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Why Are My Breasts Sagging?

Breasts Sagging: It’s disheartening to see once perfect breasts lose shape. Unfortunately sagging is an inevitable process related to gravity and aging.

Young natural breasts are conical with nipples pointing towards front or slightly sideways. The part above the nipples has a gentle sloping profile from collarbone to the nipple. Lower breast is full and rounded. There is a natural cleavage. Nipple is above the breast crease. Outer part of breast is rounded. The breasts do not go beyond the imaginary line dropped from the anterior axillary fold which is the front part of armpit.

Not all young women have perfect breasts though. Frequently Obesity and weight fluctuations are the reason behind early breast sagging. Sometimes breasts can grow very large and sag in otherwise slim young women, due to hormonal hypersensitivity of breasts. In another condition called snoopy breast deformity, breasts are small and sagging with large areola and nipple.

Gravity and aging is the main cause of breast sagging. Due to the law of gravity breasts with size D and above start sagging quite early, even though they look good in the supportive bra.

Skin envelope of the breast is attached to the underlying Pectoralis muscle with supportive cooper’s ligaments. They are the delicate pillars. In between are breast glands, ducts and fat. Breasts sag whenever there is relative skin excess associated with loss of breast substance and laxity of ligament pillars. This is observed in women who have lost a lot of weight. Obesity has become a major culprit of breast sagging. Fatty breasts are softer due to relative excess of soft fat over firm glandular breast. Yo-yo diet and major weight fluctuations also lead to breast sagging.

Pregnancy is another important cause of sagging breasts. During pregnancy the breast glands enlarge to prepare themselves for breastfeeding. Breasts are further stimulated to grow by breastfeeding. After stopping breastfeeding these glands shrink leading to sagging breasts. Sagging occurs even when the woman has not breastfed. Women who gained a lot of excess fat during pregnancy and lose the weight later experience more sagging.

In india, a lot of young unmarried women queue up at beauty shops for firming and lifting up their breast, with so called breast lifting machines and massages. Nothing works on breasts, neither machines nor massages or exercises. Wearing good bra does not significantly prevent sagging. Sagging can either be accepted as it is, or can be simply corrected by breast lift surgery.

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Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla

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