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Rhinoplasty Surgery
(Nose Shaping) in Hyderabad

Nose surgery / Nose Job is commonly requested by both men and women. Plastic surgery can correct the obvious deformities, nose blockage and can also refine the nose.

You are Ideal for Nose Job if:

  1. Your nose appears too large for your face.
  2. The nasal bridge is depressed.
  3. There is a bump on the nasal bridge when viewed in profile.
  4. Your nose seems too wide when viewed from the front.
  5. The nasal tip droops or plunges.
  6. The tip is thickened or enlarged.
  7. Your nostrils are excessively flared.
  8. Your nose is off-center or crooked.
  9. The previous injury has made your nose asymmetrical.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

  1. Anaesthesia: General / Local
  2. Surgery Time: 1-3hours
  3. Hospital Stay: Discharge same day or next day
  4. Stitches: Usually none or removed in 5 days. Splint on nose for five days
  5. Recovery: Walking and dinner same day

Self Care: Getting dressed, combing hair, eating

Next Day

Self Care: Preparing tea, heating food

Next Day

Work: Cooking, dusting, light household work

1-2 Weeks

Work: Driving, desk job

2 Weeks

Activities: Morning walk

1-2 Weeks

Activities: Weight lifting

2 Months

Activities: Treadmill/Yoga/Swimming

1 Month

Before & After Images of Nose Surgery

Patient - 1

Rhinoplasty Before and After Image of Patient 1

Patient - 2

Patient - 3

Rhinoplasty Before and After Images of Patient 2

Patient - 4

Find Out Your Potential for Nose Job

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Meet Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla has been in practice since 2001 with a primary interest in cosmetic surgery, specifically breast enhancement, body contouring, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. She is a member of many prestigious associations and is considered the best female cosmetic surgeon in India and a top plastic surgeon in Hyderabad. Today, her client list includes models, actors, homemakers, professionals, and students from around the globe.

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