Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Fact or Fiction

Breasts beautify the feminine figure. Breasts usually develop during puberty and thus symbolize the onset of womanhood and motherhood. Girls and women with a flat or nearly flat chest at times feel unattractive and less confident. But what options do they have to increase their breast size? We know that many celebrities have increased their breast size with breast implant surgery. But many women are afraid of surgery, and it may be impossible for them to afford expensive surgery.

We decided to find out what are the nonsurgical options women have for increasing the breast size and if they worked and were safe?

But even before that, we decided to address 2 questions that are at the root of this issue:

  1. Why do some women have very small or no breasts?
  2. Why do care so much about their breast size? It’s not a health problem.

Why Women Want Beautiful Breasts?

We asked 20 girls and women aged 15-25 years this question (why you want perfect breasts). While the definition of perfect size was contested but these are the answers that emerged:

  1. Women want a better proportioned or more appealing figure
  2. Want their clothes to fit better
  3. Want to feel confident and attractive
  4. Want to have symmetry of breast size

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Why Are Some Women Flat Chested?

The development of breasts happens under the influence of female hormones estrogen and progesterone that begin to get secreted by the body during puberty. Other hormones like growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors act alongside.

Breast growth starts 1 year before menarche or start of periods. Both boys and girls have the same seeds of breast gland under their nipples, but only in girls the breasts grow, because of the effect of female hormones.

Development of Female Breast Size:

Female breasts develop in stages according to Tanner in the below pic

Image credit:

Stage 1: (Before menarche) – Nipple gets raised and feels firm

Stage 2: (After menarche) – Nipple gets raised, and the dark area around the nipple becomes larger.
Stage 3: Breasts develops and elevated

Stage4: Breasts are bigger and the areola and nipple above the rest of the breast.

Stage 5: Mature adult breast is rounded, and only the nipple is raised.

Image credit: breast360

Having settled the above, we went ahead to explore the available options for those interested in breast augmentation.

Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation

List of Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Options Found On The Internet For Increasing Breast Size:

  1. Breast enhancement pills and supplements
  2. Breast enhancement creams
  3. Breast enlarging foods
  4. Breast massages
  5. Breast exercises
  6. Hormone pills
  7. Brava Bra
  8. Thread lift for breast
  9. Botox for breast lift
  10. PRP for breast enlargement
  11. Filler Injections

1. Breast Enhancement Creams

Breast Enhancement creams seem like the perfect non-surgical breast enlargement option because they are applied on the breast and there is no need of taking any pills. Most cream advertisements say that these creams work best when used in combination with breast enhancement pills.

These topical creams contain collagens and estrogens that can tone the shape and increase the size of breasts as it has the potential of pumping up cells in the breasts making them appear bigger.

Websites selling these creams guarantee the results within 3 months, and there are no side effects. These creams are readily available online, and they are affordable. Anyone can use them privately.

Most of the breast enlargement herbal products uses one of the following methods to produce their results:

  • Employ plant-derived estrogen derivatives to increase breast tissue
  • Increase the blood flow to the breasts
  • Induce enlargement of the breasts by rubbing chemical irritants

Facts about breast enhancement creams :

  • To get permanent results, you need to be very patient and consistent.
  • You can expect some side effects with the use of breast enlargement cream. The side effects are mostly because some women have very delicate skin that is too sensitive for an effective product.
  • They may develop an allergy rash which can be the first sign of the development of a more dangerous allergy situation. However, it would be wise to discontinue that the product, if such rashes develop.

Fact Check :

These creams are not independently supported by unbiased scientific research. All publicity is by the sellers themselves. No doctor was found to recommend these creams. The sellers say that ingredients are natural. However, these creams are not FDA approved, and one cannot be sure of their claims. There is no independent website positive reviews of the creams by users.

2. Breast Enhancement Pills

These pills contain herbs which contain plant-derived female hormones phytoestrogens. Websites selling these pills and supplements claim that they are safe because they are derived from plants.

