Breast Lift Surgery: Benefits, What To Expect Before And After

Breast Lift Surgery: Are you unhappy with the shape, size, and droop of your breasts? Looking for youthful breast contour?

If yes, breast lift surgery is the best option for you. As a cosmetic procedure, it aims at improving the appearance of an individual’s personality.

What is Breast lift surgery?

Breast Lift Surgery: Benefits, What To Expect Before And After

Breast lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which your plastic surgeon removes the excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissues. This surgery aims at reshaping and contouring the breasts. However, it should not be confused with breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation surgery( implants )

Who Is Suitable For Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is usually for:

  • Women with sagging breasts
  • Women with breasts of adequate size
  • Women with a lack of firmness in breasts
  • Women with downward pointed nipples and areolas

Benefits Of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery: Benefits, What To Expect Before And After

Here are the few notable benefits offered by breast lift surgery:

Improved Body Image: Women can improve their body image post-pregnancy with the help of breast lift surgery. It makes your breasts firmer, but do not increase the size of your breasts.

Better and Healthier Lifestyle Choices: Prior to breast lift surgery, one should have good health. For being more robust, you have to adopt a proper diet and good eating habits followed by regular exercise.

Improved Quality of Life: Breast lift surgery improves your body image, which in turn improves your overall quality of life. Around 97% of women with breast lifts have reported being happier than before. You can enjoy trendier outfits, as you will have a better proportion between your breasts and buttocks.

No more Sagging Breasts: Breast lift surgery focuses on correcting the sagging breasts of women, which usually results in post-pregnancy. Sagging breasts also causes skin irritation under the breast. A breast lift also reduces the irritation caused by sagging breasts.

Improved Nipple Projection: Breast lift surgery reshapes the nipple that is pointed downwards to the floor. It provides you with a natural and improved nipple projection. Breast lift surgery also repositions the nipple-areolar complex.

Meet Dr Priti Shukla, to discuss your specific problems.

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

Breast Lift Surgery: Benefits, What To Expect Before And After

You will be given either general or local anaesthesia to make you unconscious. Your surgeon will then remove the excess skin by shifting the nipple and areola to an ideal position and then tighten the breast tissues with internal stitches and rearranges the gland back to its place.

Preparation for The Surgery

Once you decide to have breast lift surgery, you have to follow few instructions suggested by your cosmetic surgeon during the initial consultation.

1. Schedule a Mammogram: After your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, you have to undergo a mammogram one before the surgery if you are older than 40 .

2. Presurgical health check and tests to make sure you are healthy and fit for surgery

3. Avoid Smoking: Avoid smoking as it interferes with your healing process and also causes adverse side effects or complications. If you are a smoker, your cosmetic surgeon wants you to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery.

4. Avoid Certain Medications: Stop taking all the medications that increase bleeding. Talk to your doctor about your current medications.

5. Arrange Someone To Drive You Home: You will be given anaesthesia before the surgery, so you may not be able to drive home yourself. Arrange someone who can take you home and stay with you throughout the surgery.

6. Maintain Healthy Weight: Losing weight helps you to achieve successful outcomes. Make necessary dietary changes and exercises to maintain a healthy and stable weight.

What To Expect After Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast Lift Surgery: Benefits, What To Expect Before And After

The results are immediate and satisfactory. However, you may have some post-surgical swelling that can be managed with medications. The final results can be noticed within a few months following the surgery. The results will be long-lasting if you maintain a healthy and stable weight and follow a healthy lifestyle.

The skill of your surgeon plays a crucial role in the success of your breast lift surgery. Visit before and after photographs of breast lift surgery, while browsing for the best cosmetic surgeons for your breast lift surgery.


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