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Hair Care Treatments

Hair care treatments at Ambrosia Clinic involve a range of treatments. These treatments mostly are non invasive. Surgical hair transplants like FUE procedures are also available at Ambrosia Clinic. A very effective and latest treatment option Therapy (Therapy) is also available at Ambrosia.   

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Ambrosia Clinic offers variety of hair care options to make you appear the best version of yourself.

Hair Injection


Human blood has RBC (red blood cells) WBC (white blood cells) and platelets. Platelets contain special growth factors called Platelet Derived Growth Factors. These growth factors are known to stimulate stem cells found in skin and bone. injection is a process to deliver these growth factors into the skin and hair for achieving certain goals. injection is also used to improve bone healing by orthopaedics and dentists.

Hair Care / Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an advanced hair transplantation treatment. It is a minimally invasive and fast recovering treatment for all those who see natural results after a hair transplantation procedure. FUE hair transplantation technique involves picking hair grafts individually from the donor region and placing them on the bald areas of the scalp or body which needs hair. The older method follicular unit transplant involved the extraction of a strip of skin from the scalp as the donor for the hair follicles. This method usually leaves a visible scar, and hair does not grow back on the scar. In FUE hair transplantation there is no risk of a permanent scar, and it also heals faster than the FUT method. The hair eventually grows back within 3 to 6 months and also looks natural. There is no special treatment for the newly grown hair as it grows naturally.

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