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Tips for safe recovery after large volume liposuction

Liposuction Surgery: Liposuction of fat more than 5 percent of person’s body weight is referred to as large volume liposuction. This term is used to differentiate it from small volume liposuction which is much simpler and safer. Smaller volumes of fat can be removed under local tumescent anaesthesia , without hospitalization with minimal blood loss. Large volume liposuction on the other hand requires much more preparation, hospitalization and recovery time. If you are well prepared you can get the best out of your liposuction.Preparation for large volume liposuction:
Healthy diet before liposuction: Your nutritional status determines the healing capacity. A lot of obese people are actually iron and vitamin deficient, especially if they have been on crash diets. You should start taking Iron and multivitamin supplementation and avoid crash diets 1-2 months before planned liposuction. Diet control should be done under supervision of qualified dietician.
See the plastic surgeon early: It helps to consult the plastic surgeon 3 months in advance. This will help in assessment of your general health. If any problem like anaemia or hypothyroidism are detected they need to be treated adequately before you can have the liposuction. This can take time- so plan in advance
Reveal your complete medical history to the plastic surgeon: For your total safety under anaesthesia it is absolutely necessary that the doctor knows about all your current or past medical and surgical history. Keeping secrets from your doctor can prove dangerous. Discuss all your medication and supplements with doctor: Do not take any medications and supplements in the month preceding liposuction without discussing with your plastic surgeon. Certain health supplements sold in gym, weight loss medicine, birth control pills, common painkillers – all these need to be stopped 2-3 weeks before surgery. Certform also about your allerain other medicines interact with anaesthetic drugs and anaesthetist must know about them. Prepare for 2 weeks of rest time after liposuction: After large volume liposuction, body takes a couple of weeks to recover from its effects. Giddiness, aches and pain are maximum during first week and gradually come down during second week. Have someone to help you at home after liposuction: during first week after liposuction you will need someone to take care of your and your family’s needs. Stage the liposuction: It makes sense to not just limit the amount of fat removal in one sitting but also the number of areas from which you get the fat removed. Try to limit the liposuctioned areas to 1 or two areas at a time. Do not push the surgeon to remove fat from all over your body. It will make your recovery too painful. Keep at least 2 months time between two sittings to recover fully. Choose the right surgeon: An experienced plastic surgeon and anaesthetist team makes a safe large volume liposuction possible. Choose the right hospital facility: Large volume liposuction should be performed only in hospital setting where postoperative monitoring and emergency care( I.C.U.) is available. 24 hrs availability of anaesthetist to deal with any emergency situation is mandatory.
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Dr. Priti Shukla

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