Some of the herbs that most breast enlargement pills contain include:

  1. Fennel Seed (Foeniculum Vulgare)
  2. Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)
  3. Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca)
  4. Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus)
  5. Hops (Humulus Lupulus)
  6. Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
  7. Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa)
  8. Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis)
  9. Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa)
  10. Blessed Thistle (Carduus Benedictus)
  11. Watercress (Nasturtium Officinale)

Phytoestrogens are hormones derived from a plant. They have side effects the same as that of taking hormone pills. It all depends on the dose, which is not precisely mentioned in these products.


These supplements are not yet approved by the FDA. Search for any positive reviews from users or medical experts was not encouraging. So we don’t know if they work or if the are safe, apart from claim of manufacturers.

3. Breast Enhancement Diet

Some foods that are rich in phytoestrogens can promote breast growth. The following are the foods rich in phytoestrogens:

  • Avocado
  • flax seeds
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Seafood
  • Soy
  • Parsley
  • sunflower seeds
  • whey protein
  • Alfalfa sprouts


No proof. But common sense says if it is safe one can try it.

4. Hormone Pills for Breast Enlargement:

Since we already know that the secret of female breast development is female hormones, Hormone pills mostly considered as the logical answer to the problem of small breasts.

The hormones that can enlarge female breast include:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Growth hormone


Female Hormone pills are available only on prescription, and research revealed that hormone pills are not prescribed by endocrinologists and Gynecologists, for women and girls who want bigger breasts. Doctors may prescribe hormone pills for irregular periods and infertility treatment but not for breast enlargement.

Here is what Dr Hemamalini ( MD OBGYN ) says “Hormone pills are never prescribed for female breast enlargement because a large dose of the hormone will be required to increase breast size and it would need to be taken forever to keep breast size to stay. This would play havoc with menstrual cycles and will cause a lot of side effects. Hormones taken this way can cause mental issues, obesity and pose severe risks like clotting of blood in the legs which can lead to death. Breast and uterus cancer is a huge risk too.

Hormone pills are being prescribed by quacks and are available online illegally.

5. Breast Exercises for Increasing Breast Size

Some websites recommend the following exercises to lift and firm the breasts:

  1. Floor Push-Ups
  2. Wall Push-Ups
  3. Elevated Push-ups
  4. Dumbbell chest presses
  5. Butterfly Press
  6. Palm pressing
  7. Isometric Chest Contractions
  8. Elbow Extension Exercise
  9. Arm Rotations
  10. Dumbbell Fly
  11. Reverse Dumbbell Fly
  12. Chest Dips
  13. Breaststroke
  14. Chest Pass
  15. Y Raises
  16. Side Serves
  17. Cobra Stretch
  18. Praise Pose Stretch
  19. Rear Lateral Raise
  20. Renegade Row
  21. Chest Dips

Yoga Poses

  1. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  2. Gomukhasana (cow pose)
  3. Ustrasana (camel pose)
  4. Vrikshasana (tree pose)
  5. Dwikonasana


We asked fitness trainer Mrs Manjari, how these exercises helped?

Mrs Manjari says” most of these exercises target pectoral chest muscles and muscles of the upper back. They help develop chest muscles and correct postures. Proper posture helps existing breasts look bigger.”
But can the exercises increase breast size? No, because the breast is not a muscle. Similar activities are recommended to men who have enlarged breasts and who want to reduce breast size. So exercise can help improve posture, but cannot increase breast size we conclude.

6. Breast Massage For Increasing Breast Size

There are parlour and spas that offer breast massage to lift the breasts. They claim that massage increases blood flow and stimulates growth and firmness. But how can massage increase size, when people also offer the same massage to reduce hips and buttock size?


Physiotherapist Dr Reddy said that there is no massage -manual or with machines that can firm breasts.

7. Breast Enlargement Pumps and Brava Bra

Brava Bra is a patented American product using a process known as tissue expansion. In this process, gentle suction will be applied to your breast tissue to promote blood flow and stimulate tissue growth. Your breast skin will be stretched to encourage new tissue growth and eventually increase the size of your breasts.

How Do Breast Enlargement Pumps work?

