Laser Treatments: Here’s How They Make You Beautiful!

Laser Treatments: Here's How They Make You Beautiful!

Laser Treatments: Are you unhappy with the skin you’re in? While some of you must be fretting over those fine lines that give away your age, some might be losing sleep over scars of bygone acne. Some of you might be unhappy with skin pigmentation, while some of you might be looking at ways to […]

No, Cosmetic Surgery Didn’t Cause Sridevi’s Death!

“Veteran Bollywood Actress Sridevi Passes Away.” Cosmetic Surgery: It was the end of a beautiful story. It was time for us to turn the pages. But, did we? “What was the real cause behind Sridevi’s death?” From mourning the loss of a legendary artist, the world quickly moved on. That was sooner than anyone expected. […]

How to Minimize Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery

Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery: People believe cosmetic plastic surgery to be totally scar free. Cuts are made during all surgeries including cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery cuts are originally sutured very finely and after healing they look like a fine line which fades gradually over a period of one year or more. Extra care is taken […]

Are Silicon Breast Implants Safe?

Silicone Breast Implants: Mithali, a 29 year old mother of one, has always been conscious about her small breast size. She is tall, slim and good looking, but feels that she is unable to enjoy well fitted, fashionable clothes because of her relatively small breasts. She is considering breast implant surgery. Women opt for breast […]