Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

Uneven Breasts Rebalance – Are you not satisfied with your breasts? Do you feel uncomfortable because of their size, shape, or sagging? Even worse, do they cause physical pain? Beautiful breasts do not just a matter of size. A qualified cosmetic surgeon can use techniques that tailored to the individual needs of a woman to create a better and more proportionate breast shape. Find out below about the latest developments in breast firming. Due to many factors such as age, hormones, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, genetic makeup, ethnicity or breast implants – a woman’s chest can sag. A breast lift done by an experienced plastic surgeon can improve the patient’s condition making their breasts firmer. If you are a woman who is interested in this operation, you need to know a few essential things about this procedure. It may be challenging to know precisely which method or combination of procedures will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Consultation with a board-certified professional plastic surge on will help you make that choice, get a realistic idea of what can achieve, and tailor treatment to your body and goals. Whether you choose a breast lift, simple breast augmentation, or a combination of both, you can be sure that your breasts will look better . Breast lifting and breast augmentation are cosmetic procedures that change the appearance and size of the breasts. Breast lift helps improve breasts that lose strength and sag when breast augmentation involves implants, the placement of above or below the chest muscles to enlarge the breasts. Together, this procedure changes the appearance and size of the breasts. In this article, you will learn more about this process and what to expect. Sometimes this operation is done together. However, depending on your body and your needs, your doctor may suggest two separate surgeries to give you best result . They are the three most popular cosmetic procedures for women, but people are often confused with breast augmentation, breast lift and a combination of two methods. Let us have a look at this article about them! Breast Lift Surgery Overview:

Uneven Breasts Rebalance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

Breast lifts do not require implants. In a breast lift, existing natural breasts are reshaped by lifting and tightening, thus making them firmer, perkier, and younger-looking. It is an excellent choice for correcting sagging, but by itself does not produce fuller breasts. Women who want to improve sagging and breast volume can do both procedures simultaneously (referred to as augmentation/lift) or gradually, depending on the patient’s circumstances and preferences. Deciding which procedure is best to lift or augmentation is the most appropriate choice that should not take lightly by the patient. Be sure to ask your surgeon and pay attention to what you want to achieve. Make sure you understand what everyone is involved with, what the risks are, and how the situation is improving. In the end, it’s a personal decision – and it’s your decision – but it needs to be informed. What is a Breast Lift?

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

A breast lift restores saggy breasts that are firmer, perkier, and more aesthetic. Not only can this improve the patient’s appearance by restoring the proportion of young women, but it also helps make bras and swimwear more comfortable and attractive. By removing skin that is too loose , reshaping breast tissue and lifting the nipple and areola to a more advanced position, cosmetic surgeons can make the contours of younger breasts. Stretch, the large areola can also be reduced during breast lift surgery, tightening and creating a breast that is proportionate and overall natural-looking. Common Reasons To Choose Breasts Lift Surgery:

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

Restore better breast shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding: Pregnancy can cause some unwanted changes in the chest that are often stretched and sagged. Surgery with or without implants can help reverse these changes and restore a more aesthetic appearance. Improvement of breast shape after a massive loss,: losing weight often means losing breast volume. Breast lifting can help to restore a more proportional form of young breasts by removing excess skin. Enjoy the beautiful and muscular breast shape for the first time. A small number but more and more patients who have breasts lift have had drooping breasts since adolescence. Tightening the breasts can help women get the breast profile that they always wanted. If the nipple is under the fold of inflammation (the fold below the breast) or the nipple is pointing down, lifting the breast is the most effective way to achieve a higher appearance. The position of the nipple and overall shape of the breast is part of the evaluation process during the first breast surgery consultation at the clinic. How Does Breast Lift Surgery Fix Breast Asymmetry?

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

Breast lift is a corrective surgery that changes the position of the breast so that it is higher in the chest area. It is common for women who experience weight changes or who are pregnant and breastfeeding to need this surgery. Women with more extensive and dense breasts may also feel sagging due to gravity. You may have noticed that your bigger breasts are sagging and you want to lift them then breast lift procedure helps you. Breast Lift Procedure:

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

The surgeon performs breast lifting with different procedures . The technique that a doctor uses depends on the size and shape of the breasts and how much you need. Before surgery, your surgeon may ask you not to take certain medicines. It includes medications such as aspirin, which thin your blood. If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking about four weeks before the procedure. Smoking can interfere with your body’s ability to recover after surgery. It can cause serious wound healing problems, such as loss of nipples or breast skin. In general, breast lift surgery involves the following steps:
  • Patient breast are marked in an upright position by the surgeon to determine the location of the newly lifted nipples on the breast.
  • You are given an anaesthetic to relieve your pain then you will sleep during the operation. It is called the general anaesthesia.
  • A surgeon makes an incision around the areola. The incision usually extends down to the chest, from the lower border of the areola to the crease. It may extend along the sides of the areola. But this cut is only skin deep and areola is attached to milk glands still .
  • The surgeon will reshape your breasts. The surgeon then moves your areola to the correct position of the new breast shape and can also reduce its size.
  • The surgeon removes extra skin to make your breasts look firmer
  • Finally, the surgeon closes the wound with stitches, thread, skin adhesive or surgical tape.
  • As a rule, surgeons try to place wounds in less visible areas of the breast. You may want to have breast implants together with breast removal.
Breast Augmentation Surgery Overview:

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves inserting salt or silicone implants into the breast to increase its size and shape. This procedure is suitable for women who want to have fuller or more symmetrical breasts, or for women whose breasts must be more proportionate to their body shape. To some extent, an increase can also contribute to sagging. After choosing this option, you must decide what type of implant you want to use next. Silicone implants provide a natural and better feel for most women because they can help change the underlying chest plate (the area of the chest where the breast is located) and not only its size, but also the shape of the breast. Saline implants (rarely used) are right for women who avoid silicone implants and naturally have perfect breasts that only require full-size adjustment. What is Breast Augmentation?

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

It is also referred to as breast enlargement, mammoplasty, or breast implantation. Breast augmentation surgery will increase or restore breast size using silicone implants, saline implants or, in some cases, fat transfer. Breast enlargement is one of the most popular and most often performed cosmetic surgeries and has a long and successful track record. It satisfies women who want to improve, regain or restore their breast. When To Consider Breast Augmentation?

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

  • If you need a body figure that is more proportionate to the body
  • If you want your clothes to be more fitting
  • If you think you can get self-esteem through such a procedure
  • If pregnancy, weight loss or ageing have affected the size and shape of your breasts
  • To restore symmetry when one of your breasts is smaller than the other
Breast augmentation surgery is the most appropriate procedure. By placing implants to increase total breast volume, a fuller and firmer shape can achieve by the patient. How Does Breast Enlargement Improve Uneven Breasts?

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

You can assume that breast augmentation is only for women who want bigger or rounder shape breasts. However, did you know that it can also solve breast problems that are different in shape or size? Ambrosia Clinic certified plastic surgeon can help you choose breast implants to solve your problem. For example, if one of your breasts is small and the other is large, you can only choose to implantation into smaller breasts. Or you want your surgeon to place smaller implants in one breast and large implants in the other breast. The results are balanced. Breast Augmentation Procedure:

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

The operation gets done under general anaesthesia and usually takes about one and a half hours. There are several options for surgical cutting:
  • Inframammary (fold under the breast)
  • Transaxillary (armpit)
  • Periareolar (the area around the nipple)
The type of incision depends on the type of implant, the level of enlargement, your specific anatomy and the preferences of the patient/surgeon. Make sure you discuss options for incisions with your surgeon. The surgeon usually puts the implant into an incision directly behind the chest, because this gives the most natural results. However, if you do not have enough skin and breast tissue to cover the implant, your surgeon may recommend placing the implant behind the breast muscles. Be sure to discuss the complications of implant placement with a surgeon. Breast Lift With Breast Augmentation:

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

In some cases, breast lift with a combination of breast augmentation may need to be done to get maximum results. Women who lose volume but also have significant overhangs that cause a droopy appearance must return the size with the implant and tighten the shape to create a perfect shape. The implant itself will only produce a larger droopy shape. A breast lift without implants will provide the right size but disproportionate. These procedures complement each other and give the patient the best result. What to Expect After Breast Surgeries?

Uneven Breasts? Re-Balance With Breast Lift Or Augmentation

Breast surgery is an outpatient procedure performed when you are anaesthetized. You need someone you trust to take you home and care for you during the first 24 hours of your recovery. You need to schedule at least a week before work to recover. You also need to wear a surgical bra explicitly designed to help the breast heal. Please do not do the dense and heavy lifting for four weeks after surgery. The most common side effects of breast surgery are swelling, bruising, and pain. If you feel uncomfortable, you can treat it with painkillers. Doctors will provide you detailed instructions for your incision and when you return for a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. Please follow these instructions carefully to achieve optimal results and a smoother healing process. Conclusion The main difference between the two methods is that breast augmentation is intended to increase breast volume through silicone implants or saline while breast lift is to lift and restore the breast shape. Most of the women get confused to understand which procedure is right for them. Considering Which procedure depends on the patient’s requirement, and an experienced doctor suggests which one is the best. Although breast asymmetry often occurs in women, that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Fortunately, there are surgical solutions to adjust the appearance of an unbalanced breast. At the Ambrosia Clinic, our cosmetic surgeons have years of experience in breast surgery and ensure you get the highest level of safety and exceptional results. To begin with, breast surgery, contact us today at 90149 01020 to schedule a consultation. We guide you through all the options so that you can make the best decision for your breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 – Can it be done?