Breast Enlargement Pumps helps in breast growth in the following ways:

  1. Pumps create tension on the breast area that causes the breast to swell. This tissue enlargement is because of adipose tissues and fats that have been vacuumed into the breast cells.
  2. Pumps allow the mammary glands to enlarge to their maximum potential as well as balances the hormones which can give firm and younger looks.
  3. Pumps assist in the production of collagen as well as new breast tissues. An exercise of this tissue not only enhance the blood supply but also promote the growth of healthy tissues.

Brava Usage: Brava cups are made of plastic and come in different sizes. Doctors advise the correct size and usage. There is a pump attached to it which is very small but constantly works to adjust the suction according to the settings. Brava can be worn under a special custom bra, and daily routine can be maintained, except perhaps chest workouts. Its recommended wearing Brava for at least 12 -24 hrs daily for 3-6 months.


According to a scientific study, ½-1 breast cup size increase was noted by using Brava for 3-6 months. The results diminished after stopping usage but did not disappear. Brava entered the USA market in 2000 and was approved by many plastic surgeons.

Advantages of Brava:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • No surgery or pills

Disadvantages of Brava:

  1. The difficulty is wearing it -it causes skin irritation in some, and many women felt awkward wearing it around
  2. Results modest ½-1 cup size, compared to implants that can increase 2 cup sizes
  3. Expensive

8. Filler Injections For Breast Lift:

Imagine pumping in fluid into the breast and seeing them grow bigger in front of your eyes. That’s what is the concept of filler injections. For any injection to be useful, it would have to be safe and should give lasting results. The normal saltwater saline injection can do it but will get absorbed by the body quickly. Medical grade fillers are popular for face enhancement and anti-aging. Why not for breasts?

Most popular fillers worldwide are cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel fillers. These fillers stay in the body for up to 2 years, and then the body gradually absorbs them. There are other materials too like calcium hydroxyapatite, and polyacrylamide (permanent) and Liquid silicone injections. Last 2 are permanent but unsafe.


Severe side effects have been reported with permanent fillers and liquid silicon. Liquid silicon was used illegally as a filler and has caused deaths even. Hyaluronic acid temporary fillers are on the other hand, safe and FDA approved.

Advantage of using hyaluronic acid filler injections for breast would be a painless, quick procedure with instant results and no downtime. If performed by a plastic surgeon, the filler would be injected in the right plane and chances of any damage to the breast will be negligible.

The downside of filler injection: is they are expensive, and the results are temporary.

9. Threads for Breast Lift :

This procedure does not claim to increase breast size but lifts up the sagging breast, that happens after breastfeeding, with age or weight loss.

These threads are similar to absorbable sutures used during surgery. Material is PDO, and it gets absorbed in the body in 4-6 months. These threads often have anchors or barbs and with the help of long needles they ate are inserted under the skin in strategic directions. When pulled up the skin pulls up. These threads stimulate the production of collagen around them over a period of time which can theoretically make the result last up to a year as claimed by some websites.

The procedure is said to take an hour, and there are no scars or downtime, except perhaps bruising of the skin. Threads are not cheap.


The procedure is not popular, or FDA approved. Most websites promoting it are Chinese or Korean.

10. Botox for Breast Lift:

Botox is one of the brands of purified Botulinum Toxin which is widely used for anti-aging beauty and many other life-saving purposes too. Botulinum toxin injections are done into muscles of the face to relax them and thus give a younger look and reduce wrinkles. The result of Botox lasts 4-5 months and then it is repeated to maintain the effects. There are no side effects of long-term usage of Botulinum toxin injections.


