The Nose Job Story You Should Know

Nose Job Story: Having a natural beauty is an ultimate dream aspired by every human being. We are part of a culture, where our appealing looks help us to get better recognition in our social circle. Being beautiful, definitely gives you an edge over others in every aspect of life. Has anyone ever thought what is it in our face that makes us look so attractive?
Read on to find out…
Moreover, we all agree on this fact, that beauty is a perfect amalgamation of balance and symmetry of facial features.

From primitive time, people had their own perception about an attractive nose. The modern world, too, has their share of own ideas. So here, we present a basic guide to know about the importance of this little chunk of beauty on our face.

A nose is much more than just a chunk of flesh and cartilage in the middle front of the face. Besides being an important part of the respiratory system, it also contributes to other important functions, like hearing and tasting.

Noses are of many types. The height, width, sharpness and even the tips of nose adds value to the beauty of the nose…

The different types of Nose are as follows:

  • Small and short nose
  • Long and narrow nose
  • Turned up nose
  • Aquiline nose
  • Bulbous nose
  • Asymmetrical nose

Noses vary from person to person – An interesting fact

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Every nose has a tip, and we all desire a sharp perfectly sculpted one. However, unfortunately many people have blunt, broad or deformed nose tips. These people often look out for alternatives to get a perfect nose.
Having a funny looking nose tip could be a matter of fun for anyone, but the person who has it, knows the ultimate pain of a deformed nose.
The most common types of unattractive nose tips are:

  • Broad tip
  • Droopy tip
  • Bulbous tip (round, fat or swollen looking nose)

Other Concerns
There are few other concerns that most people face which includes:

  • Dorsal hump (a bony protrusion on the bridge on the nose)
  • Tension tip
  • Over projected tip
  • Under projected tip
  • Long nose
  • Saddle nose (flat nose)

Philosophers and artists in world history have described beauty, based on a set of symmetrical principles. It is inevitable that at some point, we all feel bad for having any facial flaws. Especially having an under shaped nose. However, you don’t have to worry, as Ambrosia Clinic has introduced painless reconstructive treatments to set right such worries

Read ahead to know about one such interesting treatment “Rhinoplasty”, which can help many of you to get a perfectly sculpted nose like the cherry on the cake!

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that enhances the shape and size of the nose. It is a safe surgery, if performed by a skilled and accredited plastic surgeon.Of course, it is important to identify the right reasons whether a person needs a rhinoplasty surgeryor not. A rhinoplasty surgery can correct deformities caused due to trauma or certain structural irregularities and defects that come with birth.
Rhinoplasty is commonly requested by young men and women. A sharp straight nose looks appealing and can easily be shaped with a simple surgery, using a nose implant. The surgery can be done by a surgical way or by a nonsurgical and less invasive way to enhance the shape of your nose.

Rhinoplasty – The Surgical Procedures

A Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, with a simple sedation, or a general anesthesia. It is generally advisable for the patient and surgeon to perform rhinoplasty with a general anesthesia, as it lowers the risk of major complications.

Here are the two popularly preferred surgical rhinoplasty procedures-
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: n a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made in the nasal mucosa (the skin inside the nose). Therefore, it does not leave any visible scars.
  • Open Rhinoplasty: In an open rhinoplasty, an internal incision and a small external incision are done. The surgeon can get a direct visual of the nasal bone and the cartilage. The result of an open rhinoplasty leads to much more enhanced nose internally and externally. The external incision heals with barely visible scars.

Go for the Beauty Filler Way- a painless Non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure

A non-surgical rhinoplasty involves dermal filler injections to augment or enhance the nose. Generally, dermal fillers last for 6-9 months. This procedure is much cost-effective and painless which gradually elevates nasal bridge. The patient can have a ‘preview’ of his or her nose with this procedure, before committing to a permanent surgical rhinoplasty. In this process, Juvederm is used, which is a US Food and Drug administration (USFDA) approved hyaluronic acid filler. This filler is one of the latest and safest fillers, which lasts for 1 to 1 ½ years. It is a simple procedure, which can be done quickly in 5 – 10 minutes without any anesthetic requirement. You don’t need a prolong recovery time after this procedure.

Here we have Dr. Priti Shukla, the expert cosmetic surgeon who listed out the benefits of Rhinoplasty. They are as follows-

  • A Rhinoplasty is done to correct defects involving the bone, cartilage, tip shape, size, nasal dorsal hump, shape of the nostrils and angles and proportions.
  • Your nose can be entirely sculpted into a desirable shape, which will aesthetically restore the facial symmetry.
  • Rhinoplasty also improves your and fixes sinus problems if combined with a sinus surgery.
  • Rhinoplasty can correct birth defects like a under shaped nose with a cleft lip.
  • Rhinoplasty helps in reducing the problem of snoring, is one of the major deal-breaker of every failed relationships. According to researchers, it is one of the most popular reasons for divorces.
  • A Rhinoplasty can be done to correct an unsuccessful nose job too.
  • A broken nose bone due to trauma/ injury or any nasal bone deformity can be fixed with a Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Last but not the least; a rhinoplasty can help you to build up your lost confidence.
So, are you ready to witness the magical transformation in your life?
We hope you enjoyed this month’s blog. We at Ambrosia Clinic shall be glad to have your valuable feedback. Please feel free to ask questions for your personal concerns. If you are considering a rhinoplasty or any other treatment, you can always visit our clinic at your convenience.
Dr. Priti believes in closely analysing her patient’s needs, to determine the best options and help them to make correct decisions. We at Ambrosia clinic would be delighted to help you achieve your goals.

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