Are you suffering from inverted nipples? Then you are not alone, approximately 2% of women in India suffering from inverted nipples. However, inverted nipples are not a normal health condition because it can be a sign of severe medical health problems too. This condition often has an adverse impact on women’s self esteem, sexuality and their ability to breastfeed.

Breast surgery in India is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for aesthetic appearance for both men and women. Nowadays, many people are young, adults are preferring for breast reduction, male breast reduction, breast implant, breast augmentation, breast enlargement for boosting their self-image, confidence and physical appearance.

Many women and men today desire treatment for inverted nipples to overcome its adverse effects. If you are the one opting for inverted nipple correction surgery, then our article on Nipple Correction Surgery is for you. Keep reading to know everything about Inverted Nipples Correction Surgery from the Top Indian Women Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Priti Shukla.

Inverted Nipples – What It Is?

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

(Pic Credit: FactDr)

The nipples that retract into the breasts are known as inverted nipples. They can be found both in men and women. They can occur either in one or both nipples. They can also be caused due to several underlying conditions and could be a sign of severe medical problem too. An inverted nipple causes difficulty in breastfeeding and often interferes with sexuality. Women with inverted nipples are more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

Nipple inversion in women can be either congenital or acquired. Almost 9 to 10% of women will have at least one inverted nipple. In some cases, the nipples may get inverted temporarily due to changes in temperature and simulation. In such cases, nipples acn reverse after sometime (after change in temperature and simulation). However, some nipple inversions are permanent and and be corrected only with the surgery.

Why to Consider Inverted Nipple Correction?

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

Inverted nipples are a common source of concern and feeling self-conscious. The nipples are made up of two parts namely nipples and areola. The projected part is called nipple and is connected to the tissues underlying the breast by means of tiny tubes called ducts.

Nipple inversion occurs when these ducts are too short, imbalance in muscle traction, and pull the nipple inwards causing the nipple to remain retract. It is important for the entire breast to be examined carefully for nipple inversion because it can also be a sign of an underlying cancer.

Inverted nipples can be congenital which is absolutely normal condition and does not require treatment. But when the inversion in nipples appears after the age of 30, then it is absolutely abnormal and should be checked for immediately.

Inversion in later stages can be because of Paget’s disease of the breast. It is a rare kind of cancer affecting the milk ducts and the nearby tissues. Some other reasons resulting in later stage inversions include infection of the mammary ducts, fat necrosis, or other kinds of infections.

Inverted Nipples and Levels Of Inversion

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

Inverted nipples is a condition in which your milk ducts becomes too short to allow the nipple to protrude. It may also happen when the tissues in your nipple becomes inflamed. It is mostly seen after the pregnancy, so there will be a loss of tissues. The levels of inversions are of 3 types.

Three Levels Of Inversion:

Nipple inversions are usually of 3 types. One being named “Shy”, as it has a lower level of inversion, responding to temperature and simulation. The other 2 inversions remains inverted all the time as they see the tissue reconstruction or scarring.

1st Degree – The nipple rises and maintains the shape with a gentle press on the areola, In the case of the first degree, breastfeeding is not usually impeded. This form of the nipple inversion is considered to be more aesthetic than other 2 grades of inversion.

2nd Degree – In this grade, you can pull the nipple out but not as that of level one. There will be little difficulty in retaining the extracted nipple projection along with a tendency to concavation. Breastfeeding is possible, but it with the lower impedance.

3rd Degree – This level involves severely inverted nipples, which can be pulled out through a surgery. Breastfeeding is highly impossible, because you may have an infection, irritation or bruising in the nipple area.

Usually, the first and second level of inversions doesn’t require surgery. However, the only way to treat third grade inverted nipples surgery is needed. However, the method of treatment of inverted nipples will be recommended by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon only after the thorough assessment of a case. The treatment for inverted nipples largely depends on the degree of nipple inversion.

Once the necessity to perform the correction is determined, it can be performed with either of the procedures including breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, and plastic surgery of the inverted nipple.

Ideal Candidates for Inverted nipple plastic surgery:

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

As with many cosmetic surgeries, candidates

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Neither breastfeeding nor pregnant
  • It is not for young women whose breasts have not yet fully developed.
  • Not intending to become pregnant in the future because it may prevent you from being able to breastfeed.

If you have developed inverted nipples later in life, then there is a chance that the effects of the corrective surgery may not be permanent. For those who are concerned about the symmetry of their breasts, it is important to note this surgery may result in slightly uneven nipples.