Botox cannot be injected into the breast per se, and unlike filler injections, botox cannot pump up the breast size. Botox can be useful in some cases where there is stooping of shoulders making breasts look small. Botox is injected into the pectoralis minor chest muscle, which is pulling the shoulder inwards. Botox injection relaxes pectoralis minor muscle and allows your back muscles to compensate. This indirectly makes breasts look prominent.
Advantages of Botox Breast Lift :

  • Quick, no downtime
  • Minimal pain

Disadvantages of Botox Breast Lift:

  • Useful only in selected cases
  • Mild improvement
  • Temporary effect up to 6 months
  • Expensive

11. PRP for Breast Lift

PRP is platelet-rich plasma. PRP procedures involve withdrawing 20 ml of your own blood in syringes and putting it in special test tubes called PRP kits and then spinning the test tubes in a centrifuge at specific settings. This process separates plasma from red blood cells, and further processing yields only plasma with blood platelet cells. To be effective plasma should have a certain concentration of platelets.

PRP is a clear yellowish fluid that can be injected into the body for its specific effects. Platelets are rich in growth factors and these growth factors attract wound healing cells and cells that produce collagen. Platelet growth factors can also stimulate stem cells that are dormant cells in the body but are capable of regenerating tissue.


PRP is used for nonhealing ulcers, bone fractures, and dental surgery healing. It is also used to stimulate hair growth and anti-aging. Can PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injection into breasts increase breast size? There is no evidence.


1. Breast Implants:

Breast implants are the most talked about procedure on the internet. Breast implants are the number one plastic surgery for women worldwide. A lot of movie stars and celebrities flaunt it and there are equal numbers of people that trash it and warn against it.

Breast implants are a surgical option and Whoa! It’s the number one plastic surgery for women in the world. There are readymade implants made of silicon that come in different sizes, and they are placed by plastic surgeons behind the breast or chest muscle, through a 4-7 cm incision in the crease below the breast. Implants are silicone gel or saline implants, but Silicon gel implants are the most common.


This is the procedure that stands apart from other options because It’s medically approved and millions of women and even celebrities we know have it and it has been around since the 1960s and getting stronger. We found reputed medical websites (not just those of plastic surgeons) that educate people about it, and that is comforting. But It is surgery, and there are some bad things written about implants as well.

It is performed under general anesthesia. And this insertion of implants in the chest muscles can cause discomfort for some time, and there is a downtime of 2-4 weeks. Like any other surgery, this breast enhancement procedure carries some risks.

Risks of Implants:

  • Bleeding in the breast requires the removal of the breast implant
  • Rupturing of the breast implant
  • Rippling in the case of saline implants,
  • Infection
  • Hardening of the breast tissue surrounding the implant ( capsular contracture)
  • Displacement of the implant
  • Loss of sensation of the nipple

What is the Cost of Breast implants surgery?

Nowadays the majority of patients are considering the breast augmentation cost for choosing the cosmetic clinic nearby or cosmetic medical tourism, a distance-based for their breast enlargement. It is one of the crucial factors.

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According to Dr Priti Shukla, the Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in India

“Hyderabad is the best hub for plastic and cosmetic medical tourism for breast implant surgery in India. All kinds of treatments and cosmetic surgeries are available at an affordable cost for patients from the USA, Africa, Germany, UK, Europe, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and PAN Asia countries.

Benefits of breast augmentation and increasing awareness of breast enlargement without surgery, affordable breast augmentation cost in India also expectable before and after breast augmentation surgery are results in an overall increase in the foreign patients to land on India.

Patient Safety is First … Breast Augmentation Cost Next

More important than the cost of breast implant surgery is the result of surgery and patient safety. A wise selection of breast implant and top breast augmentation surgeon is recommended.

The cost of breast implants varies from person to person and clinic to clinic depending on the various factors, such as:

    • Brand of implant
    • Type of anaesthesia or sedation
    • Qualifications/expertise of the specialist
    • Implant shape, type

Hospital or clinic-based surgery

We decided to ask Dr. Priti Shukla about the real facts of breast implant surgery, and we moved on to the next option which sounds even more interesting – fat injection into the breasts.

2. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat is removed from your body parts that have abundant unwanted fat deposits. This fat is transferred to an area that requires restoration or augmentation. This fat transfer breast augmentation is designed for improving the volume and changing the proportion of your breasts. It is an alternative to breast implants and offers long-lasting results. It can help you:

  • Increase the fullness of your breasts by one cup size
  • Restore contours in cases of unevenness.
  • Balance cases of asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts)

How is the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure Performed?

