Treatments For Acne Scars On Buttocks

Treating But Acne Scars

Although they are always a hidden part, they still are a huge concern because of the amount of discomfort that comes along. Butt acne, and the scars that you’re left behind with are as big a problem as your facial acne scars are.

It is undoubtedly an embarrassment to have acne scars on buttocks because the scars feel all the more like an elevated level of personal discomfort. Butt acne is a bit different from facial acne, both in what causes them, as well as in the treatments that are used.

So, here, we shall briefly look at what causes acne scars on buttocks, and their treatments.

How are acne scars on buttocks different from their facial cousins?

Regular acne on the face is mostly caused due to hormonal imbalances in some people. Apart from being hormonal, facial acne occur due to infection of oil glands and blockage of oil ducts. Therefore, the scars left behind as a consequence are also different.

However, when you develop butt acne, it’s usually the result of a condition called folliculitis and technically cannot be called acne. Or rather, you may call them false acne. Hence, as you might have guessed, these acne scars on buttocks are totally different.

Now that you have a clear idea of the difference, let’s understand buttock acne or follicultis.

Here’s a brief understanding of what folliculitis is.


Inflammation of the hair follicles is known as folliculitis. If by any means, the fine hair follicles on the buttocks are ruptured, it can cause small red bumps, which form a cluster around the follicle. When the hair follicle gets pulled, the dead skin cells and bacteria enter the open pore and get trapped. This causes reddish bumps and results in inflammation.

Common possibilities of this occurrence could be due to shaving,or if you wear clothes that irritate the skin (especially if they are very tight). When the infection gets worse, it causes boils and becomes a painful affair to deal with. Some butt acne may be ingrown hair . Hairy men when they shave the hair often, some hair may grow inside the skin and become a chronic cyst.



Another type of buttock acne are carbuncles. Carbuncles are a cluster of boils which can be more painful than folliculitis. In fact, they feel like having knots with pus, right under the skin and cause extreme pain and discomfort while sitting. Carbuncles usually occur in diabetic.

Acne Scar Treatments

Dark butt acne or pimples usually heal without any specific treatments. But in some cases, if there’s an infection that occurs the problem might scale up to being painful. When butt acne doesn’t heal on its own, you still have a way out. Home remedies can be used for butt acne to heal. Although you might have your butt acne healed, you might still find butt acne scars as a point of huge concern.

Well, with some over-the-counter home remedies, you can easily get yourself rid of those dark acne scars on your buttocks.

Home Based Butt Acne Scar Treatments

  • Using warm compresses is one of the best way to reduce inflammation of the folliculitis. You can use a soft cloth dipped in warm or hot water (with table salt in it) and dab it on the butt acne/pimple areas. You can repeat this process regularly to ensure that pus get localized and gets released.
  • Wash and clean your buttock gently with an antiseptic soap or solution to treat and reduce the skin bacteria. Antibiotic solutions reduce the inflammation and prevent the bacteria from spreading to other areas of the skin.
  • Apply a topical lotion or ointment after having a shower with warm to slightly hot water. Make sure to dry yourself well before applying the ointment, and let the ointment dry before you put on your clothes. Keep your buttock area as dry as possible.

Apart from the three simple hacks mentioned above you might sometimes need combinations of treatments or perhaps a doctor to help you. So here’s what a doctor can help you with.

  • Antibiotics for acute infection of the follicles
  • Chemical peels for butt acne scars

So, if you too are troubled with butt acne, you have nothing to worry, or feel embarrassed about. All you need to know is, sometimes your body might have unfortunate conditions affecting it. But there’s always a way out. We, at Ambrosia can help you treat these concerns that you might be facing. So, walk in with a hope and head back home with the best treatments.

About the Clinic and Doctor

Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla is the best female cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad. She has 18 years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and thousands of satisfied patients. Ambrosia Clinic is leading skin plastic surgery clinic of Hyderabad since 2009. Our team of dermatologist and Plastic surgeons at Ambrosia clinic offer services like hair transplantation, laser, skin care and plastic surgery.

Need Acne Scar Treatment? Try Microneedle RF.

Microneedling For Acne Scars

Schooldays might be one of the most precious times of our lives. But, imagine being bullied and picked upon. Would you have fond memories of your childhood then? Probably not.

Adarsh was a bubbly young kid when he was at school. He had many friends, he used to get good grades and he used to be his teachers’ favourite. All was well till the time puberty hit him and cursed him with acne. The moment these uninvited visitors began popping on his face, his childhood derailed. His friends began laughing at him behind his back, but soon, the jibes were made on his face, making his life miserable.

The acne went, but left behind very ugly reminders of his lost childhood. For the next 10 years, Adarsh suffered from embarrassment, anger and a lot of confusion. In fact, he slipped into depression, refused to meet people, throwing his social life out of gear.

Today, he regrets being unable to live happy as a teenager . But, he doesn’t want the same to happen to his adulthood. That’s why he began browsing on the internet, and sure enough, Google handed him several suggestions about lasers and other procedures for treatment of acne scars.

There were several questions inside his head:

  1. Are these procedures safe?
  2. Are they painful?
  3. Will they be effective?
  4. How costly will they be?
  5. Will the recovery be easy?

When he came in, I accessed the scars and believed that the best option for  him would be Microneedling for acne scars. While there are several options available, with dermaroller and fractional Co2 being another popular method, there are many reasons why I thought Microneedling for acne scars would be better suited for him

RF Microneedling

Microneedling Rafiofrequency ( RF) for acne scars is one of the latest technologies to have revolutionised the cosmetic surgery domain. It has been around for only a couple of years now, and at Ambrosia,  Compared to other forms of treatment for acne scars, Microneedle RF comes with a lot of plus points.

Microneedling is stimulation of skin with ultrafine needles. It can be plain microneedling or microneedling with extra power, in form of radiofrequency energy.To begin with, here’s a straight up comparison between simple microneedling or dermaroller treatment  and Microneedling RF for acne scars. Microneedling for acne scars, involves the use of the needle, as the name suggests, which means it doesn’t leave scars. Needles cause mechanical stimulation of dermis ( deeper skin layer) , stimulated  dermis produces healthy collagen and helps smoothen the scar. In Microneedle RF  treatment radiofrequency energy  is delivered through microneedles into the dermis leading to better stimulation and collagen generation. Radiofrequency  is a well known technology used for nonsurgical facelift like in Thermage, Accent and Viora treatments. Micrioneedle RF is fully mechanized and lack of pressure makes this procedure less painful compared to dermaroller or dermapen treatments.  Microneedling Radiofrequency for acne scar treatment  has less chances of  hyperpigmentation than laser . This means that it’s perfectly suited for dark-skinned people, who are more prone to hyperpigmentation after any skin treatment in general.

For the Microneedle RF procedure, an anaesthesia cream is applied to numb the area, keeping your comfort in mind. Lasting for around 20 minutes, this procedure has less than 48 hours of down time -usually just a pinkish colour.. Microneedling for acne scars works best on pitted and atrophic acne scars. Other scars might require additional cosmetic treatments. Microoneedling RF collagen stimulation also works on aged skin for tightening and antiageoing .

Microneedling for Scars

So, if you can relate with Adarsh’s story, you can improve acne scars with microneedleing treatment .

About the clinic and doctor

Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla is the best female cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad. She has 18 years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and thousands of satisfied patients. Ambrosia Clinic is leading skin plastic surgery clinic of Hyderabad since 2009. Our team of dermatologist and Plastic surgeons at Ambrosia clinic offer services like hair transplantation, laser, skin care and plastic surgery.