Look and Feel Younger With a Breast Lift

For all those people suffering from hanging breasts, we have a perfect idea for you. Now, you need not suffer and feel uncomfortable in public due to them. The idea is Mastopexy.” In simple words, people call it breast lift.” 

This surgery will never let you feel down and will surely bring your confidence back. But, there are some risks related to it which we will tell you about in other topics. 

Let us firstly start with its introduction and the reason behind its usage.

What do you mean by Breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) removes excess skin from breasts and reshapes them to make them look beautiful. People who get older or breastfeeding women are more likely to undergo breast lifting treatment. 

With the help of this surgery, surgeons also reduce the areola’s size, which is the dark patch around the nipple.

Happy women breast lift

Reasons why Boob lift surgery is important:

People are getting this surgery to get a good body figure by reshaping their hanging breasts. Also, people can get their breasts’ size reduced by the surgeons. The breastfeeding women are mostly facing the loosening and disfiguring of their breasts. But, there are some reasons like weight loss and pregnancy that result in breasts losing their elasticity. Here, boobs lift surgery plays a vital role. 

Risks Associated with Mastopexy:

Though the surgery brings about a significant change in your body, there are several mastopexy risks. Some of them include bleeding, bruising, clotting, asymmetricity, slow healing, infection, and loss of sensation around the nipples.

It would help if you kept an eye on these symptoms. If you feel any such issue, visit your doctor immediately.

The procedure of Mastopexy Surgery:

There are about 6-7 mastopexy procedures. The surgeon will first check if you are ready to have this surgery. Then, he will mark on the necessary spots where your breasts’ new position will be. The step involves giving you anaesthesia followed by an incision around the areola. Further, the surgeons continue with lifting and removing excess skin. Lastly, there is stitching, glueing, and taping.

Female hand in gloves holding breast closeup

Recovery in Mastopexy Surgery:

At the start, you might face some swelling and pain for a few weeks. You can get a prescription from your doctor to relieve the pain. Icing will also do good. For about three weeks, you will have to wear surgical bras. Also, you must ensure that your chest is raised while sleeping by keeping pillows under your back. 

You should avoid lifting heavy objects or doing something that puts pressure on the chest.


A boob lift is an effective way to bring your breasts’ beauty back. It gives them more list, firmness and adds to its beauty. But, you must first consult your doctor if you are ready to undergo surgery or not. After the successful completion, you should keep in mind some precautions and the unusual symptoms which might cause some problems. 

So, if you are planning to have breast lift surgery, make sure the clinic is good. If you cannot find a good clinic, you can visit the Ambrosia clinic. It is one of the most trusted plastic surgery clinics in Hyderabad

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