Candidates who are not ideal patients for nipple surgery are as follows:

  • Smokers who are unwilling to quit before and after surgery due to smoking’s impact on skin healing
  • Those who have not maintained a stable, healthy weight
  • Patients who have unrealistic expectations about surgery

Nipple Augmentation
Nipple Augmentation is a corrective surgery to alter the size, shape and appearance of nipple. Women with asymmetrical and highly disproportionate breasts desire to have this type of surgery. It can be combined with other breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery or breast enhancement procedure.

Nipple Augmentation is performed under local anaesthesia using fillers. The fillers can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary nipple augmentation involves use of hyaluronic acid injections. These fillers has an ability to add volume to the lips or other areas, and help nipple projections as well. The permanent surgery may involve incisions to make necessary corrections.

Nipple Augmentation After 30’s

Age is of no factor in case of plastic and reconstructive surgeries. However, the beauty of breast augmentation and nipple augmentation can be achieved when performed on women over 30.

Age doesn’t matter and you can undergo nipple or breast augmentation, if you are in good health and have realistic expectations about the procedure. If you want to feel more confident in your 30’s too, then book a free consultation now.

The Pros of Nipple Surgery:

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

The benefits of surgical procedures to correct problems with the nipples and areola can be manifold:

  1. Improved intimate relationships due to patients no longer being self-conscious of their breast area
  2. Increased self-esteem and confidence
  3. The potential to experience successful breastfeeding after surgical correction of inverted nipples

Nipple surgery can be a positive experience for patients who may have felt a lifetime of embarrassment due to the appearance of their chest. Getting a Consultation with an expertise, well-qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon who understands your needs is the first step in the journey.

“Inverted nipple is a very common condition that has been said to affect 10 – 20% of Indian women. Individuals with flat or depressed nipples are Good candidates for inverted nipple correction in Hyderabad India. Correction of inverted nipple can be performed alone or along with other breast nipple eversion procedures”. – Dr Priti Shukla, Specialist Consultant for Male Breast Reduction in Hyderabad

In the words of Dr Priti Shukla, Top Indian Women Plastic Surgeon based in Hyderabad:

“Inverted nipple corrective surgery has a high success rate and it can improve confidence and self esteem. It’s an outpatient procedure, patients can go home directly after the surgery. If you’re self-conscious about inverted nipples and believe that plastic surgery may be your best option, schedule a consultation to learn more about the procedure and whether it would be appropriate for your situation.

We are living in cosmetic procedures age for our natural beauty and physical appearance enhancement”.

There’s no age limit to feeling confident! Get started at a free consultation.

Will Breast Implants Correct Inverted Nipples?

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and sought after plastic surgery procedures today. It can help improve the size and shape of your breasts. It often creates more shapely, symmetrical and well-proportioned figure.

If a woman has one or both inverted nipples and she wants to undergo breast implant surgery, naturally she may want to know whether the surgery can correct the appearance of her nipples. A dedicated surgeon with vast experience will note this concern and provide her an accurate answer after a detailed examination.

If the cosmetic surgeon determines that a minor level of inversion in the nipples has occurred due to a loss of breast volume, then this condition may be corrected with breast implant surgery.

If you are ready to take the first step towards the beautiful, feminine figure you’ve always wanted, contact Hyderabad’s best plastic surgeon Dr Priti Shukla today!

Causes of Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples may occur due to multiple causes, such as.

  • Congenital disorders
  • Trauma resulting from fat neurosis, scars, or surgery
  • Breast sagging, and drooping
  • Ptosis
  • Breast carcinoma
  • Paget’s disease
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Breast abscess
  • Mastitis
  • Weaver syndrome
  • Mammary duct ectasia
  • Gynecomastia
  • Recurrent infections
  • Tuberculosis

Signs of Inverted Nipples

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

If you have retracted nipples since birth, then it may not cause any severe harm, but if the conditions occur all of a sudden, then see your doctor immediately. Inverted nipples may indicate severe health problems also. Seek immediate medical help, if you experience any of these symptoms of inverted nipples.

  • A swelling on the nipple
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Irritation or redness around the areola
  • Nipple discharge

Diagnosis and Testing

If you suspect that you have any of these symptoms, then it’s time to see a Beast Specialist in Hyderabad. He or she will examine all your symptoms and help you with diagnosis of retracted nipples. If you are not sure of best breast specialist in Hyderabad, then we Ambrosia Clinic can help you with the best breast surgeons practicing in Hyderabad, India.

At Ambrosia Clinic, Dr. Priti Shukla diagnoses and treats retracted nipples. During your initial visit, she will not all your symptoms and medical history. She also conducts a thorough examination of your nipples as well as breasts. As a part of physical examination, she may order fewer imaging tests such as.

