Making The Most Of Your Breast Implant Surgery!

Breast Implant Surgery
Breast Implant: Breasts form a very important part of a woman’s vital stats. Even though the much-desired 36-24-36 hourglass figure is pretty elusive and not mandatory, yet, there are some who desire to have the perfect breasts.
Now, even if they are not naturally endowed, they have the chance to have clinically enhanced breasts, through an increasingly popular procedure called breast augmentation. With time and advancement in technology surrounding cosmetic surgical procedures, its techniques are being continually refined, ensuring women undergo surgery in a better fashion.
Breast Implant:Much focus is put into recovery methods, so women could, in the shortest timeframe would be able to resume their daily routines. While often the focus tends to be diverted towards the actual surgery and its results and benefits, the information that leaves women wanting is that of the recovery stage. It is important to understand that despite the recovery time after this procedure is relatively brief, it is crucial to follow it at every step to achieve the maximum benefits it has to offer.
But before we get to the recovery stage, anyone who is opting to go for the surgery should choose a good surgeon for this surgery. An experienced surgeon, a specialist, is key to the likelihood of a proper surgical outcome to this procedure one might undergo. This method requires some precise surgical techniques as well as judgment.
Breast Implant: A skilled surgeon will be able to choose the best placement for your breast implants along with handling the body tissues with the gentle care it needs, thus avoiding any unwanted complications. But recovering from it in the right manner is essential to long-term success of this procedure on a body. So ensure to follow them right and with utmost patience.
Breast Implant Over Vs Under Muscle
The recovery process after breast augmentation could be a test of one’s patience. But in the end, if followed with precision, will deliver the best possible results. So for further below, the recovery stages are simplified according to periods post surgery.
The Immediate period after augmentation
The breast augmentation surgery is an takes nearly 2-3 hours for completion.
Breast Implant: Post surgery, the patient will be placed in a recovery room. As the patient wakes up from general anaesthesia, medical staff will be around to thoroughly supervise.
Post surgery, ensure there is someone close by, to get any work done and drive you home as this is a day care surgery.
Due to the effects of anaesthesia, a patient would feel fatigued, and thus acquire plenty of sleep.
Make sure you sleep an inclined position at about 30 degrees and on your back, as there would be swelling. To further simplify, purchase a pillow suiting the position.
Second day post surgery
The first phase was during your immediate recovery period or day one post surgery. Here we look at what to do on day 2!
Ensure someone stays with you from the time you came out of the surgery room. It could help you with recovery, as you may not be then able to do things, like bringing you essentials, medications and ensure that you don’t fall.
Post the augmentation procedure, patients would be asked to wear a medical compression bra. This bra supports the breasts over the incision covering bandages. Wearing it will help minimise swelling and mainly avoid the stitches from experiencing stress, as it limits the movement of the breasts.
Due to the swelling, the chest area will have a tight feeling.
Surgeons usually prescribe pain medications, as patients experience pain and discomfort post surgery, for the first week.
Your first follow-up visit is usually the vesry next day-just to check, if you are alright .
There is just a small waterproof dressing in your breast crease and apart from that your breasts are free. Stitches are self absorbable and need not be removed.
Week one
The compression bra needs to be worn, throughout the recovery period. You may feel your breasts are too big , too high or too obvious. That is normal and it is a common feeling of women after the surgery. But If you can cover breasts with a scarf others will not notice and gradually in a couple of weeks you will get the perfect look.
Avoiding impact on the chest area is necessary for a significant recovery.
Initially, in the first week, a patient will experience occasional pain, and the breast, in general, will feel hard. This feeling could continue for the next few weeks.
Avoid driving when you are on medications. You could once the intake of prescribed pain medication ends.
During recovery, especially during the first week, if you endure a fever or if there are excessive swelling and suffering, make sure you call your surgeon immediately.
Ideally, patients could return to their workplaces after the end of the first week.
Recovery: Week Two through Six
After the third week, a patient could start performing light exercises. Sex is not a problem at any stage , but handling of breasts can be painful during first 1 week and should be avaoided.From week 2 it can be done, gently.
Although, when it comes to exercising, avoid difficult ones like serious workouts or anything that would put your breasts through an enormous amount of stress, for at least six weeks post surgery.
In the First menstrual period post-surgery, expect a fair deal of pain and swelling in the breasts.
General tips for post-recovery process
Be very gentle and take immense care to ensure the incisions are not bumped or crushed.
Maintain a healthy diet while limiting salt intake. Lettuce, eggs and yoghurt should be a must in the diet plan, as the vitamin K content in these helps in reducing the swelling.
While in the showers, make sure the water is not too hot and not directed straight at the incisions, as it makes the swelling even worse.
Avoid alcohol and smoking to help the breasts heal properly. These should be avoided for a minimum of 2-4 weeks before and after surgery.
Exposure to the sun could be bad for the implants. Wear sunscreen at all times, even after the surgeon has permitted to get out under the sun.
With time, the scars will fade away leaving very limited to no signs. Additional methods like creams and silicon gel sheets should be used as advised by doctor , to limit scarring. Thant is why regular follow up during first 6 months is helpful. After that yearly check ups are ideal .
Breast implants surgery is a calculated process, for the surgeon and patient alike. A patient needs to understand the benefits and risks involved equally and be very patient with the recovery and the ensuing results. Most importantly choose the right surgeon, one who is both experienced and highly recommended.
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