The fat will be gathered from your own body using a local anesthetic or sedation. When larger volumes are required for breast augmentation, then the fat will be collected from your abdomen and flanks. This is a form of liposculpting where fat is removed from one area and sculpted in another area to change the shape of your body.

A blunt cannula is used to harvest the extracted fat. It is then cleaned, centrifuged, and precisely injected into the breast area. The amount injected will be always more than required because your body reabsorbs 40-50% of the injected fat. The procedure may last for 1-3 hours.

Once the fat is injected, it will survive and become a permanent part of your breast. Typically 50-70 percent of the fat injected becomes a part of the breasts and rest is lost. The fat has to become a part of your breast so that it becomes living tissue.

With traditional breast augmentation, the results may be more obvious.

Some women report that implants look too round, too firm, and generally unnatural. Those interested in having a more natural shape and feeling may find this procedure right for them.

How Long Is The Healing Process?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is mostly performed on an outpatient basis, and patients are discharged on the same day. Results can be seen immediately. However, extensive swelling and bruising will be present for 1-2 weeks.

Advantages of fat transfer breast augmentation:

  • Less invasive with very few complications reported
  • Natural and nothing new is going into you like an implant
  • The permanent procedure with no replacements unlike other breast enhancement treatments
  • Often used in conjunction with traditional breast implants to yield better outcomes.
  • Help smooth wrinkles and reduce unevenness
  • Minimal downtime following the treatment
  • No scarring as no major incisions need to be made

Treatment will be beneficial especially for those who want a

  • A minor increase in breast size.
  • Want a natural alternative to implants
  • The worry of the other risks associated with implants

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfers is considered an alternative to surgical breast augmentation using implants. It may not be suitable for patients with low fat in the body.

How Long Will the Fat Transfer Results Last?

Usually, the results of your breast augmentation will be long-lasting. However, fat transfer breast augmentation has different expectations, including losing or gaining some volume over time.

Your breasts can change because of:

  • Childbirth
  • Aging
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Hormonal factors
  • Gravity

After some years, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, then you can go to other alternatives to breast enlargement to restore a more youthful shape and contour.

Cosmetic Surgeon in Hyderabad

As a part of our research, we had an interview with Dr. Priti Shukla, a well-known board-certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad, India. Dr. Priti Shukla answered all the questions we have about breast augmentation.

Find the Interview with Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in India Hyderabad – Dr. Priti Shukla

What is better for breast augmentation- fat or implants?

Both are good, and each has its advantages and limitations.

Isn’t fat better, being natural from one’s own body?

Autologous Fat transfer into the breast has several advantages:

  • It’s natural, your own fat is removed from some other body part where it is not needed.
  • The procedure is virtually scarless and can be done without anyone knowing in future.
  • Care of breasts after fat injection is the same as care of normal breasts.
  • Liposuction is done to get fat, and it can help shape the body part where there is excess fat.

What is more common for breast augmentation -fat transfer or silicone implants?

All over the world, including in my practice, 90 percent of breast augmentation is by silicon implants except in Japan wherein about 40 percent of cases fat is being used.

There are different techniques for different purposes like:

1.For making the upper nose narrow: In fracturing of nasal bones, pushing them inwards.

2. For removing the hump on Nose: Excess bone/cartilage is shaved off.

3. For elevating the nose Bridge: Silicone implant/cartilage graft is placed on the nose bridge under the skin.

4. For flared nostrils and broad lower nose: Alar excision-small wedges of skin, as shown, are removed to narrow the base of the nose or reduce the width of the nostrils.

5. For the bulky tip: Tip reduction- the cartilages that make the tip, are made smaller and shapely, fat is removed.

6. For tip shaping: Cartilage graft from the septum of the nose or ear is placed inside the tip.

Why are Silicone breast implants more common than augmentation by fat transfer?

Silicon implants have been around for 6 decades and have withstood safety tests and tests of time. Fat transfer technique became available only in the last 2 decades. Silicon implants remain the preferred choice of patients and Top breast augmentation surgeons because fat transfer into breasts has certain limitations.

