Vaginal Tightening: Myths and Facts

Vaginal Tightening: Myths and Facts

Vaginal Tightening: Is my vagina too loose ? This is a question that haunts many women, and they often have no way of being sure. It is usually her man who raises this and complains of being dissatisfied. Women can feel the lack of friction too. A lot of ignorance and myths prevail about this […]

Hymenoplasty: It’s More Than Just Revirginising!

Hymenoplasty: Virginity. As much as it’s a taboo word, yet, inside closed rooms and in hushed voices, it’s this ‘virtue’ that’s much discussed, painting a woman’s character by its mere presence or absence. It’s so hyped that many women undergo tremendous stress when they lose their virginity. Just to get things in order, virginity is […]

Patients Guide To Hymenoplasty Surgery Procedures

Hymenoplasty Surgery: In a country like India, virginity is almost like a virtue, and the lack of it, well, a perceived vice. It’s obvious therefore, that there’s a lot at stake when it comes to a woman’s hymen. Now, it needn’t just be sexual intercourse that might cause the hymen to tear, but a host […]