Hymenoplasty: It’s More Than Just Revirginising!

Revirginising Hymen

Hymenoplasty: Virginity.

As much as it’s a taboo word, yet, inside closed rooms and in hushed voices, it’s this ‘virtue’ that’s much discussed, painting a woman’s character by its mere presence or absence.

Hymenoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad

It’s so hyped that many women undergo tremendous stress when they lose their virginity. Just to get things in order, virginity is lost when the hymen is torn. While in most common cases this happens due to intercourse, it isn’t mandatory that it’ll happen only because of that. Vigorous physical activities can also contribute towards it.

Going back to what I was talking about, when a girl/woman is certain that she has lost her virginity, when she was not supposed to, for instance before marriage, it’s a matter of concern. When Natasha walked into my clinic, she was in a state of panic.

Having been in a live-in relationship with her ex-boyfriend, her life was full of hearts and roses, till the time the hearts had gone and the roses had faded. With time, her boyfriend transformed into an abusive beast and before she knew it, he would be raining blows on her every other day. Shaken mentally and hurt physically, she gathered her guts and walked out of the toxic relationship. She slowly mended her broken heart, and she was finally ready to move on. Great things were happening to her career-wise and her parents decided it was time for her to settle down. They found her a perfect match and she couldn’t be happier.

Then what could have possibly caused her to slip into this zone?

While her broken heart healed, her broken hymen remained so. A few months before her marriage, she realized how much emphasis an arranged marriage laid on virginity. Even though she was a modern girl and felt there was no need to stress on virginity, yet, she also knew the kind of family she was getting married into. Natasha resorted to Google to give her a possible solution. One thing led to another and she turned up at my clinic, wanting to know more about hymenoplasty surgery after having read the blogs and reviews on Ambrosia’s website.

Hymen Reconstruction

I spoke to her and helped her relax by telling her that I could give her back her lost virginity through hymenoplasty surgery. Thanks to the hymenoplasty surgery, Natasha was ‘revirginised’. Even though the importance given to virginity is debatable, yet, for many, hymenoplasty surgery has proved to be a boon in some way or the other.

Then there was a patient called Nazma. The story of her life stirred me deeply. Since the tender age of 5, Nazma has been sexually abused by her own uncle. For a long time, she thought her uncle loved her and this was his way of express his fondness for his niece, and even though she wouldn’t like the way he would touch her, she would console herself thinking she was ‘special’. She was instructed by him not to tell anybody about this, but when he raped her for the first time, it hurt her, but more than that, left her in a state of shock and utter confusion. When these episodes increased in frequency, she had reached an age where she could tell that it was wrong. While she managed to shoo the uncle off, there was not much she could do against him.

Scarred and scared, Nazma wanted to begin a new chapter in her life. But, her virginity was lost to man she detested. When she confided into her room-mate, she was suggested to undergo hymenoplasty surgery, but she was sceptical. What if somebody would find out? What if it would be unsuccessful? With so many questions in her mind, she almost put the thought of hymenoplasty surgery on the backburner.

Reconstruction Hymen

So, when she finally decided to take a step closer to hymenoplasty surgery, she consulted me, and I put her worries to rest. At Ambrosia, we respect patient privacy and give utmost importance to the patient’s requirements before going for any procedure, especially hymenoplasty surgery. Assuring her of comfort, clarity and correct results, I told her how her hymenoplasty surgery will be done. After taking a look at the state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology and the reviews, she went for it.

Nazma’s hymenoplasty surgery was performed under local anesthesia. Once the hymenoplasty surgery was done, Nazma was scared, but upon a closer look, she was absolutely relieved that there were no scars and that the discomfort was minimal. The hymenoplasty surgery helped her close the chapters of her painful past,

Now, she leads a peaceful life. She is thinking of getting married, too. But for her, social work takes priority. She is now lending a helping hand and an alert ear to other children who have gone through sexual abuse.

One decision can change your lives. It could be either for the better, or for the worse. The choice is yours.

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