What Is Mommy Makeover And What Is The Right Time To Get It After Pregnancy

Welcoming your own child into this world is one of the most breathtaking events a woman can experience, but it shouldn’t go without saying that it takes a toll on their body. Sagging skin, sagging breasts, and weakened abdominal muscles are the byproducts of giving birth. In today’s world, we are inundated with pictures of […]

Plastic Surgery – Recovery Tips For Post -Surgery Swelling

Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips – Are you looking for tips to heal swelling faster after surgery? Here they are! Go through this Ambrosia blog! Plastic surgery is the process of repairing or reconstructing body parts. There are various ways to change the body and face. Ambrosia Clinic performs procedures like abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck), liposuction, […]

How to Minimize Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery

Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery: People believe cosmetic plastic surgery to be totally scar free. Cuts are made during all surgeries including cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery cuts are originally sutured very finely and after healing they look like a fine line which fades gradually over a period of one year or more. Extra care is taken […]

Changing the Face By Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery

Changing the Face By Plastic Surgery: Yearning for beauty is inherent human nature. Fashion, fitness, makeup, jewelry, and Photoshop…all of these are a means to fulfil the person’s natural desire to be beautiful. Plastic surgery has played an important part create beautiful faces and correct flaws of nature. As Groucho Marx quoted famously, ”She got her looks from her father. […]