13 Side Effects of Breast Implant Surgery

It’s no doubt that breast implant surgery is an excellent way of contouring your breasts, yet, like all other surgeries, it too has its side effects. The complications are not always a big threat, but sometimes it is so unbearable that patients need to undergo another surgery.

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Female hand in gloves holding breast closeup on doctor mammology clinic reception. Mammary glands test biopsy implant silicone insert tumor human concept

Let us understand some of the side effects related to breast implants. 

Side-Effects Related to Breast Implant Surgery

  1. Scarring on the skin around the surgery
  2. Tightening of the breast tissue
  3. Ruptured implant starts leaking, causing the formation of small silicone granulomas lumps.
  4. Unacceptable folds around the implant
  5. Rotation issue of the implant within the breast
  6. A thin tissue layer might stick to the implant and cause it to ripple.
  7. Infections are the most commonly seen side-effects of this surgery. Many times your surgeons have to remove the implants to treat the infection.
  8. Breast-feeding might be a bit problematic to the women sometimes as the amount of milk production might decrease. Sometimes the breasts are unable to produce even a small amount of milk.
  9. Sometimes, the results are not as per your requirements or the way you thought. Hence, you might demand another surgery.
  10. The nerves on the nipples are so sensitive, and they might get damaged if the surgeon is not experienced in this field. Due to this, you might face complete loss of sensation, less sensation, or abnormal sensation.
  11. Abnormal bleeding during the surgery
  12. Allergy to anaesthesia
  13. Some blood clots inside the body

Breast implant surgery in Hyderabad from Ambrosia Clinic is a good choice. The clinic has experienced surgeons, which might decrease your chances of suffering from some complications.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants are the most in-demand breast implants. The reason behind this is that the wrinkles are less likely to form in this implant. If the silicone implant breaks open, it will form some silicone lumps inside your breasts. Hence, to check if the implants are in place, you have to undergo MRI after three years of implant and then every two years.

Breast correction and plastic surgery
Breast correction and plastic surgery

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Saline Solution Implants

Saline solution implants have salt-water solution, which the body can easily absorb or eject when the implant ruptures. The best part of these implants is that it is easy to detect if the implant has leaked. As soon as the implant leaks, your one breast will look smaller than the second one. Also, you should know that saline solution implants have more chances of wrinkling.


Breast implants before and after results are really excellent. Yet, it is sometimes difficult to decide which implant you should go with. If, on the one hand, silicone implants form abnormal lumps on rupturing, saline solution implants, on the other hand, wrinkles easily. Hence, it would be best to compare both implants and then choose the best one according to you. To get your breast implant surgery from a good clinic, you can prefer Ambrosia Clinic in Hyderabad.

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