Your Dermatologist Is The Best Partner To Fight Acne With!

Dermatologist: Let’s take a trip down memory lane, to the times when there was no work pressure, when life revolved around friends and when you were a younger self. Ah, teenage is the time most of you would love to go back to, if you could erase one tiny detail – acne.

Acne is a big part of many teenage stories. From popping right before your farewell, or on the day when you wanted to really impress the one you liked, acne has earned the tag of being an uninvited guest – often overstaying and leaving behind scars and marks.

Acne doesn’t really limit itself to your face; it can happen on your arms and  back!

Painful Acne? Here’s What Happens When They Form On Your Skin

Acne can often dent your confidence. In fact, they’re one thing that can prevent you from looking  flawless self. So, why do they happen? Let’s find out.

You have oil glands or sebaceous glands that are major cause of acne . These glands secrete oil to prevent the skin from drying out . When you notice that your face looks greasy, that’s when you know that the oil produced is more than what your skin requires.

This is the  main trigger point for acne.  The reason for the oil gland to increase secretion of oil is multi factorial and most  common is due to changes in hormonal profile The excess oil, combined with the dead skin cells jam your pores, beginning the formation of acne. Inside the newly formed acne, bacteria begins to feast on the oil and dead skin cells, multiplying rapidly.  All these lead to the formation of open and closed comedones, papules and pustules  and in more severe cases nodules and cysts.

If you notice any such lesions on your skin, it’s best to walk that extra mile and check with a dermatologist as to what it could be. That way, you can take charge over your acne.


Have You Inherited Acne From Your Family? 

Apart from the good looks and other habits, you might have inherited one of your loved ones’ acne also. Several studies have shown that genetic factors influence susceptibility to acne. Patients with persistent acne have a strong family history , in contrast to patients with adolescent acne.

So, check if you have a positive family history of acne . If the answer is a ‘yes’, then watch out, you might have inherited it! But, the good news is the fact that this way, you’ll be prepared and will make changes to your lifestyle as well as have a good doctor in mind, just in case, you know!

Are You Stressed? That Could Be Causing Acne! 

All of you lead stressful lives. Apart from causing lifestyle disease like blood pressure and diabetes, stress also has a very strong impact on your skin. One of those impacts comes in the form of acne. Observe yourself. If you are getting worked up about that important meeting with your clients, it’s highly likely that you might end up with acne. So, the stress will not just ruin your appetite for the meeting, but will ruin your looks too. Simple tip: Avoid stress.

Apart from stress, however, there are several other things that might work as the culprit behind your acne.

  • Hormonal disorders
  • Excessive sweating
  • Excessive sebum (oil) secretion
  • Shaving
  • Cosmetics
  • PMS
  • Pregnancy

Acne Has Types. What Is The Type That You Have? 

As menacing as acne can be, it comes in different types too. Now, variety is the spice of life, no doubt, but that’s certainly not the case when one is talking about acne. Here’s some information for you to be able to identify what type of acne you could be having.

  • Non inflammatory lesions –  They can be either closed  comedones(whiteheads) or open comedones (blackheads).BLACK HEADS – These are flat or slightly raised lesion with a central dark-colored follicular impaction of keratin and lipid. This results in the  blackish top, thanks to which this type of acne is known as a blackhead. Normally, you wouldn’t have inflammation or redness around it.
  • Whiteheads: They appear as pale, slightly elevated, small papules, and do not have a clinically visible opening. Stretching of skin make these visible.
  •  Inflammatory lesion.The inflammatory lesions vary from small papules with a red border to pustules and large, tender, fluctuant nodules  and cysts. Whether the lesion appears as a papule, pustule, or nodule depends on the extent and location of the inflammation. Although one type of lesion may predominate, close inspection usually reveals the presence of several types of lesions.

Types of Acne Pimples

It’s essential that you understand the difference between these types of acne. However, identifying them might not be as easy. That’s when must take the help of a Dermatologist, who will diagnose the type of acne and prescribe best possible safe treatment for your acne .

Acne and hormonal imbalance 

The most  common doubt which comes in our mind is how do we know when we have a hormonal imbalance and when do we need to get hormonal  evaluation.

A medical history and physical examination should be performed before embarking upon relevant blood tests. Polycystic
ovarian syndrome  is the most frequently associated hormonal disease in most clinics. The majority of female patients with acne
have no other clinical features of the syndrome, which consists of hirsutism (unwanted, male-pattern hair growth in women),  irregular menstruation.

Reason for hormonal evaluation

  • Severe/sudden acne
  • Therapy-resistant acne
  • Rapid significant relapse post medical management.
  • signs of hyperandrogenism
  • Irregular menses
  • Hirsutism
  • Hyperseborrhoea
  • Unusual clinical presentation.

Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Troublesome Acne 

Even though it’s a regular feature in most people’s lives, and almost everybody cribs about it, yet, there are very few people who actually opt to get it treated. So, here’s what you should know – you should get it treated before it wreaks havoc on your skin.