  • Diagnostic Mammogram
  • Sonogram
  • MRI
  • Needle Biopsy (if cancer is suspected)

Treatment Options for Inverted Nipples
Dr. Priti Shukla doesn’t always recommend surgery for inverted nipples. However, surgery is needed when the underlying causes of inverted nipples are suspected to be harmful. The treatment options available at Ambrosia Clinic for inverted nipples include:

Treatment for Inverted nipples in Women and Men

1. Non-Surgical Correction: Inverted Nipple Plastic Surgery

Nonsurgical correction would be the best option when the level of inversion is lower. In this technique, the surgeon uses suction devices to fix inverted nipples. During the procedure, your surgeon uses the suction devices to put pressure on the nipples. However, this technique can give only temporary results and the nipples will retract when the simulation ceases.

2. Inverted Nipple Surgery: Inverted Nipple Procedure – Step by Step Procedure

Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

Nipple surgery would be the perfect treatment option for the candidates who are looking for a permanent fix for retracted nipples. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes around 30 minutes. It is a simple and minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon makes smaller incisions just below the nipple. Now the surgeon removes the ducts that are tethering your nipples. You may have some pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Nipple surgery is the permanent fix. However, you should note that you will no longer be able to breastfeed following the procedure. Because in this procedure, the incisions made just below the nipple are closed using sutures that dissolve as well as hold the nipple in place. However, the surgeon may also use some protective devices to hold the nipple in its place.

Post-Surgical Care for Nipple Correction Surgery

  1. Avoid severe physical exertion after the surgery
  2. Dressing should be changed every 2-3 days
  3. You are allowed to shower only after 3 days from the surgery
  4. In case of nonabsorbable sutures, the sutures has to be removed after 10-14 days
  5. Make sure that you are aware of post surgical effects because after the procedure you will not be able to breastfeed and loss sensitivity in nipples

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery Procedure @ Ambrosia Clinic Hyderabad

Inverted nipple surgery: At Ambrosia ClinicFact Information
Length of surgery30-60 minutes
AnaesthesiaGeneral or local anaesthetic
Hospital stayDay case
Risks/complications of surgery

Frequent: Bruising, swelling

Infrequent: Infection, bleeding (haematoma), delayed wound healing, nipple necrosis, asymmetry, scarring, inability to breastfeed, recurrence

  • 2 -5 days until socialising with close friends and family
  • 2-5 days until return to work and normal social engagements
  • 4 weeks until swelling and bruising fade away
  • 3-4 weeks until performing gym and other strenuous activities
  • 3-6 months until final result
Sleeping position after surgerySleep on your back
Follow up1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months
TreatmentAsk Dr Priti Shukla today! Book Appointment now!
Call To Schedule A Complementary Consultation with Dr Priti ShuklaToday +91 90149 01020 (WhatsApp: +91 9291565930)

Patients Reviews for Inverted nipple plastic surgery:

“My results went beyond expectations and I met all my needs. I am elated!” – Post-Op Patient, Ambrosia Clinic, Banjarahills Road no 12.

Schedule Your Nipple Correction and Breast Augmentation Consultation now!

If you are thinking about breast augmentation surgery or nipple correction surgery, do not hesitate to contact Ambrosia Clinic, Hyderabad India. At Ambrosia Clinic, Our skilled surgeons are expertise in all plastic and cosmetic procedures including body sculpting, breast, skin, facial and vaginal rejuvenation specialities and treatments.

Can You Get Inverted Nipple Surgery and Breast Augmentation At The Same Time.

Yes. Breast augmentation and nipple correction can be performed at the same time. Although nipple inversion can be treated during the course of breast augmentation, our surgeons highly recommend you to do this procedure as a second procedure after breast augmentation. The reasoning is that the presence of a breast implant can improve nipple inversion.

Breast augmentation changes the anatomy of your nipple areola. The second procedure on the nipple areola region after the breast augmentation surgery could possibly lead to other complications such as infections, scarring, bruising, allergy and pain.

Why Have Inverted Nipple Surgery with Breast Augmentation?

Nipple correction surgery is a fairly simple procedure with immediate visible results and very little downtime. If you are planning to have breast augmentation surgery and want to correct your nipples at the same time, you can have both procedures done at once.

But, Dr. Priti Shukla usually doesn’t prefer both procedures done at once. The reason is breast augmentation will affect the tissues underneath your nipple and may autocorrect inverted nipples without any surgery.

