Obsessed with being “Perfect” – Improve Your Body’s Contour With Breast Implants

Body’s Contour With Breast Implants

A smart beauty guide to enhance your look.

Breast Implants: Beauty is an unavoidable aspect of life that all humans look for. Inner beauty is the definitely most important, but physical beauty makes a person look presentable and attractive. A well defined physical appearance depends on the symmetry and right proportions of the body.

Women are beautifully designed with an amalgamation of curves and tenderness. But there are some who might require an enhancement procedure to look a bit more fuller. Breast Implants work wonders for those women out there!

Breast Implants: Here we have more about Breast Implants and their types. If you too are looking for a breast enhancement, this might be an icing on the cake, because Breast Implants are undoubtedly safe and will make you love yourself more.

What are breast implants? 

Breast implants are medical prosthetics used to change the size and shape of a woman’s breast. Implants are positioned behind the breast tissue during a breast enhancement surgery, to enlarge the appearance of the breast.

A subtle change or a drastic difference can be achieved through breast implants. Many women opt breast implants to enhance the appearance of breasts by a breast augmentation surgery.

What are the types of breast implants available? 

Breast implants provide the perfect shape and size of breasts many women wish for. Developments in science and technology have introduced numerous options in breast implants. Women can choose from the many options available to achieve desired shape and sizes of their breasts with the help of a skilled plastic surgeon.

There are a variety of breast implants, which are used in breast augmentation procedures:

types of breast implants

Saline Implants: Saline Implants consist of sterile salt water which gives the breasts a desired shape and size. The amount of saline substance present in the silicone shell determines the size, shape and firmness of the breast implant.

Silicone Gel Implants: Silicone Gel Implants are filled with the silicone gel which feels and looks more natural like a breast.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: In gummy bear breast implants, the consistency of the silicone gel present inside the implant is normally thicker as compared to the silicone gel implants. Gummy bear implants tend to be more tapered towards the bottom and has more projection in the lower part of the implant.

Round Breast Implants: These type of implants make the breasts aesthetically fuller compared to stable breast implants.

Smooth Breast Implants: Smooth breast implants have a thinner shell, these implants feel softer and move freely within the constructed breast pocket. This gives the breast a natural movement. Smooth breast implants also last longer.

Textured Breast Implants: Textured implants are made of a textured shell which is much firmer and stiffer than smooth breast implants. Textured implants are also used to replace implants after capsular contractions. Capsular contractions are breast augmentation complications. These complications develop when internal scar tissue forms a tight or compressing capsule around the breast implant. The result of the contractions is that the implants become hard and stiff.

Soya Bean Oil filled Breast Implant: This type of implant contains soya bean based oil lipid which is used as the filler material in the implant. Shells of these breast implants are same as the silicone shell which is used in other types of breast implants.

Choosing the right surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon

It is important to research about the plastic surgeon when you are considering a breast augmentation surgery. Choosing a plastic surgeon, who has experience in performing breast augmentation surgeries is very important.

What should be discussed during a consultation? 

  • Why you want a breast augmentation, your specific expectations and desired look
  • Discuss any medical conditions, drug related allergies and any previous medical treatments
  • If you are using any medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Any family history of breast cancer, previous mammogram results and biopsies.
  • How to care for your breasts post surgery
  • Which medications to apply or to take orally
  • When should you follow-up with your doctor

Discussing in detail during the consultation will help the surgeon evaluate your general health, any pre-medical conditions and risk factors. It is advised for every patient to be comfortable and open with the doctor. This will help the surgeon to understand and consider all aspects before a breast augmentation surgery is performed.

Whether you choose a silicone or saline breast implant, it is advised to take care of your breast implants and follow up with your plastic surgeon for check-ups. It is possible for anyone to enhance their breasts to achieve fullness and improve the symmetry of the breasts.

We hope our blog has helped you in understanding about breast implants and the types of breast implants which are available. If you have any queries regarding the following feel free to book an appointment via phone or through our website Our renowned surgeons and staff would be glad to assist you with any doubts or concerns.

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