6 Unheard Yet Amazing Facts Related To Plastic Surgery In Hyderabad

Sometimes it is amusing to explore facts related to various topics. And for those who are keen to get plastic surgery, facts associated with the same might attract them a lot. Here we are presenting you with some unheard yet mind-blowing facts related to plastic surgery. We will also talk in brief regarding plastic surgery in Hyderabad. So keep reading.

plastic surgery in hyderabad

Unknown Facts of Plastic Surgery

Here, we will introduce you to some facts related to plastic surgery that will leave you open-mouthed. So let us begin exploring those facts.

  1. Plastic surgery is not just cosmetic surgery.

The first figure in front of our eyes after hearing the word “plastic surgery” is a cosmetic transformation process. But, you should also understand that it is not merely cosmetic surgery but also reconstructive surgery. This means that it helps reconstruct a specific body part that might have been damaged in the past or is physically abnormal due to congenital disabilities. 

  1. Unlike the name, there is no use of plastic throughout the surgery.

The word “plastic surgery” is derived from the Greek word “plastikos”, which refers to mouldable things. The actual materials that plastic surgery involves are silicone, gore-tex, and medpor. Other than this, surgeons sometimes also take grafts from the patient’s body and use them in the required place. 

  1. There are scars left after plastic surgery.

Though plastic surgery is a surgery that contours your body, it still leaves some surgery marks. But a skilled surgeon will minimize and hide the scars efficiently. Taking the example of face surgery, an experienced surgeon will hide the spot behind your ear. One such experienced clinic is Ambrosia Clinic, from where you can get any cosmetic surgery, including facelift surgery in Hyderabad

  1. There is no specific age or gender who can undergo this surgery.

There is a misconception that only women undergo plastic surgery. But this is not the truth. The fact behind this is, anyone from any age group or gender can get this surgery. Still, it is always best to avoid this in small kids as they are still growing.

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  1. If you think plastic surgery decreases the ageing process, you are wrong.

Ageing is not something that you can prevent. However, you can manage it with proper diet, exercise, way of living, and mental state. So always be cheerful and follow an appropriate plan of diet to decrease the ageing process. 

  1. There is no such risk of breast cancer after a silicone breast implant.

People believe that breast implants, especially silicone, cause breast cancer. But, you must know that there is no such scientific proof that approves this fact. 



Plastic surgery has changed the lives of many. It has built self-confidence in people and helped them feel equal. But, it would be best if you always preferred a good and experienced clinic. For such cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad, you can try considering Ambrosia Clinic. This clinic has more than a decade of experience in the field of plastic surgery in Hyderabad.

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