Top 10 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

The human body has a definite contour, be it a male or a female. Each of our body parts is designed to be symmetrical in size, shape, and length. We all wish to be perfect with perfect shape, color, weight etc…to be admired by all. One such body part which augments the look in females, […]

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Fact or Fiction

Breasts beautify the feminine figure. Breasts usually develop during puberty and thus symbolize the onset of womanhood and motherhood. Girls and women with a flat or nearly flat chest at times feel unattractive and less confident. But what options do they have to increase their breast size? We know that many celebrities have increased their […]

Surgical Strike On Your Fat: Liposuction


Trying to lose pockets of excess fat on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and other areas of the body can be a frustrating process. Diet and exercise help to lose weight but are not enough to get rid of those ugly fat pockets and while you may not be overweight but you still look out of […]

Want to know about face laser treatment…

Want to know about face laser treatment Responses: Dear Rounak, Greetings from Ambrosia! Thank you for contacting us, We have Face lasers for Hair reduction & also for the scars. For the detailed information best option is come for consultation. Please call us on 9291565930/9014901020 for appointments. Regards, Praveena