Before consulting a dermatologist the first thing every one opts is for home remedies like application of  mint, honey, lemon and many more. But these remedies are of no much use. For few it feels like these remedies worked for a very short time but for most of them they aggravate the acne.

If you are looking at something that has long-lasting effects, then it’s best to rely on medical management and procedures that are performed by a well-trained Dermatologist.

At Ambrosia, we first assess your type of acne, based on which we will suggest treatments that will not just work on your problems, but will be well-suited for our skin type. Some of the most popular options are:

  1. Medical management
  2. Lasers
  3. Chemical Peel.

Chemical Peeling Treatment

Prevention Is Better Than Cure – Even For Your Painful Acne 

Even though this sounds like a cliche, yet, it’s true that if something can be prevented, you would not need to cure them. It’s the same with acne also. There are a few things that you can do in your daily life to make your skin less prone to acne. So, are you ready for them?

  • Lifestyle changes: It’s important that you eat well, and by eating well, we do not mean binging on fast food.The current status of the relationship of diet and acne is not clear and under debate. Perhaps no single food does causes acne or effectively treats its symptoms, but certainly we can advocate that it could ameliorate or worsen its severity. Dietary factors influence a variety of hormones and growth factors that influence  biology and production of oil gland. There is little substantive evidence  that high fat /carbohydrate rich diet, dairy products, chocolates worsen acne and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A, zinc have a beneficial effect in treatment of acne.
  • Wash your face: Wash your face just about twice a day, with a mild, cleansing face wash. Remember that overdoing the facewash will lead to other skin problems. Keep your skin clean and do not use harsh products.
  • Drink water: Drinking water is necessary to cleanse the skin and the pores. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent the occurrence of acne.
  • Don’t pop them: This is important. Even though you will be tempted to pop those acne away, yet, doing that will only make matters worse. You don’t want bad scars, do you?
  • Protect yourself from the pollution: pollution can make matters worse. So, protect your skin from pollution too.

Formation of Skin Acne

The Million-Dollar Question – Is Your Acne Permanent? 

One answer that is bound to brings smiles to your face is the fact that acne is not permanent. Most of the times, it occurs during teenage, remains for a while and then disappears, leaving the scars and marks behind. By 20 to 25 years the tendency is for acne to resolve slowly. During this phase itself if you opt for treatments, chances are high that both your acne and the scars can be taken care of . However, for some individuals  acne persists beyond the age of 25 years.  But, studies have shown that as many as 80% of patients treated for acne have some level of disease activity that persists into the 30 to 40-year age range.

This is the time when you will also have to take the wise decision of visiting a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to ensure that acne doesn’t remain a part of your personality forever. Choose the best dermatologist to ensure that nothing comes between you and  your flawless skin.

If You Have Acne  Scars, Then Here Are The Things You Should Do 

Now, even though the good news is the fact that acne is not permanent, yet the scars that it leaves behind could be. The wise decision on your part would be to seek help of a trained Dermatologist, who can help recommend the best treatment options that can help you get rid of the ugly scars.

At Ambrosia, we get several patients who complain about acne scars. These scars can disrupt your entire look and even affect you psychologically. We understand that such scars are difficult to hide even with the strokes of the best makeup brushes, which is why, we encourage you to opt for more permanent treatments instead. Here are some of the cosmetic options to tackle the scars caused by acne:

  • Microneedle RF: This treatment focuses at delivering radiofrequency energy through superfine needles into the skin. This leads to stimulation of collagen, which inturn helps in remodelling of the scar and improving the texture of the skin.
  • TCA cross: Trichloro acetic acid is effective in treatment of ice pick scars.
  • Filler: Effective in taking care of depressed scars left behind by some types of acne. These fillers are injected under your skin to fill up the depressed scar, giving your skin an even texture.
  • Others- Chemical peels, Dermaabrasion, Lasers, dermal grating, punch techniques, fat transfer.

If you have any doubt regarding these procedures, the cosmetologists and dermatologists at Ambrosia would love to hear you out and suggest you viable options. All you need to do is book an appointment and come visit us!

Acne Scar Treatment

Now that you are equipped with everything you should know about acne, let your dermatologist take a call on what are the things that you should do in case you happen to have acne. At Ambrosia, we specialise in hearing you out patiently, answering all your questions and suggest treatments that will be both effective and feasible. So, you can trust us with your acne troubles, and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

About the doctor:

Dr. Sindhuri Reddy

Dr. Sindhuri Reddy specializes in clinical and cosmetic dermatology and dermatosurgery. Her continuous thrive to be updated in recent advances of skincare gives her a unique insight and approach to skincare. She has an MBBS and MD from NTR University of Health sciences and has done observership at Mayo clinic , USA . She has several academic publications to her credit . Her areas of special interest are acne scars, hair transplantations and lasers.

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