Axillary Breast Removal Surgery in Hyderabad

Axillary breasts are caused when breast tissues develop outside of the normal breast area, most likely in the axilla or armpit. This is caused mostly by weight gain or it may even be a genetic condition. Axillary breasts are mostly composed of glandular tissues and are susceptible to hormonal changes in the woman’s body or it may be primarily fatty tissue due to weight gain. It is believed to exist in 2% to 6% of women. Whatever the reason for its emergence, it negatively affects the shape of the armpit area due to the bulge.

If you are facing the following problems, you would be an ideal candidate for axillary breast removal procedure:

  • The area near the armpit bulges unattractively
  • Your clothes do not fit properly.
  • When excessively large, it can also cause irritation and inflammation when wearing certain clothing or bras that may cut into the area.

About Axillary Breast Removal surgery in Hyderabad at Ambrosia

Axillary breast removal can be unilateral or bilateral. The surgery can be done one at a time or both together. Depending on the size and the patient preference the surgery can be done under local or general anaesthesia. If the bulge is tiny and totally fatty, then a liposuction alone may be sufficient, but usually, the bulge contains solid breast tissue and extra skin. In such cases, the excess skin and breast tissue are removed through an incision. The tissue removal is done completely and does not grow back. The incision is closed with absorbable sutures, and the scar is hidden mostly. Restriction of the arm movement is advised for one week, and in one month all activities can be resumed.


What is the cost of the armpit fat or axillary breast removal procedure?
The cost of axillary breast tissue removal in India is determined by the area of treatment and the amount of fat to be removed. This is an assessment only your plastic surgeon can make. Please make sure you bring this up during your pre-procedure consultation at Ambrosia clinic in Hyderabad.
Will there be a lot of scarring from this procedure? What will my scars look like?
Scarring will depend on whether you opting for a liposuction or excision procedure. Liposuction being minimally invasive are (incisions measure only a few centimetres and can be hidden within the natural crease of the armpits) leaves barely any scars and even then they are visible only when you lift your arms. Excision may leave bigger and more obvious scars. Ensure you discuss all this in detail with your surgeon before the procedure.
I'm a man but I have this. Is this normal? Can I get the surgery done, too?
This condition is prevalent more in women than men, however depending on the oestrogen levels in the body some men may also develop axillary breasts. Axillary breast tissue and armpit fat removal surgery is gender neutral and can just as well be done in men. It will help you regain your chiselled chest contours.
Does Axillary Breast tissue cause cancer?
No. In majority cases this tissue is benign and also does not lead to cancer at any time. It is mostly addressed as an aesthetic concern.
How soon can I see the results of the procedure?
Immediately after the procedure an improvement is visible despite the swelling around the area of treatment. For liposuction results, wait for a few weeks for the final results to show. If you have had an excision, it can take up to five or six months to show results.
Is axillary breast removal effective?

Axillary breast removal is highly effective in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon. Make sure you discuss all this in depth with Dr. Priti Shukla, one of the eminent plastic surgeons in Hyderabad.

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