for transgender males  who wish to have a masculine-looking chest.This can be done by reducing or completely removing their breasts.

Facial Feminization (For MTF)

Facial feminization surgery is a set of surgeries that alter male facial features to typical female facial features. These involve forehead, nose, chin, lips and cheekbones modification. Hair transplantation and laser hair removal are also done as needed. Many of the facial procedures can be done without surgery, using filler injections.

Facial Masculinization (For FTM)

Facial masculinization surgery is a set of surgeries that alter feminine facial features to standard male facial features. This involves the nose , chin, jawline surgery or nonsurgical method to enhance these features.