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Different Types Of Acne Scars And How To Identify Them

Different Types Of Acne Scars

Acne Scars: Having good skin feels great, doesn’t it? Healthy and flawless skin indicates an individual’s general health and fitness, and that’s what makes you feel good. Apart from that, it also has a huge psychological impact. Having great skin can boost your confidence, and provide you with the ‘feel good’ factor.


Now imagine the opposite. If you have bad skin, there are several issues that you will face. One, it’s a confidence dampener. Second, your skin becomes sensitive, which means you will have to be very careful about the products you choose. Third, you are prone to being picked at.


While there are several problems that can prevent you from having flawless skin, one problem that most of you would have experienced at some point or the other is acne. Even though it might not sound like a serious issue, yet, its arrival is never good news. Even though acne doesn’t really last forever, yet, before you heave a sigh of relief, you need to understand that its scars might. Now, the thing is, acne scars are of different types.

It is natural that you want to get rid of those scars, so here is a short guide with which you will be able to understand what type of acne scar you have. As you find out that all acne scars are not alike, you will realize how self treatment with scar creams will not help . There are different types of acne scars and different treatments.

Types of acne scars

Types of Acne Scars

Let’s look at the different types of acne scars and how to identify them.

Ice pick acne scars

Ice pick scars are deep holes in the skin which look like the skin is punctured with an ice pick. They also look like large pores. Ice pick acne scars are mose difficult to treat with standard skin resurfacing treatments .

Rolling acne scars

Rolling scars are like rolling meadows- shallow  and broadly shaped depressions with rounded edges. These are relatively easier to treat compared to icepick scars .

Boxcar acne scars

Boxcar scars are quite similar to ice pick scars as they too have depressions, but they are usually a little broader than ice pick scars.  Icepick, rolling and boxcar scars are all depressed scars and they have one thing in common -deficiency of collagen in skin leading to depressions.

Hypertrophic acne scars

Hypertrophic scars are raised acne scars which are usually elevated not more than 4 mm above the skin surface. They are mostly pinkish to reddish in colour. These scars are relatively less common than above 3 types .

Keloid acne scars

Keloid scars may occur in people who have a darker skin tone. These acne scars are formed when excess collagen is produced. This results in too much formation of  scar tissue on the skin which is called a keloid scar. Its more severe form of hypertrophic scar and the usual resurfacing and laser procedures used for boxcar, rolling and icepick type of scars should not be used in this type of scar.

Hyperpigmentation acne scars –These are dark spots that are sometimes left over by acne. These are due to excess skin pigment called melanin.This is the commonest type of acne scars and is easier to treat.

Hypopigmentation acne scars – These scars are lighter than normal skin colour and may happen in some cases.

Erythematous acne scars  (permanent redness) : These scars are pink or red  and they are most commonly noticed acne scar in people with lighter skin tone. In some cases some of the fine capillaries of the skin are also visible . There is also a skin condition called rosacea in fair skinned people , where there is redness , flushing and acne .

So, now that you’ve got some understanding about the different types of acne scars, identifying them shouldn’t be too difficult. If you notice any of these on your skin, visit us at Ambrosia clinic and we shall help you with the treatments that best suit your skin.

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