  • Fat has to be from the body of the same person (autologous) Thin women don’t have enough fat for breast.
  • Fat transfer can give one cup size increase. Women who want more change will need to have multiple settings of surgery.
  • Fat transfer is less predictable than implants. All the fat that is injected does not survive. It’s very dependent on the operator.
  • Fat transfer may be more expensive than implants if more than one sittings are needed.

Does fat transfer into breasts have any risks?

Every surgery has some potential risks, however small. Fat transfer procedure has risks like the failure of fat to survive, lumpiness of breasts, and asymmetry.

Are fat transfer results in breast permanent?

Initially there is some reduction in size in the first couple of months – as swelling of surgery comes down and as dead fat cells shrink. What you see at the end of 3 months is the final result. That fat will grow with weight gain and shrink with weight loss just like normal breasts.

What are the advantages of silicone breast augmentation surgery?

Breast implants indeed are the number one plastic surgery for women. There are several reasons for their popularity:

  • Results can be dramatic
  • Single surgery
  • Daycare surgery with minimal scarring
  • Natural look and feel
  • Breast Aesthetics improve with implants – women who have slightly saggy breasts get lift, those desiring cleavages get that.
  • The procedure has confronted the test of time and close scientific scrutiny over 6 decades of implant usage.

Do Implants look natural? In some pictures of implanted breasts look too big and unnatural?

Implants can look very natural, and no one can tell by the look or feel when done rightly. Implant size should be according to the woman’s chest measurements and the skinfold thickness over the chest. 1-2 cup size increase can be done with a completely natural look. Most pictures of extra large breast implants that are obviously implanted belong commonly to show girls who have different preferences.

How do implants feel?

Implants are soft to firm, and they feel like the young firm breast.With age and breastfeeding normal breasts tend to lose their firm feel. Many women get implants done to regain the firmness, and not just for size increase.

Are implants safe? What are the side effects associated with silicone breast implants?

Every surgery carries some risks. Broadly there are 2 kinds of risks with breast implant surgery- short term (within a month of surgery) and long term (after several years). Immediate risks are the same as any other surgery – like infection, bleeding, risk of anesthesia, and scar. Long-term risks anytime after that can be – capsular contracture and leak of the implant. Both require surgery and a change of implant. These risks are related to breasts and do not affect general health.

Are there any side effects on the body because of silicon implants?

Breast implants are made of a solid silicone shells and filled with silicone gel. Silicon is inert and does not react with the body. A small number of women with implants report symptoms of body pain headache, depression, etc. associated with implants. In such cases, implant removal is offered, and sometimes symptoms are relieved. Fortunately, this is rare.

Is there a risk of breast cancer with silicone implants?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. 1 in 8 women in the west has chance of breast cancer in her lifetime. In India, the risk is less than ⅓ of this. The above information is related to women in general -all women, with or without implants.

Having breast implants does not increase the chances of breast cancer. Monthly breast self-exam and yearly mammogram and breast checkup by the doctor after age 40 is advised for all women with or without breast implants for early diagnosis and treatment.

But there is another kind of rare cancer that can happen in implant capsules – it’s called ALCL.

What is ALCL? Is that a serious problem after silicone implants?

ALCL ( Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma )is a type of lymph cell cancer. Lymphomas usually occur in children and adults, male and female -usually in lymph nodes and any other body part. Four hundred and thirty-seven women in the world who have implants have been diagnosed with ALCL of the breast. A number of patients is small compared to the numbers of women who have implants every year and have had since 6 decades-risk being 1:500000 cases of implants. Risk is higher with textured implants compared to other types.

Smooth implants are safest from the point of view of ALCL according to the latest findings. ALCL is extremely rare, and a low-grade tumor, and usually has symptoms of breast enlargement, hardness, and pain or lump. Treatment is the removal of the implant and its capsule -if detected early. Currently, we are using smooth implants that have the least risk of ALCL.

Are saline implants safer than silicone implants?

