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Under Eye Wrinkles will be a Thing of the Past

Under Eye Wrinkles

Eyes – They adorn our faces and bring out the best in us. But, mostly due to confounded phenomenon called ageing, we develop wrinkles under the eyes. Not only do they tarnish the beauty of the face but they also make us self-conscious to an extent where we start feeling frustrated. So, what causes this anomaly? Is there no way to get rid of under eye wrinkles? If so, what is the best treatment for under eye wrinkles?

 Ageing Eye Wrinkles.

What causes these wrinkles?

There are many factors that cause these lines. As the body is not immune to ageing (for now), the skin gradually loses its sheen. Proteins such as collagen and elastin are the ones which keep your skin taut. But, due to natural decay over time, concentration of these proteins decrease in the body and the skin becomes saggy. Hence, the wrinkles.

But, there is a substantial populace of the youth who suffer from this condition. They too, like senior citizens, are searching for ways to get rid of under eye wrinkles. These unwanted creases in youth are caused by many minor factors which impact you majorly. Let’s have a look at them.

Overexposure to sun: When you venture into bright sun without sunglasses, you involuntarily (or voluntarily) squint. Thereby, you clench up your facial muscles surrounding your eyes. If this happens once in a while, you are on the safe side. But, if you squint too often, you find yourself reading articles such as this.

Smoking: Deep down, you always knew that smoking wasn’t good for you. Not only does it worsen the state of your lungs but it also accelerates the decay of elastin and collagen. With saggy skin, you start looking old despite being in your youth. And before you know it, you will be surfing the web for the best treatment for under eye wrinkles.

Laughing: Apparently, laughing isn’t the best medicine. While you are laughing or grinning, you use numerous facial muscles. The muscles and tissue surrounding your eyes go into an overdrive and causes wrinkles if you laugh too often. But, this doesn’t mean you stop laughing and start crying. Everyone uses the same muscles to cry and laugh. To cap it off, be happy. Just don’t go around cackling like a lunatic every now and then.

Best treatment for wrinkles under the eyes

Unfortunately, these creases don’t go down without a fight. To get rid of under eye wrinkles, most people use over-the-counter moisturizers and anti-ageing creams. What they don’t realise is that these creams are mass produced. They may or may not work. You may have a bout of anger when they don’t work. But, what’s worse than not working is that the creams may plague your body with side effects. Fortunately, there are other ways to get rid of under eye wrinkles. In most surgeons’ opinions, botox procedure is the best treatment for under eye wrinkles.

Why Botox?

Much like the poisonous arsenic, botulinum toxin has medicinal properties. Simply called ‘botox’, it is gently injected into the skin which has become saggy. Botox, which is a medicine in this case, tightens your facial muscles and shuns away the wrinkles. Unlike the other procedures, the recovery is abysmally low. However, the catch here is that you have to undergo this procedure periodically as the botox effects wear off over time.

Botox for Eye Wrinkles

But the edge that botox possesses over the other treatments is that it is suited for almost everyone. Light-toned and dark-toned people can opt for this procedure without any ado. This is because the botox does all the work underneath the skin. Like a concrete foundation, it uplifts the beauty of your skin and helps you get rid of under eye wrinkles. Its immediate effects and short recovery time makes it the best treatment for under eye wrinkles.

But, all wrinkles are not alike. Some are because of loose skin and you may need laser or surgery . The most important thing you’ve got to bear in your mind is that you ought to opt for the best cosmetic healthcare surgeons. The last thing you would want is to look like Donatella Versace. With best cosmetic surgeons under its roof, Ambrosia Hospitals will whisk away your wrinkles skilfully. Pulling out every stop, the surgeons will make your wrinkles a thing of the past.

About the clinic and doctor

Dr. Priti Shukla is the best female cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. She has 18 years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and thousands of satisfied patients. Ambrosia Clinic is leading skin plastic surgery clinic of Hyderabad since 2009. Our team of dermatologist and Plastic surgeons at Ambrosia clinic offer services like hair transplantation, laser, skin care and plastic surgery.

Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla has been in practice since 2001 with a primary interest in cosmetic surgery, specifically breast enhancement, body contouring, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. She is a member of many prestigious associations and is considered the best female cosmetic surgeon in India and a top plastic surgeon in Hyderabad. Today, her client list includes models, actors, homemakers, professionals, and students from around the globe.