Benefits of Nipple Correction Surgery include:

  • Larger and natural looking breasts
  • Beautifully erect nipples that complement your new breasts
  • Symmetrical, nicely shaped breasts with symmetrical, nicely shaped nipples

Beautiful breasts deserve beautiful nipples, and our patients find that nipple correction surgery with their breast augmentation boosts their self-confidence and also enhances their overall quality of life. Most patients with inverted nipples who opt for corrective surgery are very satisfied with their decision and our treatment.

What Is the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is most popular with Hyderabad women in their 18 to 35s and more in few people. The simple answer to “Is there an age limit for breast implants” is, There is not an upper age limit for breast implants. There are many factors that determine who is a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery and age is just one factor.

Breast augmentation should not be performed before physical and mental maturity. Patients seeking breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons should wait until puberty is complete and an adult physique has been attained.

You should be able to explain to the surgeon your reasons for seeking the surgery, and what you hope to have as an outcome in terms of breast size, shape, texture, and what scars you are willing to tolerate to get this outcome.

Cost of Nipple Correction Surgery With Breast Augmentation

The cost of your inverted nipple surgery with breast augmentation vary depending on a number of factors, including the degree of your nipple inversion and the complexity of your procedure. Further, the cost vary from person to person depending upon the level of inversion and other underlying factors.

Many insurance companies may provide coverage for the costs incurred as a part of Nipple Correction Surgery. However, it is your responsibility to check whether your insurance company provides coverage for hospital fees and other associated costs.

To know the exact cost of breast augmentation and inverted nipple correction surgery in Hyderabad, call us at +91 90149 01020. We will be happy to provide you an exact quote during your consultation. Get your Breast and Nipple Augmentation Before or After 30. There’s no age limit to feeling confident! Get started at a free consultation.


Retracted nipple is a normal condition. But in rare instances, it can be a sign of severe underlying conditions such as breast cancer. So, see a doctor immediately, if your nipples gets retracted or inverted suddenly. Nipple Correction Surgery can help you improve your self esteem, confidence, and overall quality of life.

Hopefully we have covered everything about Nipple Correction Surgery. If you have any additional questions about the procedure, please feel free to contact us now. We would be happy to address all your concerns.

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Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Surgery, Post Age 30 - Can it be done?

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Top 11 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you planning for a breast augmentation surgery in Hyderabad? Have you heard a lot of things bad , good and scary ? That means you need to understand all the myths and facts revolving around breast augmentation surgery to make a more informed decision about the procedure. Knowing the myths and facts can help you through the process.

Keeping this in view, Dr. Priti Shukla, Best Female Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in India aims at sharing some myths and facts about the breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

Top 11 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Augmentation mammoplasty, also known as breast augmentation is a surgery to increase breast size and a way to feel confident. In this procedure, the breast implants or fat transfer under the breast tissue or chest muscles will be made to improve the appearance of women breasts.

Studies reveal that nearly 400,000 women and teenagers are undergoing breast enlargement surgeries. The popularity for the breast implants has reached peaks in the past 20 years, due to its success rates and instant results.

Top 11 Myths and Facts about Breast Augmentation Surgery

Top 11 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Here are the few myths and facts about breast augmentation surgery.

1. Myth: The Result Of Breast Augmentation Surgery is Same For All.

Fact: Everyone is different; the breasts and tissues of no two women are alike. Therefore, the results of the breast augmentation surgery differ from one to another, depending on several factors such as size, skin condition, implant placement, and patients desired look. All these factors hold the potential to influence the results of breast enlargement surgery.

2. Myth: Breast Augmentation Procedure is Simple.

Fact: Breast enlargement is a part of art and science. To perform the breast augmentation, the surgeon must think artistically. Though all the surgical techniques are advanced, only the trained and experienced plastic surgeons can help you achieve beautiful, natural results.

Cosmetic surgeons with a primary interest in cosmetic surgery feel the method simple. So choose the board-certified and qualified plastic surgeons who can provide you with your desired results. Talk to Dr. Priti Shukla now!!

3. Myth: Breast Augmentation Affects Breastfeeding.

Fact: It is one of the most common myths related to breast surgery. Many rumors are in the air that patients with breast augmentation surgery will lose their ability to breastfeed. This is due to their inability or fear of transferring dangerous chemicals to the baby. Both are false statements.

There is currently no medical evidence that breast augmentation surgery affects breastfeeding. Breast implants affect breastfeeding rarely. However, Dr. Priti Shukla of Ambrosia Clinic, Hyderabad assures you that your breast implants do not interfere with breastfeeding, and you can safely do so.

4. Myth: Breast Augmentation Breasts Seems Fake.

Fact: Breast augmentation surgery if done correctly, will not produce a breast that looks unnatural. Precise positioning of implants or fat transfer can help you achieve the natural and appealing looks. According to Dr. Priti Shukla, choosing a proper material, realistic size, and method of the placements are essential for a natural-looking breast.

