Dark Circles? Here Are Some Of The Treatments

Dark Circles Treatments

Your lives are hectic, so naturally, you are most often tired. It’s seen on your face, in your eyes and in your speech and gestures too. But, let’s say you haven’t done much, it’s been a rather lazy day, and then you step out to meet friends, when one of them says, “Oh hey, you look tired.”

Have you wondered why?

It could be your dark circles.

Dark Circles

Dark circles can not just make you look tired, they can make you look old and sometimes ill, too. Now, you would want to look young and fresh, right? How do you do that? By getting rid of your dark circles.

Before that, however, you need to understand what dark circles are.

Usually, the bluish and black circles are caused as the subcutaneous tissue lets blue and violet light rays pass through the vessel.  Circles under eyes are caused due to the following reasons:

  • Tiredness and excessive strain to the eyes
  • Due to old age and the skin becoming loose, there are circles under eyes.
  • The circles under eyes are mostly due to a pigmentation, which is known as periorbital hyperpigmentation. The circles under eyes are caused do to the excess melanin which is naturally produced by the skin.
  • Sometimes, the blood vessels near and in the eyes also get damaged and this results in patches and circles under eyes. In these situations, the blood in the blood vessel gets oxidised.
  • Certain allergies caused by allergens cause a puffiness around the eyes with itching and fluids clogged in them. The dark circles under eyes are caused due to heavy amounts of fluids getting deposited and the deposit putting strain and weight on the eyelids.
  • When a person is sleepy and is trying to resist sleep, there is a secretion of a chemical by the name cortisol. This chemical is release so that one does not fall to sleep. This chemical is released so that the volume of flow of blood is increased. This causes in dark circles under the eyes.
  • Drug or makeup allergies are a cause for the circles under eyes. There are certain chemicals in certain drugs, which dilute the blood and the dark patches are formed under the eyes.

In spite of scientific reason and a proper research being done on the factors that contribute towards having circles under eyes, it is often perceived by people, that it is only mental stress, anxiety and ill health, which cause this skin condition to take place.

There are various treatments that are used for circles under eyes. The popular ones that work the most effectively are:

  • Eye creams which contain vitamin K or retinol .Under-eye lightening creams which have kojic acid and hydroquinone help in the reduction of circles under eyes over a period of time. Eye creams containing traces of caffeine also help in the process of diminishing circles under eyes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in the reduction of the swelling of the blood vessel and also to reduce the puffiness around the eyes.
  • Restylane and Juvederm injections:  Filler injections are one shot treatment  which is widely popular and is also accepted as one of the most efficient methods of treating circles under eyes. These fillers are safe and result lasts upto 2 years.
  • Chemical peeling is used where the chemical is applied around the dark circle around the eyes. The chemical applied helps in removing the layer which is dark. Multiple sittings are needed for lightening the dark circles
  • Q switch Nd Yag laser : This laser can address pigmenation problem in selected cases.
  • Botox is not advisable and it cannot be performed for circles under eyes. Botox is mostly for lifting skin to make it look young.

Eye creams

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