Laser Hair Removal and its Many Advantages

Laser Hair Removal: The debate on body hair is on track in recent times with celebrities inspiring people to wear body hair with pride. The idea to sport body hair like it’s a no big deal could please some but, what about those people who have abundant body hair to the extent that it looks unhygienic?

How has the evolution of hair removal been? Very aggressive! Because the first generation of body hair eliminators used around 30,000 BC was sharp shark teeth and shells. Egyptians used beeswax to remove unwanted body hair. Then came in tweezers and razors!!

Laser Hair Removal for Women

In 1996, hope for women burned up when an MIT graduate Richard Rox discovered that specific wavelengths could damage hair follicles which prevent further hair growth. In 1997, FDA approved laser for hair removal aesthetics. In 1999, with more than half a million users, laser hair removal was the most sought-after cosmetic hair removal procedure in the USA.

Let’s understand how laser hair removal changed the fate of unwanted hair forever.

Soft like silk:

    To witness this, one must shave first. Yes, we are serious. Shave a part of your body and then compare the texture of the shaved part and the one that hasn’t been touch by the blade. The laser doesn’t leave a prickly patch on the part of the skin from where the skin has been removed. Even after having used epilator or wax, a part of the skin gets roughed up. With Laser, no area of the skin is left scathed or roughed or prickle. The laser leaves the skin softer than before and also fairer.

Ingrown hairs that will see the sunlight one last time:

    Ingrown hairs are every person’s worst nightmare. Be it waxing or shaving or epilating; ingrown hairs will find a way to navigate into or out of the skin. With a laser, this doesn’t happen. The laser burns the hair follicles so that they don’t grow back outwards or inwards. Ingrown hair that will never outgrow again!

Skin breathes scar-free:

    One of the other unwanted hair removal tricks is threading. It is done on the face and the skin there is much softer and prone to damage easily. Threading leaves behind harsh red rashes and sometimes if done with a heavy hand can lead to scarring. Hot wax can burn up the skin and this can no way stop hair from re-growing. Razors can cut the skin and cause unwanted bleeding. The laser doesn’t cause a mess or leaves a lot. It is handled by professionals and skin is dealt with extreme care, and caution after laser treatment. Skincare creams are also prescribed for adequate recovery.

Results that last:

    Hair removal by laser leaves results that last long. Hair usually takes weeks or month in inches, but with laser in place, the growth rate diminishes considerably. What is even more significant is that the laser can be done to any part of the body. The hair from anywhere takes so much longer to reappear and with repeated settings doesn’t grow back at all. Now, this is one technology that burns for beauty.

Shave them too:

    You are in the middle of the laser session but have to go out on a date or meet and greet. Hair hasn’t grown till the extent for laser, so what do you do? Can you shave? Yes, laser treatment gives you the feasibility to shave the unwanted hairs during an emergency and promises to take care of it after. Shaving between laser sessions also prevents scorching of the skin and gives better results. So, it’s a fuzz-free year with the laser having the hots for you.

No side effects

    : Yes, nothing at all. No rough skin or bad pigmentation or burns. You come out of the laser session error-free or mark free. The maximum effect you feel after a laser session is the red rashes that will be cooled down and attended too.


    Laser takes care of the unwanted hairs for life, which mean no beauty salon trips for this concern at least. You will be saving money and time both, at one go.
Laser Hair Removal Instrument

Laser hair removal isn’t uncommon these days, nor is it unheard off. College girls, brides, models, actresses and females suffering from tester one hair growth issues due to PCOD opt for laser hair removal and are happy with the results. It isn’t subjected to a single work profession, nor is it purely aesthetic. It is healing, and it’s a confidence bearer. Instead of let’s get shaved together, buddy up girls and get lasered. 

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