5. Myth: Excessive Bruising After Breast Augmentation

Fact: Almost 98% of the patients do not experience bruising after breast augmentation. However, the bruise mostly results from bleeding under the skin. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will take all the necessary precautions to eliminate internal bleeding.

6. Myth: Bigger Breasts Are Better

Top 11 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fact: The main goal of breast implants is to enlarge your breasts, but the bigger ones aren’t necessarily better. Everything has a size that fits your body. Larger breast implants tend to sag with age and may require surgery in the future. Your age, body type, and tissue can affect your implant’s long-term results. Therefore, plastic surgeons do not recommend it and recommend a target size that is proportional to your body type and fits your personal lifestyle.

7. Myth: Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Too Risky.

Fact: Every surgery involves some risk, but breast implantation does not pose a higher risk than other cosmetic surgeries. Whether it lifts your butt or stomach, the risk is almost the same. If you are worried, talk to your surgeon. They discuss with you what you can do to reduce your risk, such as: For example, quitting smoking and improving your overall health.

8. Myth: Breast Enlargement Recovery Will Be Long And Painful.

Top 11 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fact: Recovery from surgery has never been more natural, but the restoration of breasts has turned out to be very easy. Some women say that recovery from removed wisdom teeth is more complicated than breast augmentation!

Most women report little pain which fades away with painkillers prescribed by their doctor. The hardest part of recovery is limiting physical activity to give the time for the breast to heal.

9. Myth: Women Are Often Not Satisfied With The Results.

Top 11 Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fact: Not at all, and what they say proves it! Most of the patients, 96% of people with breast implants say their procedure is beneficial. 84% of women who experience breast augmentation with fat transfer also satisfied with this procedure.

10. Myth: For Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer Procedure Doesn’t Work All The Time.

Fact: Of course, it’s not true! The truth is just the opposite. If you experience breast enlargement with fat transfer, about 50% of the fat transferred remains for a lifetime. This process provides lasting results.

11. Myth: All Breast Augmentation Surgeries Are The Same.

Fact: Every operation has its procedure and different because every woman is different. Your body’s type, age, purpose, and needs are things your surgeon will consider when performing surgery.

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The above mentioned are the most common myths and facts revolving around breast augmentation surgery. Fair to say, breast augmentation surgery doesn’t guarantee the results. However, around 98% of women with breast augmentation are satisfied with the outcomes of the procedure. If you are planning for breast augmentation in Hyderabad, Meet Dr. Priti Shukla today!

Plan a consultation today with an experienced and certified plastic surgeon in India Dr. Priti Shukla, at Ambrosia Clinic and remember that you have a choice! We will work with you to make sure the process you choose is right for you.

Obsessed with being “Perfect” – Improve Your Body’s Contour With Breast Implants

Body’s Contour With Breast Implants

A smart beauty guide to enhance your look.

Breast Implants: Beauty is an unavoidable aspect of life that all humans look for. Inner beauty is the definitely most important, but physical beauty makes a person look presentable and attractive. A well defined physical appearance depends on the symmetry and right proportions of the body.

Women are beautifully designed with an amalgamation of curves and tenderness. But there are some who might require an enhancement procedure to look a bit more fuller. Breast Implants work wonders for those women out there!

Breast Implants: Here we have more about Breast Implants and their types. If you too are looking for a breast enhancement, this might be an icing on the cake, because Breast Implants are undoubtedly safe and will make you love yourself more.

What are breast implants? 

Breast implants are medical prosthetics used to change the size and shape of a woman’s breast. Implants are positioned behind the breast tissue during a breast enhancement surgery, to enlarge the appearance of the breast.

A subtle change or a drastic difference can be achieved through breast implants. Many women opt breast implants to enhance the appearance of breasts by a breast augmentation surgery.

What are the types of breast implants available? 

Breast implants provide the perfect shape and size of breasts many women wish for. Developments in science and technology have introduced numerous options in breast implants. Women can choose from the many options available to achieve desired shape and sizes of their breasts with the help of a skilled plastic surgeon.

There are a variety of breast implants, which are used in breast augmentation procedures:

types of breast implants

Saline Implants: Saline Implants consist of sterile salt water which gives the breasts a desired shape and size. The amount of saline substance present in the silicone shell determines the size, shape and firmness of the breast implant.

Silicone Gel Implants: Silicone Gel Implants are filled with the silicone gel which feels and looks more natural like a breast.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: In gummy bear breast implants, the consistency of the silicone gel present inside the implant is normally thicker as compared to the silicone gel implants. Gummy bear implants tend to be more tapered towards the bottom and has more projection in the lower part of the implant.

Round Breast Implants: These type of implants make the breasts aesthetically fuller compared to stable breast implants.

