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Recover From Cheek Augmentation, Like A Boss!

Recover From Cheek Augmentation: The cheekbones are one of the most prominent facial features, and we have explained quite a bit about the cheeks in our previous blogs of the ‘Cheek Augmentation’ series.

Now, if one has flattened faces due to disproportionate cheeks, which is often seen in various ethnic groups and also in people above the age of 60, one needs to understand that it is a result of tightening of the soft tissues and the facial skin as well.

The enhancement of cheeks to make it seem cosmetically promising is something that Cheek augmentation does and the results are evident rather quickly. Cheek Augmentations are performed by cosmetic surgeons using two methods: invasive and non-invasive.

Recover From Cheek Augmentation: The duration of the procedure is usually of one hour, but then again, it depends from person to person based on their needs. If a patient opts for the invasive or surgical method, he oro she is administered with general anaesthesia and then the implants are inserted in the cheeks. There is also a non-invasive procedure, where the surgeon injects fillers directly into the cheek of the patient so as to enhance the cheeks.


Now, no matter whether the cheek augmentation was performed via an invasive or non-invasive procedure, patients will be concerned about recovery. There are various steps to be taken by the patient to ensure a speedy and effective recovery as well.

Post recovery, there is usually minimal discomfort, especially with regard to daily activities such as brushing teeth and eating as well.

Immediately post op, there is moderate amount of swelling in and around the area of the cheeks and also underneath the eyes. The swelling is at its peak around two to three days post the surgery, but subsides soon after that. Ice packs can be applied to the cheeks to help reduce the swelling. Most of the visible swelling on the cheeks and face will disappear after around two weeks after the surgery.

Sleeping on the face is strictly not allowed for around six to eight weeks post the surgery. Pain medications are prescribed by doctors to reduce any kind of pain experienced by the patient.

Recover From Cheek Augmentation: The incisions of the mouth are stitched up with sutures which dissolve. This will enable the patient to brush their teeth post the surgery. It is very important to be careful while brushing the upper teeth so as to not disrupt the fresh incisions.

The diet to be followed by the patient post the surgery is given by the doctor. It mainly consists of liquids such as juices, milk, shakes and so on for the first 24 hours post the surgery after which the patient moves to be a soft food diet. The patient is not allowed to have hard food for around six to eight weeks post the surgery.

Recover From Cheek Augmentation: It is very important for the patient to understand the process of recovery post this procedure and it is also important for the surgeon who has expertise in cosmetic surgery to make the patient aware of the timeline of recovery as such so that the patient recovers in an effective way.

So, if you are planning to undergo a cheek augmentation procedure, ensure that you are fully equipped with information about the recovery part of it, so that you can be back to normal without any hitches!

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Dr. Priti Shukla

Dr. Priti Shukla

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