Laser Hair Removal and its Many Advantages:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: The debate on body hair is on track in recent times with celebrities inspiring people to wear body hair with pride. The idea to sport body hair like it’s a no big deal could please some but, what about those people who have abundant body hair to the extent that it looks […]

Laser hair Removal: Putting A Full-Stop On Unwanted Hair!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There’s a new dress that you have bought. You want to try it out. But, the fact that you haven’t groomed your legs is preventing you from wearing it straight away. Then you think about visiting the beauty parlour and get your legs waxed, but the whole idea of pain makes you ditch that idea. […]

Laser Treatments: Here’s How They Make You Beautiful!

Laser Treatments: Here's How They Make You Beautiful!

Laser Treatments: Are you unhappy with the skin you’re in? While some of you must be fretting over those fine lines that give away your age, some might be losing sleep over scars of bygone acne. Some of you might be unhappy with skin pigmentation, while some of you might be looking at ways to […]

Cosmetic Procedures: It’s not always about going under the knife

We are often unhappy with the way we look. For some, it could be the shape of their noses, for others, it could be their hair, or wrinkles, or the sizes of their breasts. Two decades back, this unhappiness would have remained in people’s subconscious, but today, with the advancement of medicine and with the […]

Painless and permanent: Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

Waxing. Threading. Hair Removal Creams. Razors. Pain. Pain. Skin Allergies. Razor Bumps.  Return of the Unwanted Hair.  Hair Reduction Procedures: This is a cycle most of us are familiar with, be it man or woman. Unwanted hair, like the term suggests, is unwanted, and a menace. We’ve all tried diys and temporary fixes, to get […]