Liposuction: Myths vs. Facts

People who have tried diet and exercise, but are still unable to lose weight often turn to plastic surgeons for liposuction. Liposuction is believed to be the the final and ultimate weapon against obesity. Liposuction is popular, fashionable and available- but does it work for everyone, and always? Let’s bust some myths and find out the facts.

MYTH:  Liposuction can make one lose 20-30 kilos of weight in one sitting.

FACT:  Majority of the plastic surgeons across the world agree that its safe to remove fat equal to 5-8% of body weight , in one sitting. So for a 100 kilo person 8 liters of liquid fat can be removed by liposuction in one sitting. Removing more than that is possible but not totally safe.

MYTH : Whole body can be liposuctioned at a time.

FACT:  Maximum of 3 body parts can be liposuctioned safely during one sitting-for example abdomen , thighs and buttocks or abdomen chest and back. Total amount of fat removal should not exceed the safe limit of 8% body weight. People usually have some body parts disproportionately bigger than others. Those parts are preferred for liposuction to get the body in proportion. Other body parts can be liposuctioned during next sitting.

MYTH: Liposuction works for everyone who has bulging tummy.

FACT:  Liposuction results differ from person to person. Liposuction can do wonders for people with good skin and muscle tone and with moderate fatty deposits. If skin and muscle tone is poor, like after pregnancy abdominoplasty is required to make a difference. Some men with pot belly have fat deposits inside the abdomen, rather than under the skin . Liposuction does not help much here.

MYTH:  Liposuction may cause future problems related to pregnancy in women and fertility in men.

FACT:  There is no basis for this fear. Liposuction does not cause any future problem.

MYTH:  Person can become more fat after liposuction.

FACT:  Liposuction does not affect body’s metabolism. If one maintains healthy lifestyle results can be long lasting. On the other hand those people who are steadily gaining weight- will continue to gain weight at the same rate after liposuction- unless they reduce their intake.

MYTH:  Liposuction is the best option for those who are constantly gaining weight , and have become helpless with their weight.

FACT:  Liposuction is best for people who are on weight loss trend or at least maintaining weight in last 6 months.If people who can not take healthy diet or who do not have time for exercise, do liposuction results will last for a very short time.

MYTH:  Liposuction is for really fat people, not for those with nearly normal weight.

FACT:  A lot of normal weight people and people with few extra kilos are completely out of shape. Imagine a slim woman with narrow waist but heavy thighs or fit man with female like breasts. These people may try the best with diet and exercise but get no result. Liposuction is the only answer for their problem.

MYTH:  People can always get into shape with natural methods like diet and exercise, if they try hard enough.

FACT:  Natural weight loss methods can not help in certain situations and liposuction or plastic surgery may be the best option. Example- chubby cheeks may remain after weight loss. After pregnancies is hard to get abdomen and breast in shape without plastic surgery. Large female and male breasts do not respond significantly to weight loss. People mistakenly try too hard with diet to get above problems in control – but end up becoming too thin or unhealthy.

MYTH:  Vaser/ Smart liposuction are best and safer liposuction techniques.

FACT:  Smart marketing leads people to put too much faith in technology. In fact the surgeon behind the machine is more important for the result and safety than the machine itself. You must first choose the plastic surgeon and take advice about what will work best for you.

MYTH:  Liposuction is not a surgery and is an easy procedure.

FACT:  Liposuction is a plastic surgery with all associated risks and benefits . It can be very safe and gratifying surgery with permanent results. When performed on wrong patient, by inexperienced or unqualified surgeon- results can be disastrous.

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