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Breast Surgery Reduction Augmentation Lift Liposuction And More...

Breast Surgery involves surgical procedures that can help in creating the perfect breasts for women and perfect chest for men . Breast surgeries can increase or reduce the breast size , male them symmetrical and shapely. Breast surgeries are safe and have a short recovery time. They are some of the less painful surgeries .

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Dr. Priti Shukla at Ambrosia Clinic offers variety of breast surgery options to make you appear the best version of yourself.

Breast Augmentation

The Breast Implants India is surgically placed in a pocket located inside the breast, either behind the breast tissue or the breast muscle (pectoral muscle). There are several ways in which a Breast Lift Augmentation implant can be inserted.

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Breast Lift

In sagging breasts, there is an excess of stretched skin about amount of breast tissue. The nipple is low and pointing down. Breast lift surgery removes the excess skin without disturbing the breast gland. Nipple areola is shifted upwards to an ideal position.

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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition where the male breast area is enlarged. This condition affects about 30% of the male population of all age groups. Men who have enlarged breasts feel embarrassed and feel uncomfortable about it. The male breast is primarily made up of fat tissue, with only a minuscule amount of breast tissue.

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Breast Reduction

Well-developed breasts enhance women’s beauty. But the same breasts sometimes grow disproportionately large and become a reason for chronic pain and embarrassment. Breast Implants surgery can bring large breasts to the right size.

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Breast Liposuction

Breasts are not pure fat. There is harder gland part also which can not come out in liquid form through liposuction cannulas. However, a breast liposuction reduces the breast size in direct proportion to the volume of fat removed.

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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple reduction surgery is done to decrease the size of prominent or long nipples. This surgery is done under local anaesthesia and is painless. Stitches are self-absorbable, and healing takes 1-2 weeks. End results are smaller nipples without any scarring. Nipple reduction surgery may interfere with breastfeeding.

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