Mommy Makeover Surgery: Procedure, Aftercare, and Recovery

Mommy makeover surgery refers to multiple plastic surgeries meant for breast lift, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and liposuction. The main reason behind women undergoing this surgery is to obtain a natural and beautiful body figure. 

Mommy makeover is getting much noticed by the people yet, and there are some points that you should consider before you undergo this cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad.

Points to remember before undergoing makeover surgery:

Just like you need to consider a few stuff before undergoing any surgery, similarly, you keep in mind the following points:

  • If you wish to have another baby in the future, you should avoid having this surgery. The reason behind this is the changes that a female body undergoes during pregnancy. Your surgery won’t last long after pregnancy. Hence, the best time for a mommy makeover is after your last pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding women need to wait for this surgery as it requires weeks of complete rest for the surgery to heal. This will hinder you from feeding your milk to the baby.
  • Also, weight gain or reduction plans after mommy makeover surgery will lead to the disturbing effect of the surgery on the body.

The Procedure of Mommy Makeover Surgery

The beginning of this cosmetic surgery involves general anaesthesia as the procedure is a bit extensive. The surgeon will make several cuts on your body to perform the surgery. As soon as your surgery completes, surgeons will shift you to an observation room. Here they will check your body’s performance and if everything’s finely done or not. 

During the surgery, the surgeon does the surgery in all the required parts of your body. If there is a need for facial modification, it will also be covered under the same surgery. 

Recovery of Mommy Makeover Surgery

Because mommy makeover surgery involves multiple surgeries, complete recovery takes more time than any other cosmetic surgery. On average, this surgery takes about two weeks of total rest and four more weeks in which you can perform some light tasks. So, it takes around six weeks for mommy makeover surgery to heal completely.

Aftercare of Mommy Makeover Surgery

As soon as you reach your home from the hospital, you should not take a bath; instead, you can wipe your body gently with a wet towel. After one week, the surgeon will remove the bandages slowly, but there will still be some redness around the areas. You should not perform heavy activities and not lift heavy objects. It is better to lie down on the bed in the starting days as your stitches might dislocate if you move a lot. Slowly, around two weeks, you can start with light activities and short walks. 

If, during the healing, your surgery gets hurt and damaged, you should immediately visit your doctor. Also, if you observe abnormalities around your wound like extreme pain, swelling, etc., immediately see the doctor. 

You can get the mommy makeover surgery in Hyderabad at Ambrosia clinic. This clinic has more than a decade of experience and has dealt with numerous customers.


Mommy makeover is an all-in-one cosmetic surgery for all the ladies who wish to obtain the fantastic body figure they lost after pregnancy. Though mommy makeover is an excellent surgery, you need to be careful before going with this. For instance, having this surgery after the last pregnancy should be considered; do not plan for weight gain or loss after surgery. Ambrosia Clinic is one of the most recommended clinics in the field of plastic surgery in Hyderabad

However, you can prefer this clinic if you are unable to decide on one. So, do not wait for another second. Book your slot with the clinic, and get a fantastic body figure with mommy makeover surgery.

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