No. Both implants are made up of silicon, and the difference is in their filling – saline implants have saline, and silicone implants are filled with silicone gel. Most major complications are the same in both types of implants.

How long can Silicone breast implants can stay in the body?

Silicone breast implants are high-end medical devices and can last 15-20 years. Sometimes there is leakage or rupture of the implant, in which case the implant needs to be replaced. Any woman having implants must be prepared for the possibility of exchange when needed, especially after 10 years. Implant exchange surgery involves the removal of damaged implants and insertion of new ones.

Do Silicone breast implants need to be changed then, every 15 years?

Silicone Breast Implants have no such expiry date. Out of 100 implants, 15 will require to be changed due to leaks in 10 years. In 85 percent of women, implants are intact after 10 years. Even at 15 years more than 50 percent of implants are intact and need not be changed. Other than for leakage, women also may need revision surgery in case of any other complications like – capsular contracture, displacement, etc.

What can women do to have implants with the least risk and maximum safety?

Safety can be ensured by the best care, starting before surgery and continuing after surgery. Here are the things women can do to provide the best outcome and least complications:

  1. Choose the top breast augmentation surgeon and hospital wisely- Check the doctor’s qualifications. In India it is MBBS.MS, Mch in plastic surgery. Choose the most experienced plastic surgeon you can find.
  2. Make a wise investment: Quality comes at a price.
  3. Choose the implant size wisely: Most of the look-related problems after the implants, like – visibility, displacement, etc. come from implants that are too big for the tissues. If you want the safest and longest-lasting natural results – opt for the size your breast augmentation surgeon recommends based on your measurements. It’s possible to above that size, but not in your best interests.
  4. Plan well in advance, and allow the surgeon time to order implants that are perfect for you.
  5. Only maintenance implants need long-term is, regular breast self-exam and report early in case of any change you notice. These simple tips will ensure the longest lasting and safe results of breast implant.

What are the things to look for, and when to consult the doctor after implants?

After the first month of implant surgery implants feel natural, and that is the baseline status. Occasional pain on one side or other, lasting a few minutes is commonly reported during the first 6 months and internal nerves heal. After that implants are totally pain-free, just like the normal breasts, and feel completely natural to touch and women do not feel them as separate from their body. Women with implants should see the plastic surgeon without undue delay in case of any of the following symptoms:

  • Enlargement of breast especially one side more than the other
  • Pain that lasts more than a week
  • Any lump in the breast or in the armpits

Are regular breast scans required in women with implants?

Yearly check up with your plastic surgeon is recommended, even if your breasts don’t have any problem. USG, mammogram, or MRI is advised by the doctor in case of any suspicion only. MRI is best to detect any issues related to implants and is done in case of suspicion of a leak or any other complications. After touching age 40, yearly mammograms as in other women without implants are advisable.

How many women are getting breast implants done?

According to ISAPS worldwide statistics of 2016, based on data collected from ISAPS member plastic surgeons worldwide 354700 women underwent breast augmentation. Breast implants were used in more than 90 percent of cases, and fat transfer in less than 10 percent- Out of the implants less than 5 percent were saline implants, and the remaining were silicone gel implants.

There is an overall increase in breast augmentation over the years. India was ranked 7th worldwide in all breast procedures (including breast reduction), and total breast surgeries performed in India were 90,960. Actual numbers of surgeries overall are higher than in ISAPS statistics because not all plastic surgeons are members of ISAPS and not all members participate in the survey. But the overall picture is above.

Do women travel to Hyderabad to get implants done?

Medical tourism in Hyderabad India is increasing day by day especially for cosmetic surgery with the availability of world-class plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures and the latest technology, zero-waiting, and breast implant at an affordable cost in India.

Is there age restrictions on breast implants? Can teenagers have breast implants?

Yes. Breast implants or fat transfer are used in teenagers under 18 too when needed. It is commonly done for cases of severe breast asymmetry and severe mental distress associated with a flat chest. Commonly breast augmentation is done after 18 years of age otherwise. There is no upper limit of age as such as long as the woman is fit to undergo surgery.

