Back Acne Scars – The Treatment

Back Acne Scars Treatment
Back Acne Scars: The moment you hear the word acne, the first, and perhaps the only part of your body that comes to our mind is the face. But then, much to your displeasure, your face isn’t the only part where you can get acne. It can happen on your back too.
Back Acne Scars
Acne  is an inflammatory disorder of sebaceous oil glands and  is common in adolescence. It mainly is caused by excess oil production due to a hormone called Androgen in the body, microbial flora, hyperkeratinization (blockage) and inflammation of the duct of oil glands. It may leave scars or marks
Even though back acne scars are usually  covered, it is still not a pleasant feeling knowing that your back is filled with acne and its scars.
What if there was a treatment for these back acne scars? Yes, there actually a variety of it.
Treatment for Back Acne Scars:
The primary aim of the treatment for back acne scars is to reduce the reddish appearance along with the bumpiness of the skin. However, selection of treatment for back acne scars is usually dependent on the extent of the scarring.
Chemical Peeling: It is a process of applying chemicals to the skin to destroy the outer damaged layers and accelerate the repair process. The best results of chemical peel are achieved in flat dark spot. Skin on the back is thick and requires many sittings of peeling treatment. Peels are done once in 2 weeks and 8-10 sittings are usually necessary.
Chemical Peeling
Ointment and Creams: There are several local application lotions which have lightening agents and mild peeling agents. These lotions can be applied regularly at home. Vitamin A (retinol) containing creams also lighten the dark spots. Creams and lotions are often used in combination with peels.
Microdermabrasion: Here we mechanically abrade the  damaged skin to promote re-epithelisatiion  and significant improvement in scar appearance. Its like sandblasting.
Laser Resurfacing: For people who want a faster solution for treating back acne scars, laser resurfacing is the way to go. Different types of ablative and non ablative lasers help in remodeling of scar. Ablative lasers help in removal of  damaged scar tissue and stimulate new collagen formation, where as non ablative laser stimulate new collagen formation with out removing the tissue and with minimal down time. Lasers also require multiple sessions.
Laser Resurfacing
Dermal Grafting: Scars can be treated surgically using procedures such as simple scar excision punch grafting or elevation.
Injections: Elevated keloidal scars require steroid injections administered into the bumpy scars to flatten and lighten them.

Do’s and Dont’s during the treatment:

Even though the treatments are effective, it is however essential to make sure that prevention is better. Hence, there are certain steps which need to be taken by the person so as to make sure that treatment is not hampered.
Some of the steps are:

  • Do not pick the acne cause it may increase the extent of scarring.
  • High carbohydrate diet, diary products, body  building supplements, oil massages to back should be followed.
  • Application of  steroid creams, dandruff, scrubbing might exacerbate acne, so avoid them.
  • Control dandruff.
  • Avoid exposure of the sun on your bare back, especially during treatments. Exposure to the sun darkens the spots.

Yes, the treatment takes time and it requires patience to get rid of back acne scars, but if you really want to get rid of them or at least reduce them to a great extent, these few treatments are the best options. the selection of treatment, and the level of improvement depends on the type of scars and variable from person to person.


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