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Under Eye Bags

 Can Fillers Really Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags

Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags

Do people tell you that you look older than you actually are?

Do you have people constantly asking you if you’ve got enough sleep?

Has somebody told you that you look ill?

Under-Eye Bags: If you have said a yes to one or more of these questions, then your self esteem would have taken a boat ride to the south of the scale. Eyes are the mirror of the  heart and they  are usually the first to show the sign of ageing.Now, that’s okay if you are climbing up the age ladder. But, if you are still young, it’s most likely that you want to look young, too.

Under-Eye Bags

If there’s one thing that prevents you from looking young (there are many other things also) it is under eye bags. When you have these, you would not be surprised if the questions mentioned above keep coming to you in high frequencies.

What Are  Under Eye Bags?

Undereye bags , as the name suggests is bag like bulges just under the eyes. Eye ball has prorective padding of fat around it . There are 3 such fat pads in upper eyelids and 3 in lower eyelids. They cushion the eyeball , like shock absorbers. Tissues of eyelid keep the fat pads where they belong , but when the tissues are weak, fat pad tends to bulge out and become visible bulges.

There are 2 reasons why undereye bags happen :

1. Congenital weakness of eyelid tissue – bags then can show up even in twenties.

2. Ageing : This is the most common cause and can lead to eyebags in 30s , 40s and 50s . Delicate eye tissues are first to show signs of ageing.

3. Shallow orbit: some people have protruding eyes because their bony orbit is too shalow for eyeball. These people are more prone to undereye bags.

4. Water retention : This can make bags worse. This happens in hypertensives and those with kidney or thyroid issues.

5. Smoking : smoking accelerates ageing , by degenerating collagen and leading to undereye bags

There are several creams being sold for undereye puffiness . Women use makeup to hide the bags. But in fact these measures do not work . So what is the solution ? Well, Blepharoplasty surgery was the only solution till a few years ago, but fillers have revolutionized the treatment of undereye problems. Treatment takes only a few minutes and Voila bags gone like a magic . No one needs to know, coz this is a lunchtime procedure. And the best part is yet to come -results last upto 2 years !Sounds too good to be true ? Well, it is true and a very popular treatment .

After Fillers Treatment for Undereye

There are various types of fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero, which are administered as injections under the eyes. But this is not a treatment that is easy to perform .Only expert doctors can give you the natural result . Undereye skin is delicate therefore a very delicate treatment is required to avoid bruises, lumpiness and unnatural look. This is a highly specialized technique. All undereye bags are not suited for this treatment. Doing treatment for those who need surgery, or who have too much loose skin can lead to disappointment . In right hands , Fillers are the most satisfying and safe treatment for most undereye bags .

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Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla

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