Thin Lips

Beautiful lips are full, shapely and in balance with nose, chin and rest of the face. They have well-defined outlines and central arch shape ( cupid’s bow ) in the upper lips. Two vertical columns called philtrum columns run from 2 peaks of cupid’s bows to the nose. The lower lip is larger in size than the upper lip, the ideal ratio being 40:60 between upper and lower lips. Pout is fashionable in young women these days. Ageing lips lose their shape and volume.

Treatment Options

Thick Lips

Lips can be too large sometimes, and out of balance with nose chin and rest of the face. Lip reduction surgery can be performed for getting the lips to right size and shape. Often big lower lip is associated with small chin and dental problems. They should be addressed too.

Treatment Options

Lip Reshaping

Attractive lips are symmetrical. Upper lip and lower lip are in the ratio of 40:60. Lip shape can be made more attractive by giving it sharper outlines and curves with Juvederm

Treatment options

Gummy Smile

Excessive exposure of upper gums during smile is called a gummy smile. Botulinum toxin injection into the muscles of upper lips can cure gummy smile. The result appears in 1 to 2 weeks and lasts for 3 to 5 months.