This Valentine’s Day, Fall In Love With Yourself!

Fall In Love With Yourself
What’s the first thing that strikes you when February arrives?
Valentine's Day
That’s it’s the month to celebrate love. This is the time when most of you put on your thinking caps and figure out:

  • Who will your Valentine be? (Well, congratulations, if you already have an answer, and good luck if you are still looking for one!)
  • How will you surprise your significant other?
  • Where will you take your date?
  • What will you wear?

In this midst, you pray to the big gun up there to bless your face with all the charm and glow that He could possibly bless you with, right? After all, you certainly would want to look good on your Valentine’s Day date, wouldn’t you?
Now, how many of you are happy with the way you look?
Be honest.
Most of you stand in front of the mirror and go:
“Ugh, I hate my nose.”
“Oh, that sad little acne scar. It makes me look away!”
“I wish my lips were fuller!”
Some of you might even feel that you hate the way you look.
If you can relate to the above statements, then this is a blog you should read.
None of us is perfect. All of us have flaws, with some having more prominent ones, while others have flaws that can be camouflaged. Correct? You could be unhappy about the colour of your skin, or about the size of your breasts, which ultimately pushes you to dislike a tiny little fragment of who you are.
Now, spare a thought. All through the month, and mostly round the year, your efforts are directed at showering love over people, especially your significant other. You do that, while disliking a bit of yourself. Wouldn’t it make sense for you to attempt to love yourself, just the way you are, or put efforts to change what you don’t like?
As a cosmetic surgeon who has seen several such cases of self-loathe, it startles me to see how aesthetics contribute so much towards self love. I believe every person is beautiful the way they are, but it doesn’t mean that a person should live with something about their body that bothers them so much.
See, we are no longer in 1920. Medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds. From skin-tightening, to breast lifts, from scar removal to penis enhancement, there’s probably no part of your external body that can’t be moulded according to your wish. The extent to which it can be done will be confirmed by your cosmetic surgeon, of course.
Cosmetic Surgery
So, do yourself a favour. Let Valentine’s Day be about you. You’re too damn good to dislike any part of yourself. If a little swish of your makeup brush can’t do the trick and chocolates fail to lift your mood and make you feel better, consider dropping into Ambrosia. Whatever concerns you will be safe with me, and I’ll try my best to give you the most convenient options.
While you celebrate the month of hearts and roses, give your Valentine’s Day a beautiful twist. Decide to celebrate yourself and we’ll be your partners in the journey
About the Clinic and Doctor
Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla is the best female cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad. She has 18 years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and thousands of satisfied patients. Ambrosia Clinic is leading skin plastic surgery clinic of Hyderabad since 2009. Our team of dermatologist and Plastic surgeons at Ambrosia clinic offer services like hair transplantation, laser, skin care and plastic surgery.

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