Changing the Face By Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery AdviceChanging the Face By Plastic Surgery: Yearning for beauty is inherent human nature. Fashion, fitness, makeup, jewelry, and Photoshop…all of these are a means to fulfil the person’s natural desire to be beautiful.

Plastic surgery has played an important part create beautiful faces and correct flaws of nature. As Groucho Marx quoted famously, ”She got her looks from her father. He is a plastic surgeon.”

A lot of myths exist about the plastic surgery. Here are some myth busters and tips for getting the best out of the plastic surgery of your face:

  1. Consider the face as a whole. Individual features (nose/eyes/lips/complexion) add up to the overall look. Improving a single feature will not change your face a lot.
  2. Opt for subtle change. Drastic change may look unnatural.
  3. Choose temporary procedures and make few changes at a time. If happy with the results you can go for more and will know better what to expect.
  4. Have realistic expectations. Pictures of movie stars are always taken with special make-up and then edited with Photoshop to make it look perfect. Flawless complexion rarely exists in nature.
  5. Perfect symmetry is neither possible, nor desirable. Slight asymmetry is natural. Only gross asymmetry is worth treating.
  6. Clarify expectations with your doctor. With plastic surgery and treatments you can expect improvement but there is no guarantee of a particular result or perfection. Be wary of anyone who offers guarantees.
  7. Your tissue has limitations. Tissue characteristics are unique to each individual. Same surgery performed on two different people may give very different results. Plastic surgery cannot create a particular face from the catalogue.
  8. Plastic surgery has limitations. Some things are possible and some things are not. Listen to your plastic surgeon.
  9. Be prepared to hear a no. Some people are not ready to take no for an answer from the surgeon.  They keep going from one surgeon to another and finally end up with quacks and get cheated.
  10. Risk- benefit ratio. After considering the risks and benefits – is the risk low and benefits high enough to make the procedure worthwhile? Discuss with your doctor about what can go wrong.
  11. Consider cost-benefit ratio. Is the cost of treatment worth the result? Sometimes the treatment can be expensive but may give only subtle result.
  12. Do not go for for unproven procedures. Latest technology does not necessarily mean it is safe or proven. Choose treatments that have withstood the test of time.
  13. Do not believe everything you read or hear in media.
  14. Choose the right doctor. This is the single most important thing you can do. Check the qualification and credentials. Ask for before and after pictures of similar cases.
  15. Take responsibility of your decision. Choose the right doctor then ask a lot of questions and make the informed decision about the surgery.

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