Smooth Breast Implants: Smooth breast implants have a thinner shell, these implants feel softer and move freely within the constructed breast pocket. This gives the breast a natural movement. Smooth breast implants also last longer.

Textured Breast Implants: Textured implants are made of a textured shell which is much firmer and stiffer than smooth breast implants. Textured implants are also used to replace implants after capsular contractions. Capsular contractions are breast augmentation complications. These complications develop when internal scar tissue forms a tight or compressing capsule around the breast implant. The result of the contractions is that the implants become hard and stiff.

Soya Bean Oil filled Breast Implant: This type of implant contains soya bean based oil lipid which is used as the filler material in the implant. Shells of these breast implants are same as the silicone shell which is used in other types of breast implants.

Choosing the right surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon

It is important to research about the plastic surgeon when you are considering a breast augmentation surgery. Choosing a plastic surgeon, who has experience in performing breast augmentation surgeries is very important.

What should be discussed during a consultation? 

  • Why you want a breast augmentation, your specific expectations and desired look
  • Discuss any medical conditions, drug related allergies and any previous medical treatments
  • If you are using any medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Any family history of breast cancer, previous mammogram results and biopsies.
  • How to care for your breasts post surgery
  • Which medications to apply or to take orally
  • When should you follow-up with your doctor

Discussing in detail during the consultation will help the surgeon evaluate your general health, any pre-medical conditions and risk factors. It is advised for every patient to be comfortable and open with the doctor. This will help the surgeon to understand and consider all aspects before a breast augmentation surgery is performed.

Whether you choose a silicone or saline breast implant, it is advised to take care of your breast implants and follow up with your plastic surgeon for check-ups. It is possible for anyone to enhance their breasts to achieve fullness and improve the symmetry of the breasts.

We hope our blog has helped you in understanding about breast implants and the types of breast implants which are available. If you have any queries regarding the following feel free to book an appointment via phone or through our website www.ambrosiaclinic.com. Our renowned surgeons and staff would be glad to assist you with any doubts or concerns.

About Clinic and Doctor

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Choosing the Right Size Breast Implants

Breast Implants: You have the most important role to play in choosing the right implant size, because its your body and no one knows more than you, what you want. Leaving the decision entirely to your plastic surgeon is may lead to possible future disappointment. So how do you know what implant size would look best on you? Female breasts come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Breasts should be generally in proportion with your body and equal to or slightly less than your hip size. Personal preference, culture, trends, lifestyle, dressing style, hobbies and profession are some other variables that will determine the size chosen by you. Women usually have a good idea about how they want to look like but they are not able to effectively convey it to plastic surgeon. They are commonly referring to their bra size as 30, 33 inches etc without knowing their cup size which is more important because only cup size changes after breast augmentation. So basically there is communication gap leading to confusion. Knowing your present breast size is the first step. You should know both your band size and cup size. Roughly A cup is 236 cc, B cup 384cc, C cup 621cc and D cup 798 cc. Average woman seeking breast augmentation is A or B cup and wants to be enhanced to C or D . Breast implants are available from less than 100 cc to more than 1000 cc size. Most commonly used implants are 250-450 cc. A 150-200 cc implant will enhance the breast by one cup size. This can be further confirmed by trying sizer implants inside the bra that you would like to wear after surgery. You can show also the doctor some pictures of women (from magazine/net) whose breasts you like. You can request the doctor for seeing pictures of patients with implants of various sizes                      Read More:   Complete Guide for Breast Implants Surgery, Benefits and it’s Cost Plastic surgeon will then assess your tissue elasticity and chest wall measurements to determine whether the tissues will allow the size you have chosen to be inserted. The placement of implant whether below or above the muscle also will affect the choice of size. The pocket under the muscle being tight usually does not allow very large implants. While inserting the implants through areola, if areola is small then very large silicon implant can not be inserted. Larger implant can be inserted through inframammary incision in the breast crease. Implants are available in round and teardrop shape, low, medium and high profiles. Your surgeon can help you choose the best one for you based on your tissue characteristics, measurements and breast shape. Choosing the right implant is important. Studies have shown that most common cause of second surgery after breast augmentation is woman seeking to change her implant size. This can be avoided by choosing the right size carefully. Its advised to try the sizer implants and check yourself in full length mirror from all angles with and without clothes. Some women are apprehensive about looking too big and therefore choose smaller implants. Not uncommonly, after surgery they get used to the new breast size they find it small and want bigger implants. Hardly any woman complains about being too big after surgery I therefore suggest my patients to err on the side of bigger size. Choosing the right implant carefully is the best way of avoiding disappointment and secondary surgery. The post Choosing the Right Size Breast Implants appeared first on Ambrosia Clinic – Dr. Priti Shukla.