Desire the Look

The era of tweakments is here. What is a tweakment? Well, it’s all about non-invasive surgical aesthetic enhancements.

Enhancements that not only alleviate your looks but also boost your confidence.

Believe it- You have the Right to Desire the look!

Our body is our temple of passion, confidence, attitude and everything us. Yes, God made us perfect but also gifted us with the art of improvement and refinement, so why not explore a bit or a lot more. 

Break the fad. It’s not only celebrities who have the right to look it all but so do you. Stand out and stand apart with the chiselled jawlines, the straight nose, the intense brows, the luscious smile or all of it. 

1. Seek a natural look without contradictions:

Okay, so the above title might sound ridiculously impossible but at Ambrosia Clinic, we are wizards who rule with naturalistic results. Tweakments as the word sounds are light tweaks like decreasing or removing the fine lines around eyes, forehead and lips. These minor fillers fall in line with your natural look and will not attract the eyebrow raised looks. The skin looks great with the collagen giving it a firmer and brightened look. No recovery time and you can be back in office post lunchtime break. Balanced and healthy-looking skin is the key trick in tweaking a look. 

Have you ever heard about Collagen banking? Well, research about it or better yet, talk to a professional at Ambrosia aesthetics. It is nothing but an Ultherapy for lifting the sagging skin and tightening it. The collagen bank in the skin is increased, which gives the skin a tight fit and improves texture. 

Filler Treatment

2. Combinations that fit like lock & key: 

One-shot and many birds in hand could be the next best version of explaining it. Why seek on one filler treatment when you can combine it to the hydrafacials, vitamin infusion therapy, etc. If you thought you couldn’t have it all, well, you haven’t visited Ambrosia yet. Okay, let us break it down for you. You can opt for low-key options like facials along with the slightly technical procedures like micro-needling. This mix and match approach ensures that your skin looks rested and worked up due to the treatments. 

3. Medspas which are so super:

Yes, spas are powerful mood and look lifters. Feeling great inside out is the key to overall wellbeing. Ambrosia aesthetics provides great medspas options on its menu that your body is going to drool for attention. They have a saying that their medspa gives you the ‘bring-it-on’ kind of attitude. You can opt for a spa in the day and chemical peel in the evening. Step out with an overall refreshed you to fine-tune life to the rhythm of your choice. 

4.     The Face Tweaks:

In here, the list goes far and in-depth within the body but let’s scum the surface for minor tweaks. 

a.      Nose Shape Treatment

Rhinoplasty Treatment, or nose reshaping medical procedure improves the shape, size, and balance of an individual’s nose, carrying it to a better extent with the remainder of the face. Patients regularly notice that their general appearance has improved, as the nose, they see currently looks common, similar to the nose they have consistently figured they ought to have.

By reshaping the nasal structures, including bone, ligament, and skin, a restorative specialist can help accomplish the look you seek. 

b.     Lip – Pout Treatment

A characterized cupid’s bow can have a direct yet critical effect on the lips’ general shape. That little V-formed territory in the top lip is currently treated with a scope of methods to adjust its bend, turning around maturing indications and improving form. 

Much like traditional lip expansion medicines, the lip-dip can be formed by infusing. 

c.      Cute Pointy Chin Treatment

Nonsurgical chin enhancements are not new to the tweak scene. Chin augmentations give the jawline a chiselled look as well as adds up as a prominent feature on the face. A younger and slimmer looking face is aesthetically achieved, which complements other features on the face. It creates a balance on the overall outlook. 

Desire the Look - Dimple Creation

d.     Dimple Creation Treatment

Cheek dimples have been appended with youth, richness, excellence, and engaging quality. Additionally, Cleft jaws have been related to excellence and masculinity in Persian culture and can be found among numerous famous entertainers like Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, etc.

A dimple creation medical procedure is generally performed under nearby sedation, and it commonly takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete one. The spot for dimple creation is chosen with a basic strategy; in individuals with normal dimples, the dimples structure in the area where there is the most incredible sadness and depth when they suck in their cheeks. 

Eyebrow Microblading

e.      Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a technique that professes to improve the presence of your eyebrows. Some of the time, it is additionally called “plume contact” or “small scale stroking.” The methodology includes several small strokes that assemble a surface that resembles your eyebrow hair. Microblading results can last 12-year and a half, which is a significant aspect of its allure.

Microblading cuts into the skin in the territory of your eyebrows and inserts shade into the cuts. 

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