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Feel Younger with Time With Facelift Surgery

They often say age is just a number. But your body doesn’t think so. Your body doesn’t work according to the whims and fancies of our philosophical dilemmas. With the age of a person, the body grows old as well and it has its own way of showing that age is affecting it. Wrinkles on the face, saggy skin on the neck and cheeks, eye sacks and so on are multiple ways the skin portrays old age. There are a few people who embrace their age and the effects of it on their body gracefully while the more conscious ones ...
November 6, 2017 Team Ambrosia

Ribbon Lift

Ribbon lift has caught the imagination of public thanks to certain celebrities like Angeline Jolie, who is rumored to have had ribbon lift done recently to restore her once chiseled jaw line. Celebrities and others who are constantly watched and captured on camera tend to start early with facelifts. They particularly seek surgery that is least invasive and gives subtle results with least downtime and scarring. Ribbon lift fits the bill perfectly. Loss of jawline definition is one of the earliest signs of aging and starts usually in early thirties. Overweight younger individuals in their twenties too can face this ...
February 24, 2010 Team Ambrosia

Can Plastic Surgery Change One’s Identity?

You see it all the time in soaps and cinema. There you see someone who is changed completely, so much so that they live with their friends without being identified. You also hear of international criminals taking another identity reportedly with the help of plastic surgery in some unknown faraway countries. And do you believe this is possible? Let us examine the facts one by one. Face is the most identifiable part of a person. What can plastic surgery do for the face? Plastic surgery is commonly performed to improve one’s features. Take the case of nose. Plastic surgery can ...
October 21, 2009 Team Ambrosia

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