How common is breast augmentation surgery in your practice?

I am in practice for 18 years as a plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, and I get augmentation requests by women about 1 every week. Half of them get the surgery done. Fear of surgery, cost and lack of awareness, lack of permission from family at times stop other women from opting for this procedure.

Can we take a look through your gallery of images?

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What is the best option for breast enlargement for women who do not want surgery?

In one line – there is no reliable and safer option than surgery, that works. No doctor would recommend pills or hormones. They are not safe, nor do they give lasting or sufficient results. Still, a lot of women try everything- pills/creams/massage before realizing it. They also ask for PRP, threads – but PRP does not increase breast size. Threads don’t increase breast size either. They are too weak to hold the breast in a lifted position even.

Fillers are very popular in the face, why not in breasts? That can be a good option.

Hyaluronic acid gel fillers last up to 2 years and are used on the face for lip enhancement and other beautification procedures. But these safe fillers are very expensive and are used only in small quantities on the face. In beast, if they are done the cost will be more than 10 times that of implants, and results will be temporary. That is the limitation.

Is a Brava breast enlargement bra available in India? Does that work?

Brava was launched in early 2000 and it is proven by scientific studies. It did not get very popular because it was not much cheaper and the results were not big enough. Wearing Brava daily for 6 months was cumbersome for many women. It is currently not available in the market.

And how much does the breast implant surgery cost in India?

In India, most plastic surgeons use the same implants that are used in Europe. All implants are imported. The total cost of Breast Implant surgery in India varies from 150000-250000 INR. This price includes the cost of the implant, breast augmentation surgeon fee, and anesthesia fee. When the surgery is performed by the reputed plastic surgeon in a full-fledged hospital it is more, but also a better option.

People from the Gulf, USA, Canada, UK and rest of the world travel to India for breast augmentation because of good quality surgery at less than 30 percent of the price they will pay in their country plus an Indian vacation. Non-resident Indians of course always prefer India.

Thank you, Dr. Priti Shukla, for providing so many answers to girls and women out there. What is your advise for those who want bigger breasts but can’t do surgery?

Be confident, be fit, don’t stop, and do wear the right padded bra if you need it. Do not pin your hope on miracle remedies. Consult a plastic surgeon, to get your doubts cleared. Opt for fat injections into breasts if you vary of implants or scars. And remember do it only for yourself, not to please someone else. You are much more than your breasts.

Breast Augmentation at Ambrosia Clinic

Breast Augmentation surgery is one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures helpful to many mothers and young women. Breast Augmentation surgery is the most effective and quickest technique in the world of cosmetic surgery.

We specialize in all types of breast surgeries and ensure that the outcomes of surgery will boost your confidence and self-esteem that you deserve. Breast augmentation at Ambrosia will be performed by an experienced and fully qualified cosmetic surgeon.

If you are looking for Breast Surgery in Hyderabad, Ambrosia clinic will be your one and only destination. Still thinking about breast enlargement, have a look through our before and after gallery and patient reviews to see some real examples of procedures performed by our cosmetic surgeons.

  1. No discomfort in getting implants
  2. Implants seem natural
  3. Don’t feel like you’re touching a bag
  4. Easy recovery
  5. Scars are hardly noticeable
  6. 100% satisfaction


From our research, we have concluded that breast enlargement without surgery is a fiction. The fact is breast augmentation surgery is the number-one cosmetic surgical procedure, and it’s not worth spending your hard-earned money on these alternatives which cost a pretty penny, some pose health risks, and some methods are not wholeheartedly approved by the scientific community.

Hope you all enjoyed our research on breast enlargement options available for women.

If you are unhappy with your breasts size, we advise that you book a consultation with our highly experienced cosmetic surgeons.

During your consultation, Dr Priti Shukla, India’s best-rated cosmetic surgeon will talk you about the breast enlargement procedure in detail, discuss the size and shape of breasts you wish to achieve and answer your queries if any.

Still feeling inadequate and have any questions on non-surgical breast enlargement, you can contact Ambrosia Clinic.

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