Painless and permanent: Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal
Waxing. Threading. Hair Removal Creams. Razors.
Pain. Pain. Skin Allergies. Razor Bumps. 
Return of the Unwanted Hair. 
Hair Reduction Procedures: This is a cycle most of us are familiar with, be it man or woman. Unwanted hair, like the term suggests, is unwanted, and a menace. We’ve all tried diys and temporary fixes, to get rid of them, and have mostly ended up with unwanted after effects too. Temporary fixes for unwanted hair are time consuming and don’t really work out for the long run.
Unwanted hair can make us feel conscious and embarrassed. The issue however is, they return in no time, leaving us with no option other than the ones mentioned above. However, these are not the only options, much to our delight. Permanent hair removal is now a possibility, and there are many ways of achieving the smooth skin all of us would like to be in.
Hair Reduction Procedures: Laser hair removal and electrolysis can very well fit the bill of being our saviors!
What to expect from a laser hair removal? 
laser hair removal
Hair reduction procedures are quite common among men and women, and have gained good reviews globally. Researching before consulting a skilled professional, who has experience with hair removal procedures is imperative, to achieve the best results.
Laser hair removal procedure is a popular technique to remove unwanted hair, by using mild radiation through high-heat lasers. The lasers weaken the hair follicles and destroy the cells, which slows down hair growth in selected areas with unwanted hair.
Did you know that laser hair removal of the back only takes about 15 minutes? 
Hair Reduction Procedures: The effects last much longer compared to temporary fixes like shaving or waxing. Laser therapy, however takes time to give results, a few sessions may be required to achieve complete hair removal. Laser hair removal is gentle on the skin and can tackle hair shafts (follicles) of various sizes.

  • Both men and women can benefit from this procedure
  • Fast recovery time
  • Unwanted hair becomes thin
  • Hair becomes light in color
  • Hair follicles of various sizes can be treated at once
  • Can treat large and small areas with unwanted hair
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Patients can resume their normal activities after the procedure


  • Inflammation around the treated areas may occur in a few cases due to sensitivity
  • Blisters may occur sometimes due to heat
  • Skin irritation might happen due to the skin being sensitive to heat
  • Pigmentation of skin can occur in a few cases
  • Redness

All of the minor symptoms go away within a few hours post procedure. If the symptoms last for a longer timer, it should be discussed with the doctor immediately. Prior and after care is very important to accomplish the best results.
What to expect from an electrolysis? 
expect from an electrolysis
Electrolysis is another hair removal technique, which offers reduction in hair growth, by using electrical energy. Short wave frequencies are used to weaken the hair follicles and prevent new hair development.
Hair Reduction Procedures: The procedure counteracts with new hair development and sheds the present hair on the selected areas of the body. Electrolysis is performed to remove light colored hair such has light brown,  blonde, white or grey. Permanent results may require a  few settings, as electrolysis can only cover smaller portions of the body, compared to a laser hair removal procedure.

  • Both men and women can benefit from this procedure
  • Stops new hair development
  • Eliminates unwanted hair from small areas of the body
  • Works best for light colored hair


  • Some may have some scarring, from the extraction of hair follicles
  • Smaller portions of hair are covered in one session
  • More expensive than laser hair removal treatment
  • Only removes light hair colors such as light brown, blonde, grey and white
  • Results aren’t achieved in one session
  • Invasive method to remove hair  compared to laser hair removal

One thing to follow with any of the two procedures, is adequate care prior and post procedure. It is very important to understand the procedures entirely with the doctor. Both hair removal procedures, have their pros and cons. However, the selected procedures vary depending on the amount of hair removal.
Laser hair removal procedures can cover large areas of unwanted hair quickly, where in a electrolysis procedure, a small area such as the eyebrow, can also be covered.
Laser hair removal is an efficient procedure for effectively extracting hair follicles of various sizes, with minimal to no damage caused to the skin. Both treatments are beneficial for men and women, as they target hair removal specifically, but vary in their process and results. To know which treatment works best for you, find out by consulting one of our renowned doctors through  our website or via a personal consultation.
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